Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference

Today was the dreaded Parent Teacher conference where they tell you all about the things that your child does in school...Oh boy. I have to say that last year I was getting notes home everyday that my daughter was doing something wrong at school. She even had lunch detention...TWICE...In 1st GRADE!!

Now this year, I haven't heard a peep from her 2nd grade teacher. I ask everyday. How was school. I didn't get a note?! Wow, my daughter can be good!!

As I approached the classroom, I was ready to listen to what her teacher had to say.
- Caitlin is progressing nicely. She is a great reader. She loves to read. Having a little difficulty with applying stories to real life or relating stories.

- Caitlin is very good with math. Sometimes her teacher wonders if she acts like she doesn't know what she is doing to get a little extra attention (yep thats her)

- Caitlin is a Very good athlete. She is really strong and fast. I wont be surprised if she gets a scholarship someday (What?!! My daughter that doesn't even want to ride her bike?! What?!!)

+Caitlin has a very strong personality but loves to please people which I love about her.   (GREAT!!)

Phew!!! Im so glad that went well. My daughter is turning into her own little person and I love the fact she is getting more and more independent each day!! She will be 7 in 8 Days!!! Ahh!!

On the other hand, I had an annual physical today as I was "non-compliant" at my job. Ok, if you told me I needed a whole physical, I would have gone and received one. When you don't tell me I cannot read your mind Health Department!! I am a Healthy 29 3/4 year old!!

Anyways my heartrate was 44 and my B/P was 98/70. I think the lady looked at me a dozen times to see if I was really alive. Are you a runner? She asked. Why Yes, yes I am......I am a TRIATHLETE!!! :)


  1. nice vitals. I got the same reaction when the woman took my vitals for my insurance policy. Somewhere right around those numbers....92/60 I think? Is that possible? Something over 60 for sure.

    and hip-hip hooray for caitlin. That has to be tought getting ready to go to parent-teacher conferences.

  2. Yeah for a good parent-teacher conference!! :)

    Nice job with the vitals too!

  3. X5 on the vitals! Or are you a zombie triathlete? ha! ;)

  4. Yay for Caitlen - and yay for mommy! :)

  5. My son is in first grade, and I still can't believe it. Way to go with your vitals!!