Monday, February 23, 2015

Lake Effect Half Marathon 2015. Ending IMLP training week #16

The first Half marry of the season is in the books. I have mixed feelings bout how well I did and how I can improve. The weather leading up to the race was less than Ideal for me. With the negative wind chills and Snow drifts, I was doubtful that the fore casted weather report for race day was anything but accurate.

They days before the race, I did some changes to my Training schedule to give me a rest day/Swim the day before (which never happened due to my cranky 2 year old) I did my long ride on Friday morning as I had the day off from work and vowed I would spend the rest of the day with my Feet up and hydrating well. I'm just going to say that didn't happen either

Race day came and I couldn't contain my excitement that the weather was not in the negative numbers! I was ready to race and It actually felt a little warm! OK, I said a little warm.

I did my usual fueling for the race and tried to hydrate well, but trying to get a 2 year old from beneath your feet as you are scrambling to get ready was wrecking havic on my ability to hydrate well. I chugged a half a 20oz bottle of water and kissed everyone goodbye and headed down to the race site to get a good spot to park and relax a bit before the race.

I got there with about 45 min until the race start. I decided to get a good mile warm up with some pick ups in with a few of the local racers in town. Did some chatting and lined up for the race. I was a bit nervous as I have been training long and easy. I decided to do what I could and forget the rest.

I decided to keep my fueling and hydration under control and leave the rest up to my mind and body.

The first few miles ticked off without a hitch. My goal was to keep every 5K within 24-26 minutes each.  First 5K- 23:57. I was right where I wanted to be. I thought to myself. Great pacing, keep working.

There was about a 2 mile stretch out and back that was snow covered and I knew the second half was not going to be stellar with footing once 500 or so people have trambled all over it, but didn't want to think about it until it came around again.

NExt 5K 25 min. I am still cooking with my time. Right where I wanted to be. My 10K split was about 50 min which I was pleased with.

There was a lot of slush going back again in the same loop. I tried to get footing where ever I could get it.

The next 5K was 26 min. Fuck, I was slowing down. Keep fueling and continue to push. I wasn't feeling horrible at this moment, but I have to admit that the wind did start picking up a pinch in this direction.

Then, I hit the out and back part again. I think I used some profanities under by breath but decided to smile through it all knowing that everyone, except for the people wearing the Yak Traxs (Yeah, the smart people) were having the same problem I was.

I was slow, I was slipping. I tried to keep as light as I could on my feet and just go!

Next 5K 27 min. I was down and Out that I was getting slower as the time ticked. I knew mentally I was ok, Physically I felt ok, but I was slowing down and didn't like it one bit!

The last mile, I regained my speed and was happy overall with the race, Until about 1/4 mile from the finish when 2 girls passed me and got me soaked from the slush! I did manage a what the heck and decided to push through and try to reel them in. I almost got them by the end.

Total time: 1:52:23
117th out of 555 finishers
11/51 AG 30-34
39/328 Female finishers

Fueling- 4 Gu's and a whole lot of water- Perfect
After the bad section

In other training- I was down on time this week, but knew I needed to rest up for the Marathon

IMLP Week #16 in numbers

Swim-3450yds- 1hr
Bike- 91.1 miles- 4hr 55 min
Run- 25.3-3hr 42min
Strength 30 min

Total Time- 10:07:00

Happy Training!

Monday, February 16, 2015

IMLP training Week #15- Bitter cold temps continue

This winter is dragging along in NY! I would like to pack my bags and move down south for the winter months! The bitter cold temps have kept me indoors training on the Bike and Treadmill.
The temps have reached -27F with the wind chills! Brrr!

When we are at the top of the 100 snowiest cities, I think its time to move somewhere warmer, especially when I can't country ski to save my ass. The only thing I remotely like to do is Snowshoeing. I guess I don't mind Tubing. Don't get me started on how unbelievably embarrassing my downhill skiiing is!

What is left? Thank god for running. I can layer up and run for hours but then I hate to come home and have the biggest chill to my spine, wanting to quickly dive head first into a hot tub!

Brrr! As you can see I am throwing up my middle finger at mother nature right now. UGH

Training However, still is going great! I cannot believe the motivation that is sticking with me to train and stick to the plan! I have a lot of supporters and friends that keep me motivated and sane throughout this whole journey!

Yesterday I hit the indoor track for 2 hours! I met some fellow runners that helped tick the minutes away! Before I knew it I was done! I would have to say that it was a little less tortuous than the Treadmill.

I am gearing up for the Lake Effect Half Marathon this weekend and am crossing my fingers the bitter cold blast ends fast! It is supposed to be a high of 27F this weekend and looking forward to trying to get my PR.

Training in numbers this week:

Swim- 6,000 yds, 1:46:00
Bike- 100miles, 5:10:00
Run- 28.2miles, 4:03:00
Strength- 50 min

Total time- 11:49:00

Happy Training!

