Saturday, September 15, 2012

27 weeks down, 13 to go!!

I am almost in my third trimester!! Its all going to fly from here Im sure! I have been a bit antsy to get back into the racing scene, dreaming of what running race will start my season next year. I do have a few of my Tri-Races deferred until next year which will definately have me motivated come the New Year!

I am having fun just enjoying that I can still do a little running, biking and swimming. I still try to keep at least 40min-1 hour workoutd 5-6 days a week depending on my energy level. I have had some not so good days with Round Ligament pain and a vaso-vagal episode. But its been a great pregnancy so far! I have not had any swelling or leg cramping like I did with my daughter which seems to amaze me. I also haven't gained as much which is a big plus!

My Big girl has entered Level 4 Gymnastics. Which means 3 hours, 3 days a week plus meets. Its going to be a tiring year!! Oh boy! I think about it though and it gives me plenty of time to get in a workout here and there. She also started playing the flute, and let me tell you, its been about 4 hours listening to her toot, tooting. She also cant wait to be a Big Sister!! Its been almost 9 years!! She is going to be a great help to me Im sure.

I have opted out of the Syrathon race this weekend. Its 4 miles and kind of hilly. I think I could do it, but after this week I've had, I am going to rest and help my Big girl with a school project about nature! Its going to be a lot of fun Im sure.

Next up for me will be the Breast Cancer run next month. I only have 2 miles left to get that Syrathon Medal!! Even if I have to walk the run, I will get that medal!! :)

27 weeks!