Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training Week #21

This was a Down week coming off the Syracuse Half Marathon. I rested pretty well the first few days, but then was dying to get back into training. Surprisingly, I wasn't that sore post half Marathon although I knew my body was weaker. I didn't do any speedwork as requested by my running coach and just sticked to easy to mild tempo running, Good form.

I am really starting to focus on Pulling in the water and rotating my hips, trying to stay relaxed as much as possible in the water. I tend to get anxious the first couple laps and then slip into this tingly coma feeling for the rest of the swim. I try to shut out the negative and focus on what I can control.

The Bike comes naturally for me, however I am having a little trouble getting comfortable on the saddle. I can't put my finger on the seat yet, but its a work in progress.

I ran Sunday with a great friend. We did one of the toughest running courses in Syracuse, The Mountain Goat course and talked about what time we are looking to get. Obviously, I was a little tired from the accumulative affects of the race and long bike on Saturday, but still put forth a good effort of a 8:40 pace on Sunday for 14 miles.

Swim: 7350yds- 2:07:25
Bike: 127 miles- 6:20:00
Run: 26.5 miles- 4:04:00

Total time- 12:31:35

Happy Training!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

IMLP Training Week #20

Last week was a down week. A little recovery before the big Half Marathon.

The begining of the week I felt sluggish. I backed off on some strength training as to not add more stress to my mucles before the race. I did work on upper body, but held up on the lower half.

I ate well, Hydrated as much as I could and used my foam roller like a BOSS!

I struggled with how I was going to rest going into the race and decided to do my Long Bike on Thursday, freeing up Friday to rest and Easy Bike on Saturday.

It paid off as I had over a 7min PR at my race! I am still shocked that I did so well. I will be forever indebted to my Running partner JF.

I am not so focused on my Time and Distance lately. I feel like I have shifted into caring more about putting in a good effort and feeling good about the workout.

The week in Numbers:

Swim: 2:01:00-7200 yds
Bike: 5:51:27- 117 Miles
Run: 3:46:33- 26.8 miles
Strength 20 min

Total 11:59:00

Monday, March 23, 2015

Syracuse Half Marathon Review

I hadn't intended on Running the Syracuse Half until one of my friends decided she needed to give her bib up to attend to her injured foot. I was originally planned to work yesterday, but one of my Colleagues agreed to work for me so I could be crazy and run a Half marathon with 3,000 other people. She actually said to me, "I cannot believe you want to take off from work to run a Half Marathon." I just smiled back at her.

See, when you aren't a runner, you don't get the feeling of a "runner's high". My happiness is seeing how far I can push my body, how far I can go, how mentally am I ready to take on what I am doing. That is my motivation to keep running.

I woke up feeling not the greatest yesterday. My stomach was off and I was a bit nervous on how I would tolerate gels to be honest with you. I decided to stick to the plan and eat my normal pre race meal of Bananas, Raisins, Almond butter, and Honey. I decided to continue to hydrate well and take my Sweet potato, applesauce and Cinnamon pouch with me in the car.

The roads were less than spectacular when I headed to the venue. It is only a 15 min drive from my house, but with traffic backing up on the highway pretty quickly, I decided to get off the highway and park 3 blocks away and run to the start. I figured it would be a great warm up prior to the start. I did slide in my car a bit, which made me nervous on how the roads would be.

I then got the message they had purchased salt and actually salted the whole course by hand! Kudos to the race director and volunteers!!!

The weather was only 17F at the start with a little wind. I decided to go with tights, long sleeve and outer shell. I get pretty hot with running and felt this was perfect for the conditions.

I had planned on pacing with a few friends so I sought them out at the start and planned to stick with them like glue for the whole race. It turned out, I ran with 1 of them the whole way and had a BLAST!

We seeded ourselves in the 7-9 min Pace group and planned to run 8 min miles give ot take.

I took a gel, listened to the National Anthem and we were off and running around 8:15AM

We kept a steady pace as there wasn't much wiggle room to get past people at the start. Going up James street was tight. We only had half the road as it wasn't closed to traffic and just decided to play it steady but not rush it. My partner and I were being crazy up the hill "We eat hills for breakfast, sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on it, oh yeah!!" Everyone around us was huffing and puffing already.

We made sure to run easy through every water stop and grab what we needed for the long haul. I think it really paid off! We hydrated and kept on running.

Miles ticked by. We talked about the race, we talked about Ironman, We talked about goals, we talked about our pace, we laughed at how serious other runners were.

Before we knew it we were Around the MOST and heading home! The last few miles were a little tough but I was on pace for a good time. I wanted under 1:50 and knew I was well below that at this point. I felt good so I kept on pushing.