Monday, February 9, 2015

IMLP training week #14

Its been a long week. CNY is getting hit hard by old man winter. Between sub Zero temps, winds and snow, I am so over the winter these days.

I did get a few days out in the snow running. This weekend was amazing. Even though it was only 20 degrees outside, I felt warm and knocked out 12.2 miles on my long run this weekend.

Finding it hard to stay motivated in these temps, when I have to get my ass up even earlier to shovel off the car. But I still focus on the end result. Getting to the Finish line at IMLP!!

I received my new special ops TYR goggles in the mail last week and was so happy to get them. Well, I left them at my local gym last week and ended up losing them. Sad day today in the pool. Thank god I had an extra pair to wear.

I am preparing for my next adventure in the snow. The Lake Effect Half Marathon on Feb 22nd. Looking forward to breaking my goal of going under 1:50 for this race. Hoping the conditions set me up for a great race! We will see.

I fell down my basement stairs a few days ago, right on my back and hit the back of my head! Oouch!
I have been feeling a niggle here and there. I may need to go to a chiropractor. I almost had a meltdown while swimming this morning because every time I rotated my hips, I felt a pull in my back.

I'm hoping I can be adjusted and fixed by race time!

My running playground
How's everyone else's training going??

This week in Numbers:
Swim:6060 yds- 1:34:24
Bike:91 miles-4:35:06
RUn:24.7 miles-3:43:49
Strength: 45 min

Total: 10:38:19

Sunday, February 1, 2015

IMLP Training week #13 and a 5K

This week was a little of a down week. I managed again to get all my training in. feeling a little sore after the race today at the end of the training week, but overall it was a good week.

I can tell you the same things as last week because nothing was really exciting in training except for Today.

I did a 5K after a 8.5 mile long run.

To say it didn't hurt like hell was a lie. I had a tough time keeping up on my race but it was a solid effort for sure,

My friend, J and I went for a long run through the cold parkway by our house. The temps were hovering in the High teens, low 20F's. Freakin cold! I started to warm up about 3-4 miles in and started to need some gel to pick me up. I felt good running the 8.5 miles with my friend. We had great conversation and before I knew it 1 hour was gone!

I went back to the registration area after my run, changed clothing and tried to stretch and warm up for the race. I think I ran a little too early because fatigue was setting into my legs pretty quickly. I was a little concerned lining up at the start line. I was a little shivered as I didn't change the sports bra. What was I thinking?!

I warm up pretty quickly as the gun went off. I Started off at a pretty good 6:50 pace. I thought, I could keep this pace, but as the minutes ticked by, my legs were getting heavier. I also had a few girls breathing heavily in my ear which causes me to panic and start thinking I cannot breathe which isn't a good feeling when your running. I didn't know whether I should haul ass and pass the chicks or let them go. I let them go once, but she wasn't keeping pace so I ran faster to get rid of her.

By Mile 2.5 I was ready to get this race over and done with. I tried to kick it up a notch and bring it home.

24:05 was the race time. Not a PR. But not too shabby for the mileage beforehand!

8/39 in AG 30-34, 15th OA Female- All I can say is there are strong runners in my field! WTH!

(Not to mention the overall female winner was 10!!!) Awesome!

Total Times:
Swimming- 6300 yds- 1:50:00
Biking- 102.5 miles-5:15:00
Running- 25.3 miles-3:41:26
Strength- 30 min

Total Time: 11:16:26

Happy Training!

After 8.5 miles of running. Crazy?!

After the 5K!! Ha ha ha! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

IMLP Training Week #12

This week was a good solid week. I was proud to get all my training in despite a nasty Sore throat and a tickle in my throat to start the week.

I started to feel better by Wednesday and my speedwork session was showing how good I was feeling! 9x1 mins in 5-6min miles was fabulous!

The pool is still kicking my ass these past few weeks but I know it is only leading up to bigger and better numbers for me. Its hard to get in that pool more than 2 days a week so I am trying to make do with those 2 days.

My Bike mileage has been pretty solid. Continuing between 80-100 miles per week. Strength on the bike is getting better. I am able to recover quicker and less muscle fatigue coming off the bike into a brick run.

My running is still a vice. I am working on still improving the running without suffering injury along the way. I have had some niggles here and there and trying to work those out has proven to be a challenge. Not sure if I need to Get pronation shoes and suck it up and buy some inserts as my left foot is starting to roll in looking at some running footage of me over the last few days.

Love when I have solid weeks.

When I had some down moments, I reflected on why I wanted to do the Ironman again and again. I do it for my self determination, I do it because I am goal setting, I do it for the pure enjoyment, the anxiety relief, when all else is going crazy in my life, I can fall back onto the bike or run and feel centered and focused to tackle any obstacle in my way. I do it for my family. For them to see quitting is not an option. To fight for something you love, to give it your all.

I will not go down without a fight. I am willing to fight if it comes to that point. The fire is within me. I am ready.

Next week is a little of a down week, then Sunday a 5K race! Can't wait to see what I can accomplish!

