Saturday, April 19, 2014

Springtime 10K, New PR, and a little wind in my face

Since I haven't done an all out 10k in quite sometime and there was a new one hitting the seen in Central New York, I decided to give it a try. Not to mention all the good promoting of the race, Supporting Hope For Heather (Ovarian Cancer) and getting a first hand view of the Syracuse 70.3 run course. The Springtime 10K had me hooked.

All I can say is wholly Batman! Now I have done the Syracuse 70.3 and have trained on these hills since the Inaugural race back in 2010, the Running course has been changed a few times. The last few years it has been an out and back course in Jamesville, I did not expect it to be this much of a challenge!

I cannot see doing 2 loops of this course after completing 1.2 mile swim and a 56 mile bike!

Maybe I am internally glad that it sold out...

Maybe not..

Anyways, Pre race was the same. Banana, almond butter, cup of applesauce. Hydration with FLUID Performance drink until 1 hour before the race.

After the race, a few friends and I were to head out on our bikes for 30 miles. I was cringing at the weather. High of 40-50 with overcast and wind gusts up to 15mph. UGH!

The plan for today was to do a 1 mile warm up, really easy. Go out controlled for the first 2 miles, get a bit faster the next 2, then hammer it as much as I can home. I think I did a pretty good job of this despite the hills that we involved.

I am fortunate to know alot of people on the Central New York race scene so that every mile someone was shouting my name!! Thanks for all the LOVE!! It felt so good to have people cheering me on! I tried to do the same, so don't think I didn't notice. Between gasps I did root too!

The race resulted in a 10K PR!!!!!!!!!

50:40 (8:11/mile pace), 9th in AG 30-39, 20th Female Overall!!

I thank my coach KS and KC for all their help and all my Y Runner friends I have grown to love and admire over the last few months!! I am grateful that they hold me accountable when we make plans for a run and all the friendly competition we have with each other is the best.

Onto the Bike. It took FOREVER to get dressed. Mainly because I needed Layers galore and I was shivering from my run.

I fueled up and was ready to go. Started off cold, but certainly quickly warmed up once the 10miles of hills came at us, then 10 more..then rolling hills for 15more! A wrong turn had lead us to some more hill work. I was harassed for hills, but come on, its Tully and Jamesville. There are hills on that end of town!

My legs started cramping up around mile 25. I thought I did enough with 2 bottles of Fluid and 2 Honey stinger gels, But realized I had no protein! I think I needed a little at this point. Or maybe it was pure conditioning, I haven't figured it out totally.

I feel a little sore in the glutes right now and my toe is a little bruised, but otherwise am feeling pretty good about the whole day!!

Happy Training!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mountain Goat training #1

Today started Mountain Goat Training. Not that I am not prepared to tackle the 10 miles of hills on the pavement of Syracuse's finest streets, eh hem. But, it actually symbolizes the change in weather here in Central New York. Time for some of the people to jump of their couches and beat the dust off themselves and head outside for one of the hilliest races in this area!

I planned on sticking with a few Y running friends and do the whole 10 miles today, just to see where I was at and where I needed to improve prior to race day.

It was a cold start. Temps again in the high 30's, wind approx 14-15 mph with some wind gusts thrown in there, but I had hope that it would be a great run. Of course that meant 3 light layers on top, Pants, Hat and Gloves again!

We started off slow as we have been slapped on the hand by the Syracuse police that we are naughty runners and don't follow any of the rules of running and people have reported our nonsense to everyone they could. You know those few runners that ruin it for everyone.

We quickly picked up the pace picking off runners one by one after the first hill. It was actually nice that we were running by people TALKING up a hill!!! Thanks to Kevin Collins and his fantastic run club to get me to where I am today! Woot!

The hills came and went. The 2 people I was running with were amazing and so supportive of keeping the running going, pushing and encouraging. Isn't that what running is about?! I never felt better on a run!

I fueled at the same spots I knew were close to the same spots on the course. I have been using all natural Fluid hydration and loving it! No GI issues, not cramping.

Mountain Goat Training run by mullallyk at Garmin Connect - Details

Last year I was just coming back to racing. I was only 5 months Post partum and did the race. This year, I am competing with myself to get below 90 min. With the right pacing, I may just accomplish that mission!

Happy Training

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Syracuse Half Marathon Recap

Yes, It has been more than a week and I am finally writing my race recap.

The morning of the race started as any race would. I got up 2 hours before race time, ate my pre race meal of Almond butter mixed with applesauce and Banana. So yummy.

I got into pre race mood, envisioned a good race. I couldn't find my heart rate monitor strap but I wasn't going to let it bring me down as race nerves started to kick in. I figured I could handle not knowing what my heart rate is and maybe go on feel alone. I put my Garmin 910XT on my wrist and headed out the door.

