Sunday, December 28, 2014

IMLP Training Week #8

Today ended week #8. I am a little achy. I actually started running today and was dreading it after 30 min. My mind was just not into it. My Piriformis was acting up, my Ankle felt funny. Gosh I even hated the roads I was running on. I decided to focus more on mental strength at this point in the run and focus on what I could control. I ended up running 10.5 miles! Its amazing how your mind can be tricked into feeling good if you let it.

I will definitely need a foam roller tonight!!

I had a great week off with my family. I actually loved being home. I got so much accomplished in such a short time. Cuddling, playing, cleaning, working out was on repeat the whole week but it felt so good not to add the added stress of work in between those things.

The weather has been really interesting in my neck of the woods. It has been in the 40-50's all week. I got out and ran a few times. I wish I could've  biked outside too but my honeys schedule didn't allow me to this week. I am hoping next week I can hop outside if the weather cooperates. Biking in Upstate New York without 10 layers on in December is unheard of! I will take this mild winter any day!

30 weeks and counting!

WEEK totals:

Swim: 5800 Yards (1:47:00)
Bike: 88.2 miles   (4:45:20)
Run: 24.6 miles  (3;32:00)
Strength:40 minutes

Total time: 10:44:20

Happy Training!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

IMLP Training Week 6&7

Wow. The last 2 weeks have flown by. Not much to report. Week 6 was a Down week, now ramping it back up for another 3 weeks.

I have been busy with work, Christmas shopping and training these past few weeks. It leaves me little time to blog about all the happenings in my life.

A little run down for the last 2 weeks:

I came in 3 OA in a Running RACE!! FINALLY!! I stayed with the lead pack for the first mile. Trying to hold onto that top female runner. She was just a wee bit faster than me! I do have to complain she won a trophy for overall, money, AND the age group award. I was pretty upset about it but whatever. I still came in 3rd OA!!!! 22:51! Woooo hooo! It was a small hometown race and I loved it. Not a bunch of hype. But could use a little updating on the timing and awards system.

My son is turning 2 on Christmas. We celebrated his birthday today with close family. I cannot believe he is turning 2 already..and that I was crazy enough to sign up for an IM. God bless my Honey's heart for being so loving and supportive!

I haven't nailed down my whole racing season yet. I am a little nervous to "race" anything but what my ultimate goal race. That of course being IM. Anyone else feel the same way?? Wouldn't want to break a hip or get a stress fracture ;-p

Total time for Week #6- 8:43:24 (4400 yds swim, 64.1 miles on the bike, 21.5 mi of running, 30 min strength)

Total time for week #7- 9:37:24 (5125 yds swimming, 88mi on the bike, 18.2 mi of running, 30 min of strength)

Hopefully my blog posts in the next coming weeks will be better since I am off from work the whole week!! Yay me! More time for family, friends..and of course TRAINING!!

Happy Training!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

IMLP Training-Week #5

Week number 5 is coming to a close. As I have been looking at my numbers and analyzing what I have been doing. I noticed I am about 3 weeks ahead of my training than I want to be on my plan. Time to recover next week and reboot a few weeks backwards! Whoops!

I have been nailing down my race schedule and it is getting pretty Hairy. With Ironman right smack in the middle of summer, it is taking alot away from the races that I would normally do.

I still am going to have fun and go with the flow though. I may do some races and tack on training before and after. Its all good!

The week started with a terrible sore throat. I worked the past weekend and saw many acute, sick patients with the common cold and flu. Not to mention 3 flu cases in a matter of 2 days.

I figured by Wed or Thurs I would feel better and to just go easy as much as I could.

By Wed I was congested, but still planned on doing my Speed workout as it was only in my nose, not in my chest.

Thursday, It took all I could to swim 2200 yards. All doped up on Sudafed, Coughing and Hacking all the way!

Friday, Same rendition as Thursday

Saturday- Long Bike felt like torture on the bike. COuldn't get comfortable and legs felt heavy but I got through the workout, Brick run legs felt dead halfway in.

Today- I just barely got through a 1:23 run, Still have 50 min bike to go

I think the week has physically drained me- I don't feel anything in my chest, but know that this is starting to brew into a Sinus Infection. Maybe I am not hydrating enough, recovering enough, eating enough??? I will play around with this in weeks to come. Its hard to gauge when you are exposed to these illnesses on a daily basis at work.

Total Training time: Before the Bike- 11:02:27
Swim:7525yds- 2:30:14
Bike:91.3 miles- 4:51:47
Run:20.2 miles: 3:05:26
Strength: 30 min

Happy Training!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Making IM training work

I always hear, "How do you have enough time to do all you do with your family?"

I make the time.

Rules of making it work for me:

1, Get up early. I get up around  4:30 in the morning to work out. If I get up a little later, I don't stress over not getting my workout in.  I do it when my kids go to bed

2. No time is wasted time. If I have a hard workout planned. That's what it is going to be. Every workout serves a purpose whether it is strength, threshold, etc. If I have to group things together to make it work that day, I do. Like my Strength workout. Total body twice per week if I can. Get it done and move on.

3 Don't take time away from the kids. When I am with my kids. I am with my kids. That simple. I am not working out. I am watching movies, making them food, taking them shopping, Playing Frozen songs over and over.

4. Have a supportive partner. I cannot stress this enough. I would never be sane or have time to workout if I didn't have my best friend at my side to help me through the days when I want to cry or give up.

5. Have fun. When it isn't fun anymore, then I will give it up. I have started to dabble into some tougher things. Cross training with cyclocross. I will also cross train with some Snow shoeing and Cross country skiing this year! Woo hoo!

6. If training is getting stale, change it up! I think we can go back and refer to #5 for most of this.

7. If stressed, take a day off. As much as my type A personality wants to admit, I do take a break If I feel I need one. Over the years, I have really listened to my body and know when enough is enough. Heart rate is high, feeling more angry, workouts are harder, then it is time to break.

8. Know why you are doing what you are doing.  I have this in my head everytime I start a workout. I do it for me. I do it for my kids. I do it for my sanity. I do it for the love of the sport. I do it for the amazing fitness gains. I do it because it makes me feel good. I do it because I have control over it. See where I am getting at??

I am sure I can think of many more, but this is a good start how I make it work for me.

Happy Training!!