My partner was telling me to kick it into gear and that we were almost done when we rounded the last corner. I didn't believe him until I heard the announcers.

I decided it was time to pick off some runners at this point. Picking it up a little more.

My stomach held off and I was able to take in the appropriate nutrition to get to the finish line! I was elated! I gave my running partner a hug, and thanked him so much for giving me the confidence to do a 1:45!!!! 7:20 min PR!!!

Nothing can describe the feeling that you get when you accomplish a goal and beat that goal. I even negative split the race!! Awesome!!!!

I cannot say enough about this race. To the Pre Race Expo, to the Warm Oncenter prior to the race, to the Race Director, Volunteers, spectators, Finisher Medals, Meal, Swag and Music!!! I LOVED this race! I will be signing up again next year for sure. The only downside of the race was the Darn Potholes in Syracuse!! Darn winter tore up the road pretty badly!

TIME: 1:45:03
22/303 AG 30-34
120/1840 Females
355/2773 Finishers

Now onto my next goal of under 1:40. Don't Stop Believing!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training week #19

19 weeks down, 19 weeks to go!!! OMGeee!!! Its getting closer!

The weather is still pretty shitty in New york but am trying to make the best of it. The winter has been a long winter. I never new what the winter blues felt like until this year. I am sure I got my taste of it.

I am still trying to get outside to run as much as I can. Still waiting on above 40 temps to get on the bike outside.

I did eat something this week that didn't agree with me. I am extremely sensitive to Gluten and soy. I Have been pretty much strictly Paleo for the last year and a half and when I stray from it, I notice immediately. I have to say I did have some crying episodes on the bike because of my abdominal pain from eating something wrong. It wasn't pretty, but I continued onto my ride. If it was going to happen in Ironman, I wouldn't give up either.

I felt pretty strong in the pool this week, I added a extra "easy" day of swimming this week. The pool was jam packed and I ended up in a lane with the guys doing 1:29-1:30 Pacing for 100s. That was pretty fun to try and hang onto them. I only lasted about 300yds. Hey, I am glad I lasted that long!

Running has always been ok for me. I am starting to feel a difference after changing my shoes as I was overpronating alot. I am now using Saucony Mirage to train in and Saucony Fastwitch to race in with Superfeet inside. So far so good. Its been about a month. Less Left hip/piriformis pain. Still getting it a bit but I can push through it now.

Strength is getting better. I have been going for about 20 min on my luch break at work to get it in. It has been my lifesaver. Get it in when you can!

Nutrition- Pretty much ok, except for the unknown trigger for GI distress earlier on in the week. I have been looking for more "clean" ways to hydrate and get nutrition in on the bike. I do use Gu gels and Drinks now to get me through as those are what is offered on the course at IMLP. I need to get stock in it as I have already gone through 4 boxes of them!

Training in Numbers:

Swim- 7800yds-2:14:00
Bike- 142 miles- 7:23:00
Run- 28.8 miles- 4:18:30
Strength- 55 min

Total time- 14:50:30

This week is a down week and I am soo excited!! I am also Culminating the week with the Syracuse Half Marathon on Sunday!! Cannot wait!

Happy Training!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training Week #18

What a great week! I am hitting the training like a champ! I didn't hit as much swimming as I would like and am still adjusting to getting up early to get the workouts in. Now double daily workouts have started and is very challenging with 2 kids and a loving partner to stretch my time with!

I got my Tri Bike this week and with a few adjustments I was ready to go. I got my long bike in on it which I was pleased about. It is taking some getting used to again as I have been off one for the last 2 years. The first few rides were a little slower than I would've liked but I am still moving and grooving which is half the battle!

The niggle in my Left hamstring and Piriformis finally released itself this past week and I have been relieved to run faster than ever! I really think it was my over pronation throwing my gait off making some hairy inflammation occur.

I have been craving more chocolate than normal which has been one of my dampers in the nutrition department but other than that, the paleo diet has been maintained throughout training. I do use Gu's and Roctane throughout training to get quick carbs in but other than that, my diet is strictly paleo eating.

I have been trying Tart Cherry Juice the past week and am hoping it will help with Inflammation. You can read all about the benefits of it here.  It is quite tart but tastes good. You can also mix it with Smoothies, seltzer water, etc.

I am on the edge of my seat getting antsy to do the Syracuse Half in 2 weeks. My long runs have been favorable for me to go under 1:50 which I am hoping for!

My training in Numbers:

Swim- 4800 yds, 1:20:00
Bike- 110 miles, 5:56:00
Run- 31 miles, 4:38:50
Strength- 1:15:00

Total Training- 13:09:50

Happy Training!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tipp Hill Shamrock Race Report

Nothing like running with a total of 2790 finishers in the 10th Annual Tipp Hill Shamrock Run. 