As I was driving to the race, listening to the up beat music, I realized I was missing something. My hydration! Yet again, I was not going to let this dampen my spirits. I trained for this race and came to the line ready to give it my all.

The weather was less than stellar. With the wind, chill and cold temps, I packed on the layers. I wore 2 light layers and jacket, Pants, Gloves and hat. I have been training in this all winter long so I have been becoming good at what to wear in these temps. And it helps that Runners world has a great app to help you decide what to wear. I always use it as a guideline and put on or take off depending on how I feel or what I am doing. I have never been too bad yet.

I saw a few of my Y running friends and hung out with them for the last few minutes prior to going out and becoming one with the wintry weather yet again.

I started towards the front and just got into a rhythm and tried to hold on as best I could. I didn't know the course so I just went with the flow of the race. My first mile was a little fast, but I figured James street would more than make up for my speediness on the first mile.

James street felt like it went on forever!! I was getting a little upset with everyone that was passing me, but I passed just as many that passed me. I turned off the negative thoughts and said to myself there is alot of miles ahead of me, don't burn out now.

I was told James street was the worst, the rest is pretty flat and down hill. Boy was I in for a surprise. Sedgewick area was not flat, neither was Eastwood area. But, I didn't feel like it was unmanageable given all the training and effort I have been giving to my running. Sedgewick did take my breath away but I continued to truck on.

3 mile mark hit. 27 min. I was doing well. Good pacing. Then, boom, rolled my ankle in a snow covered pot hole. I thought oh no, am I going to be able to finish without injury? I was able to work it out and keep running. The streets were filled with pot holes for the next 2 miles along with some slick up and down areas.
My footing was definitely a little lighter and not as aggressive given the conditions of the road.

I decided at mile 5 I would start getting in carbs. Took a Honey Stinger gel, grabbed water and cont to trek on.

I loved this race mainly because you were turning a lot and I didn't know where I was going which to me is better because I don't go into a race strategy, more giving it what I can at certain times.

The next few miles were flat and downhill.

Then some slippery spots over the bridge by Destiny Mall, Down through the icy creek walk, down to the Most.

At this point I grabbed what I thought was Gatorade at the mile 10 water stop. It didn't taste right and I knew I was going to regret taking that.

The next few miles seemed to drag on. Then, right before the turn I see one of my coaches sitting there cheering me on to finish. I know I probably looked dead. I felt weak. I felt drained. The wind on this course at times felt like it was holding me back and not letting me run to my full potential.

I say my goal time pass. I was disappointed at this time, but tried to keep moving one foot forward at a time. I was almost done.

I came through the finish relieved I was finished.

1:55:41 (net pace 8:50/mi)

Next up is Springtime 10K in 2 weeks and I am hoping it truly is SPRINGTIME!! :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wind, rain, Sleet?!! Aint no thang!!

Once again it was a nasty day for a long run. Im just dying to have some good weather where I don't have to put 15 layers on to go outside.

I looked at the weather report and it didn't seem to bad at 7 this morning. it read 40 degrees, "real feel" 36, wind 8-10mph, occasional rain.

I decided that we would be running by the lake so it was going to be colder. Ditched the shorts, Went for tights, 2 shirts, hat and gloves. I am so glad I did!

The plan was to run a hour with a fellow Y runner that was training for the Syracuse half and then turn back and run another hour with a little group.

The first half was great. We managed to negative split our training run which is a positive for me! Started slow, worked into a great pace and had almost 6.5 done in 1 hour.

Then, all hell broke loose. The wind picked up and then the sleet came. It took all of my energy to even run in the wind and try to stay warm at the same time. I was losing steam. I kept saying, "Im warm, its 80 degrees out here, its so Hot Im sweating!" Well that worked for a whole 2 minutes.

The last 15 min seemed like 45. The wind, sleet and cold was blowing from the lake and actually pushing us sideways as we ran. I kept saying to the end of the Light poles, then we are done. Keep moving.

Finally- I was done. Couldn't feel my hands or half my face for a good 5 min, But was so happy to be finished!

12.18 miles complete in 1:56.

Ill take it for the crappy day that it was.

Easy runs, add up and speed will be there for the race next week!! So excited!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tipp HIll Shamrock Race Recap

Today marks my calendar for the coming of Spring!! I always do this race as an entrance to Spring training, looking at how much more work I need to to for the Tri season coming up!

I needed to get a long run in as I am training for the Syracuse Half marathon in 2 weeks. I decided I would do an easy 8-9 with a few friends, then head up to the race and finish the last 4 with a tempo run.

I started my morning out as always for race day. My morning rituals never change. Its kind of a mental thing if I envision a good race and follow through with the ritual- Applesauce, Banana, Almond butter all mixed into a yummy little smoothie. I did add some raisins this morning to keep me going.

