Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Sunday!

The week is done, the time is flying. Before you know it, it will Be Christmas!! UGh! I hate Christmas Shopping. The BF and I went out shopping last night at the local mall and it was mobbed already!! We even had a couple people ask us for change! Are you serious?!! I work hard for my money. Don't ask me for mine unless it is going for a good cause! Geesh!

With that being said, today I got Videotaped swimming with an underwater camera!! I cannot wait for that to come back! I want to see what Im doing under there with my arms. I got to get in the water at the Total Immersion Clinic I am hosting. It is interesting to watch people that have no concept of balance!! Ha ha!! Believe me, I still have work to do myself!!

I also went out and did the local 10K Turkey Trot route that I will be doing on Thanksgiving morning before my big feast. I was a bit nervous and I think that is why I couldn't keep my heartrate down today. About 2 miles in I heard Gun ahots going off around every 2 minutes or so in the woods that I was running by. From mile 2-4 I heard gun shots!! I was a little freaked out!! I know they werent close because of the sound of the gun but it was still scary!! Then when I turned the corner I had wind gusts in my face for the last 2 miles which was mostly uphill. All in all I managed 6.44 miles in 1 hour. I'll take it!!

Im coming up on a recovery week...yeah!!

Here are the Numbers for this week..

Swim- 4700 meters; 2 hours
Bike- 2hours on Trainer, 44.43 miles in 2hrs 24min
Run- 15.64 miles  ; 2 hours 30 min
Strength- 1 hour

TOTAL- 9:53:52!! Phew!


  1. I would have run with you!! I had to babysit from 8-12:30 & then intern 1-5! Uh, busy Sundays!! Next time!! I have yet to start xmas shopping..I'm a little nervous because I hear the mall is nuts already!! uh!

  2. The video taping in the water is going to pay dividends. Amazing how what you look like swimming is soooooo different from what you "think" you look like. haha!

  3. hi;)
    like the new blog title pic!

    and cool you're doing a t-day trot!!;-)

  4. So bummed to miss the Turkey Trot, I've done it a few times and its a fun one...I'm cooking this year for visiting family, so can't escape for it : (

  5. I was contemplating contacting you to run the course with you, but my knee held me back.

    I did the 10k last year, and felt no guilt eating a big feast after. Hoping to do it again this year. It's a great course.