Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life is Good!!!

I cant believe its been 2 months since my last post!!

It s hard sitting here trying to blog while your son is sitting on your lap playing musical instrument with the keys. So, I must say I have to do it when he naps and in between my training sessions!

Now that he is almost 6 months, its getting a little bit easier to get back into the routine somewhat. Now its trying to juggle 2 kids, a job and a husband and fitting all the exercise in without losing my sanity.

In the last few months, I have tackled the Moutain Goat Run in 1:45:08 (10:31 pace). This was the first "true" race post baby and I think I did pretty well 5 months after having him!

I have ridden a few hundred miles on my bike and did the 40 mile Tour De Cure ride for Diabetes. That was a blast as I managed to get my hubby out for the day to ride it with me. Our dates now seem to revolve around working out, but this is fine with me!

 Paiges Butterfly 5K run at the beginning of the month showed me how far I've come in the last 6 months! I had a 28:26 (9:09 min per mile). My watch had be a 9 min per mile even. This is truely a great accomplishment for me.

In regards to my triathlon training. Well, we can say it hasn't been stellar. I try to get what I can in and make it important. The workouts are focused and to a end goal.

Swim: The last swim I did was about a week ago. I have been using my Garmin 910 XT in the pool to guage how well Im doing and I managing to pull of 1:40/100yd in the pool. Also, I just snagged the swimming secrets book for my Android Tablet and am Highly engrossed in reading it. Who would've thought the pull was the most important thing about swimming competitively?!! I am doing this resistance band exercise that has been teaching my muscle memory the high elbow!! So far so good. I will continue to work on this and hopefully it will pay off race day!

Bike: I have been getting out about 2-3 times per week to Ride. I just got a new ride and absolutely love it! I just bought a Fuji Supreme 1.0 Road Bike. I sold my Triathlon Bike and I am anxiously awaiting the premiere of the Fuji Norcom to hit the Bike shop my honey works at!! I have been feeling quite good and relaxed on the bike. This is my strongest leg. Still working on positioning on this bike because I haven't really been on a road bike in a few years!! Seeing this is my Strongest leg and I have a road bike again, I have signed up for a few Bike races!!! Woo hoo!!! Tour de Loop and Cazenovia Hill Bender. Maybe next year I will get into racing a bit more.

Run: My running is just going, Nothing too interesting to talk about. I have noticed that I really roll my left foot out, so really trying to work on a more forward foot strike. My right foot is good, just trying to concentrate on getting that left foot going in the same direction!! I have been trying to get out to run at least 15-30 min when I can and a longer run on the weekends. I usually am pushing the jogging stroller along to get this part in!!!

Happy Training!!