I am training on a Whole 30/Paleo diet. So, with that being said, I did substitute my protein powder with Almond butter and haven't had an issue with this yet!

I met a few ladies that are in the Y running program for a good 8 miler this morning. We ran the Creekwalk in Syracuse which is a cute little trail that runs around the inner harbor. It was a breezy run this morning and did feel a bit cold, but knew as the miles kicked up that I would be fine.

The Temps were holding low 30s this morning with a 8-10 mph wind. YEAH SPRING!! Ok, well close to spring?!

After the run, I quickly changed into a new set of clothes and headed up to the start line which was a mile away from the Car. I ran it. With a bag of groceries to feed the needy also. I looked like I was running from the local convenience store, but hey, I was helping the Hunger Project!! Good cause.

I dropped my bag off just in time to line up for the race. I lined up towards the front. Almost in the elite line, because that's how I felt this morning. I met up with a few friends from Lake Effect Run club. We gabbed about our expected times and huddled to warm ourselves up.

The Gun went off and I had to swerve around people to get to my comfortable pace. I felt like I was FLYING!! I was thinking, can I keep this pace up?! I'm sure the hell going to try!

Mile 1- 7:18. All downhill and a little up. Felt great, Average HR 154. I can keep this pace!!
Mile 2- 8:05- a little steeper, little downhill..OK, what the heck happened?!- Average HR- 165
Mile 3- 8:43- WTH?!! All up and down with a Steep hill at the end?!! I tried to keep a good rhythm going, not worrying so much about pace and chugging up the hill. I was going to conquer this *itch and not stop on this hill like I do every year. I made it!!-Ave HR 166
Mile 4- 8:14- Settling back into my race pace again. Feeling good. Oh, you guys wanna pass me now?! OK, I'm feeling good, Ill speed up a little more!! Ave HR 166
Last .10- Kick it into gear!! - 7:18- Of course the race is over!! Woo hoo!!

Time- 33:08
Average pace- 8:04  Max pace- 5:16 (Don't know when and for how long?!)
Miles 4.10

34/321 - AG 30-34
132/1961 Females
560/3508 runners

I say that was a good run especially when it was a PR!!!!

Total mileage today: 13.8 miles

Happy SPRING!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Masters swim

Dolphin Uglies Bathing suits. Do they make them European sizes?!

Today I wore one at the pool and felt like I was a sardine in a tight can!! Although I can honestly say I felt less drag than the last one I had on!

Masters swim went well today. I arrived late and ended up in a fast lane. My lungs were screaming for the first half of the class. I had to actually change lanes because I knew I would not be able to keep up.

3x200 Pace
3x100 Pace
3x50 Pace
50 BK
3x100 Decend
3x200 Decend
4 (3x50) Mix

2600yd total- All in a good days training!!

Pretty tough workout for sure!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cold Bitter temps..the story of my life!

Winter storm Titan is making its way across the West, Midwest and North East. Todays cold air definitely made that apparent!

Made a trek outside, bundled up, looking like the Michelan man this morning. The weather was actual real feel -4.

With these temps, I have to play it on the warmer side as I have a touch of Raynauds (why I live in CNY, I do not know!!) I wore 2 fleece lined pants, Omniheat top, fleece top and then a Storm Fit jacket on the outer shell. Fleece hat, 2 gloves, Woolie socks.

I got out to run with a group of people from the local Y running group. Unfortunately, my friend who is on the faster side of the running group decided she was going to push the pace. I didn't want to tell her I was secretly dying inside while she continued to talk like she was walking as we were pushing 7:45-8min pace.
Mind you, this was supposed to be our LONG easy run. I thought, oh god, am I going to be able to hold this pace for 2 hours?!! Luckily she realized we were pushing the pace and backed off to a 9min mile which was a lot better for me. We decided to do some of the Empire State Marathon Course. Well, I can honestly say I hated the beginning of the course. Hayes Road, I give you the middle finger. Its not that it is hard, its the pitch of the road. It tore up my legs. It slants on every curve. I think it is mainly because it is so close to the lake for the runoff I'm sure. I have decided I will never to this race today. (I may change my mind, but for now, it stands!)

We ran a out and back course. My running buddy had to stop at 1:20. I proceeded to do my 2 hours. By this time I was getting cold, so I tried to pick the pace up a bit to stay warm. Finished 13 miles today.

I was happy to be done. I had some aching in the back of my legs which I knew was from the darn road!

I am pretty confident in running Syracuse Half in 3 weeks if everything goes right. I am playing it by ear as I don't know the times of my daughters Gymnastics competition yet! Ugh.

Next up is Tipp Hill Run Next weekend!! Ready to beat my time from last year for sure!!

Happy Training.