"This course showcases the historic Tipperary Hill neighborhood of Syracuse, NY, bringing runners past many of Tipp Hill's favorite landmarks, including the world famous "Green-On-Top" traffic light, scenic parks, architecturally striking churches, and of course, some popular Pubs including Coleman's and Nibsy's."

This course is somewhat challenging and does provide a great tune up run to the Mountain Goat run that is on May 3rd in Downtown Syracuse.

I originally wasn't going to run this run because it is notorious for being a high turnout race and definitely one that the "weekend warriors" tend to come out of the woodwork for. After all, most of the local pubs offer some sort of discount on drinks/food with your BIB if you do the race. 

My friend ML was on vacation and told me the BIB was mine if I wanted to run the race. So I contemplated doing it all week. When I found out my good running buddy KJ was running it with her running group, the Road Warriors, I decided I would join her and have a good run with a great friend. 

We arrived at the race around 10AM after being diverted from the orginal route to the race due to an accident. KJ's group was meeting around the corner at one of her running groups house which was awesome considering it was only about a 10 min walk/run to the start. 

The temps were hovering around 20F but the wind was definitely making it feel a little bit chillier. I decided because I get so hot, I would only put 2 layers on and be fine, Hat, gloves, Tights as well. 

Keeping warm and happy before the race
We went to the start around 10:30, Did a quick run around the Rink and Went into meet and greet anyone we knew inside. I did the Hula Hoop Challenge inside the rink and lasted 21sec. I almost won a gift card if I could've lasted another 10 seconds!

We got to the start around 10:50 and shimmied our way up to the front as close to the elites as we could. Of course other people had the same intentions as us. 

When the gun went off, It was complete weaving for the first 2 miles. I even ran into 2 walkers right after the start of the race. The plan of the day was to just stay steady as I was coming off a 2:30 Bike earlier in the morning. I threw that plan right out the window as soon as I got around the first corner of the race. I was heated and ready to run. The parked cars on the running streets and the runners ahead of me were making it hard to get around them, so I just tried to stay comfortably uncomfortable for the first few miles. 

Going up the first hill, I was able to make up some time and get around alot of the slower runners up the hill. It still wasn't enough to push forward in any capacity.

The never ending hill that starts at Nibsy's and doesn't end until you get up Coolridge took me a little longer than I wanted it to, but I didn't stop running at all!!! Wooo hooo! I got up that Damn hill and decided to push a little to the finish. 

I gave it a great effort and ended up with a time of 30:45. Wanted under 30 min, close..

Managed 10/254 AG 30-34
31/1556 female runners
213/2790 finishers

4.13 miles, 7:30 pace by my Garmin with all the weaving, 4 miles-7:42 pace by results. 
I would say that was a pretty decent run! This was almost a 3 min PR from last year considering all the bobbing and Weaving I did!

Afterwards, we celebrated with a maple cream cheese frosted Cinnamon Roll from The Cookie Connection. I cannot say no to their baked goods. I do treat myself after my hard bike/runs on the weekends. Hey, We can't always be good! :-)

Happy Training!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

IMLP training week #17

Move over February! We are finally onto March! Hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel with these colder Temperatures!

Today was my long run. I dreaded going outside in 4F weather but I sucked it up and met 3 other running friends for company. We are all training for something, one of them being the Syracuse Half in 3 weeks. My training partners and I set up for some wind, snow and slippery footing this morning to get 13.5 miles in!

To say I am not tired this wee would be any understatement. I didn't do some of my training because I do have a little of the "winter Blues" going on. I skipped a swim and run just because I felt unmotivated and weak. Coming off the Lake Effect Half Marathon last weekend, I didn't give myself enough rest. While I didn't feel sore, I felt overwhelming fatigue by Thursday of this week. It doesn't help that I started to really focus on a little more strength training coming off the Half too! What was I thinking?!

People have been asking me what my training has been like. Up until now it hasn't been all that bad! Now that the races are starting, I need to learn to refuel quickly before, during and especially AFTER the races. I think this was a little bit of the cause of my fatigue. Proper fueling is key to a quick recovery.

I am very sensitive to Soy and obviously Gluten, so I practice a Paleo Diet as much as possible. I have been playing around with recovery and am still looking for a great Protein drink that will satisfy my needs but not make me bloated or uncomfortable all day long. What do other Paleo athletes use?
I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas, but if anyone has any they want to share, feel free.

This week, I finally purchased my Tri Bike. Fuji Norcom 2.1! Can't wait to start Training on it!

This week in Numbers:
Swim- 4650 yds- 1:23:25
Bike - 97 miles- 5:03:00
Run- 22.3 miles-3:22:00
Strength- 1:15:00

Total time- 11:03:25

Happy Training!