Totals this week

Swim: 1:35:00- 5350 yds
Bike: 6:35:15- 137 miles
Run: 4:30:00- 30.6 miles
Strength- 30 min

Total 13:10:15

Happy Training!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

IMLP training Week #11

This week didn't go as planned. Last Sunday I had a long run and just felt like I couldn't snap out of it. My run was great, getting in 10.25 miles in in 90 minutes. But as a spun on the trainer after the workout I felt pretty much dead.

I shook it off and continued onto my Monday workout which consisted of Lifting, Swimming and of course a mini Spin session. Bike Base is huge in IM. Can you tell?! Surprisingly the Workouts went off without a hitch after much concern I wouldn't be able to match my goals for the day.

Tuesday I did have a fairly good Bike ride but My run felt off. Just couldn't get my legs to turnover the way they normally would but chugged out the 45 min that I needed to get done for the day. I thought maybe it was the strength training from the day before as it was a lot of Leg work.

By Wednesday I was feeling achy. I managed a great speed work session on the treadmill. Actually getting a 6:30 pace for the speed work!! I channeled my inner strength and drive and thought about Ironman and all the sacrifices and dedication I have been giving to training throughout the last year.
I made it through a hour session but after felt the deep ache return.

Mind you, I have been working as well, with people coming in left and right with Flu symptoms and a boat load of strep cases.

Thursday my swim was less than stellar. I was mad that I felt so winded after 500 yards. I contemplated getting out of the pool but then thought if this happened on race day, I wouldn't quit. So, I completed 45 min of swimming totalling 2500yds. Phew! I had a run planned for the night- 1:05 on the treadmill. I managed 45 before I called it quits. My whole body ached. I felt like I couldn't continue. I felt like a failure. But remembered that If I continued, I would be stressing my body even more. Some days you just have to give in to the fatigue setting in.

Friday, I woke up with a sore throat- Rest day, Traveling to PA for a Gymnastics meet in snowy weather. I was so glad for the day to recuperate and watch my daughter compete in her first Silver level meet. It was chaotic with a little 2 year old running a muck inside the gymnasium but we managed 4 hours of it! How tiring! That night as soon as we got to the hotel, I was done for the night. I took Ibuprofen and headed to bed. Fatigue kicking my ass at this point

Saturday- Super sore throat and flu like symptoms. Decided to just drive home instead of seeing some family we haven't seen in a while in PA. I kept hydrating thinking I was dehydrated, needed a break, Mentally fatigued from work, children, training. I had a big trainer ride and brick run to do- I decided against it due to me feeling like I was run over by a mac truck.

Today- THE BEST RUN- Heart rate was perfect! Wanted to run forever. Completed 11.50 miles in 1 hr and 40 min! I decided not to rush my feeling perfect at the moment.

I realized today, every month since I went off oral contraceptives, I have been feeling this way. It may be time to restart...Ain't nobody got time for a week of fatigue!!

Training numbers this week:
Swim- 1:50:00- 6,400 yds
Bike- 4:01:41- 80.8 miles
Run- 3:22:00-22.5 miles
Strength - 30 min total body

Total Time:9:43:41

Happy Training!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

IMLP Training Week #10

This week was a down week. I'm glad it was. With work inundating us with people with the flu, it wasn't going to be to long until I started presenting with symptoms. So, right on track After seeing multiple patients during the week, I started coming down with fatigue and body aches by Thursday.

I didn't take a rest day because My symptoms weren't that bad to warrant it. I kept trucking along to meet my goal times this week. By Saturday, my Long bike didn't seem so ominous. I got on feeling that I could bike 1:45 with a sore throat and chills. I am glad I stuck with it and finished the workout. Despite lower cadence and speed, I still finished the workout.

Today I was my perky self again and rocked a 10.25 mile long run in 1:30! I felt strong the whole way and felt I could maintain the 8:45 pace for another 1-2 hours without a problem. Progress!!

This week had its own stresses outside the triathlon world. My Mothers apartment complex caught on fire, We are looking for a new home and my daughter is preparing for her first gymnastics meet. Nothing happened to my mother, just a little smoke damage, thank you Lord. This is all On top of me working full time and taking care of the family at home. Phew! Busy, busy! I wouldn't change it for the world though!

I did have a few slip ups in nutrition this week. All I wanted to do was EAT! It was mostly healthy foods with some GF cookies thrown in there here and there but more that I usually Eat. Moving forward on that one!

I am gearing up for some good races next month. Once being the Couch Potato 5K and Lake Effect Half Marathon. My goal is to go 1:45-1:50 for the half and to break 22:00 for the 5K. We will see!!
Excited to have goals!

This weeks totals:

Swim:1:48:09- 6200yds
Bike: 4:25:00- 84.3 miles
Run; 2:55:00- 19.5miles
Strength:30 min
Cross training- Row 800m

Total: 9:43:09

Happy Training!!