Saturday, November 20, 2010

Since its November Thanks

I thought since everyone was talking about what they were thankful for I would go ahead and to the same. I can honestly say there is a lot I am thankful for in my 29 (turning 30 in a month, GASP) years of life.

I didn't have to think long and hard with most of these...

1. Having a mother and father that stuck together through the long haul and just celebrated their 39th Wedding anniversary. Yes 39 years with the same person. Let me tell you there were some rough days in my childhood and there were times when I thought they wouldnt make it this long but Im happy they are.

2. My daughter. If there is anyone that can cheer me up and make me laugh, it is my daughter. Of course she gets on my nerves and pushes my buttons too but I know I can get a hug and a kiss and an "I love you mommy" anytime!! I love that she is getting into sports and loves to swim and run..Now getting her to ride a bike is a different story!!

3. My sister. She is my best friend. Growing up I never had too many friends but I knew I could tell my sister anything and she wouldn't tell my mom or dad. We have a bond. We bitch at eat other, we tell each other off, but in the long run she will always be my sis and best friend. I don't think there is anyone out there that knows me as well as she does. I wish she lived closer. When she did we were together almost every day! I have been thinking of moving. Maybe Ill move to be closer to her.

4. The military. When I see the little video feeds of them saying "I love you, Barb. I miss you Susie, Happy Holidays to my family" It makes me cry!!! It must be so hard for them to be away from their family and I truely appreciate all they have done to keep us free!! Thank you to all of you!!

5. My Profession. I truely love what I do. If I had to choose again I think I would pick the same profession. I always wanted to be a Nurse Practitioner since I was a little girl. I never changed my mind. I love when people are appreciative for what I do for them. It makes me really appreciate my own life and my own health as well.

Ok...thats enough for now..Ill have more in the days to come. My daughter is up and rearing to go!! Im so glad for a rest week because I have had time to think about Christmas and Shopping!!! Woo hoo!!


  1. Nice post! Yay for great things to be thankful for!

  2. Great post. There is so much to be thankful for. Thanks for the great idea for my next post : )

  3. Great post! I will have to remember to do a Thankful post.