Saturday, May 9, 2015

IMLP Training Weeks 25 and 26, 2 races and a whole lot of Bling!

I am not going to go all into details about the last 2 weeks, just that training is in Full force that it is getting hard to keep the blog up as well.

I am trying to make some gains in running, which is my limiter, but it seems like the harder I try, I still stay the same pace!! Ugh!

I joined a Track club this week thinking that would help me out. I was in for a treat when it was BIG Hill repeats for 30 minutes! I mean these people are Fast on this team!! I feel like one of the weakest links! But, I know that's what I need to make me stronger. I am going to push myself to do speed work with them and let everything else fall into place. I have been running with another group and just feel its not giving me what I want these days, so time to step up my game!!

I did the Mountain goat 10 miler in Syracuse last weekend. My son did the 1/2 mile kids run and RAN the whole thing!! He is 2.5 years old! I couldn't be a prouder mommy! My daughter then showed her stuff with me on the 3K run too!!

I also raced the Du The Lakes Duathlon today. Good solid efforts on both considering there is no resting. at the Duathlon today! 7th OA Female and First in AG!!

 Now is the time for the big workouts. Next weekend is 85 miles on the bike with a 1:30 brick and the next day back at it with a Run and bike. eeeek!!!

11 more weeks until the Big Day!

Last 2 weeks of training:

14:49:36 for week 25- 8325 yds of swimming, 138 miles of biking, 29.0 miles of running

13:04:45 for week 26 (down week)- 7000 yds of swimming, 125 miles of biking, 25.5 miles of running

Happy Training!