Sunday, March 1, 2015

IMLP training week #17

Move over February! We are finally onto March! Hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel with these colder Temperatures!

Today was my long run. I dreaded going outside in 4F weather but I sucked it up and met 3 other running friends for company. We are all training for something, one of them being the Syracuse Half in 3 weeks. My training partners and I set up for some wind, snow and slippery footing this morning to get 13.5 miles in!

To say I am not tired this wee would be any understatement. I didn't do some of my training because I do have a little of the "winter Blues" going on. I skipped a swim and run just because I felt unmotivated and weak. Coming off the Lake Effect Half Marathon last weekend, I didn't give myself enough rest. While I didn't feel sore, I felt overwhelming fatigue by Thursday of this week. It doesn't help that I started to really focus on a little more strength training coming off the Half too! What was I thinking?!

People have been asking me what my training has been like. Up until now it hasn't been all that bad! Now that the races are starting, I need to learn to refuel quickly before, during and especially AFTER the races. I think this was a little bit of the cause of my fatigue. Proper fueling is key to a quick recovery.

I am very sensitive to Soy and obviously Gluten, so I practice a Paleo Diet as much as possible. I have been playing around with recovery and am still looking for a great Protein drink that will satisfy my needs but not make me bloated or uncomfortable all day long. What do other Paleo athletes use?
I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas, but if anyone has any they want to share, feel free.

This week, I finally purchased my Tri Bike. Fuji Norcom 2.1! Can't wait to start Training on it!

This week in Numbers:
Swim- 4650 yds- 1:23:25
Bike - 97 miles- 5:03:00
Run- 22.3 miles-3:22:00
Strength- 1:15:00

Total time- 11:03:25

Happy Training!

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