Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting Caught up

Wow. I haven't posted in 2 Weeks! Its been a crazy couple weeks. Ill highlight the best and worse here:

1. I ran the Tipp Hill Shamrock run 30 sec faster than last year leading me to a 34:21 time for 4.1 miles. Ill take it! I would've liked to see this time drop a little more but hey, little by little I am getting faster.

2. I had a terrible strain after a speed work out and had to get Depo Medrol to the tuckas...yes that f'er hurt! I never acted like a baby so much in my life! I was even sweating with the thought of getting something injected into my butt. But then, I like to do it to my patients...ha ha! So I took it and was fine afterwards but I let my nurse know she hurt me for a few days afterwards!

3. I have been out on my bike a few times outside since this weather has been great in Central New York. We reached a few 80 degree temps in March! Now its rainy and cold again..brrr

4. I am definately enjoying my Masters Swim session at the local YMCA. Most of us are triathletes and love talking about the upcoming season.

5. Yesterday marked the First training run for the infamous Mountain Goat 10 Mile run that is every weekend up until race day which is the 1st weekend in May. I have to say my training run yesterday was faster than my race time last year, so I am very optomistic about this race. I have been really working on my weakness which is the running part. I want to grab that bronze medal for being under 90 min on this race and I think I can pull it off.

6. I have decided if I want to pull #5 off I need to drop a few more pounds to be lighter up the hills. Clean eating is what its all about

7. My daughter got accepted into the elite gymnast level which means competitions, more training for her. She is only 8!! Im so proud of her and her accomplishments! I cannot wait to see where she will take this. Although she wants to do triathlons as well, she is looking forward to her backward handsprings and uneven bars more

8.  I have come to find out I must have the tightest hamstrings of any athlete I know. I think thats why my piriformis has been acting up. Now is not the time for my body to fall apart. I did take a few days off of training to rebuild and repair my body. Sometimes you have to do that!

9. I do not really care for the IronMan Perform Powder drink, but I love the premixed fruit punch. What does everyone else use? I used to use hammer, but Im getting sick of the flavor.

10. I have been signing up like a mad lady for races as this triathlon thing is getting huge! All the races are sold out!!! Whaaa!

Hope everyone has been enjoying there training!!! Happy and Safely!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Doing Something Amazing

My former coach is doing just that. I am totally stoked about her interest and passion for Teens living with cancer

On a tweet to Lance Armstrong, She challenged him to a silly 50 meter Kick off. Well that little joke turned into this amazing fundraising event for both Teens Living with Cancer and the Livestrong foundation. Check out her blog at

When I read Melissa's story on webpage. I had tears flowing. She is such a inspiration to all. Whether your life takes a turn, you keep perservering. From what I read, she was a wonderful person, full of joy, full of determination.

I donated today to this cause. Imagine if we all donated what we could to help these kids go on living despite their disease process.

Thank you Mary, Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. Thank you Lance for accepting my coaches challenge. May she win your bike in the end!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week Review Feb 27-March 4, 2012

Its been a crazy week at work. Major switcha roos happening which has me my panties all in a bunch. Moving offices, moving rooms, just major mental blah this week.

Im happy to report that my training has been ok this week. I have been pretty consistent which is one of my goals this year. Although this hasn't been a porblem. Only on Wednesdays after working until 9 at work to get up and workout!, still trying there. I swear ever since my Ironman I have been really taking a back burner with this and it is time I straighten up and eat the way I used to.  I am definately going to get on that starting this week. I put an myfitnesspal on my phone. I am documenting everything that goes into this mouth! I like the program. It actually breaks it down to micro and macronutrients too! I also get my weight on there and have a goal in mind for that. We will see if I can get down to that weight before race season really ramps up.

I signed up for our popular local Shamrock run 4 miler being held this coming weekend. Im all ready for it. Ill post pics of the outfit that I will be running in soon. Hopefully Ill fly by with my new hair!!!

I also have been really taking care of my foot the last week so my mileage isn't where I wanted it to be. I also have a nagging hammy issue...Really?!!! I need to see a sports PT.

Here are the totals:

Swim- 4700 yds- 1:50:00
Bike- 4:10:00  - 32.82miles plus trainer rides, spinning rides
Run- 1:45:00 - 11.42 miles
Strength- 1:30:00

Total time: 9:15:00

Happy Training!! So glad I am not training for a full this year!! WOOT!