Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coach time

I have been back and forth with the thought of being coached again through my second Ironman.

I have finally decided that If I want to be injury free and do my best, I need to have someone else decipher my data and tell me what I'm doing well and what I need focus on. With a busy home and work life, it takes that stress out of it for me.

I want someone that is going to fit my personality, my goals and know how busy my home life is. I need every moment to count while I am training. My daughter is extremely active in Gymnastics, making it to Worlds in Orlando this year, which I'm sure she will make it next year too. Every weekend we are driving up and down NY State for meets. Put on top of that a extremely active 19 month old, and my husband who is now dabbling into Cycling and Cyclocross.

Yikes!! I am nervous on how I am going to make this work..I will make this work!

I am very disciplined and will do what I need to do. I am one that doesn't like to take a day off, but I know how much that is needed. I do go stir crazy not exercising. I need to be doing something. I know this is a fault. Again, Why I am choosing a coach.

I also need someone that Is passionate about coaching and will give me the feedback I need. I don't need someone to hold my hand, but give me the push I need to succeed and beat my times from this year. Shaping my body and Mind at the same time.

With that being said. I am going to enjoy the journey with a coach. Details to come soon on who that shall be!!

Happy Training!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I did it again!!

I signed up for a Ironman!!! I was back and forth about this for a few weeks and decided I wanted to do another one.

Its right in my back yard and one of the most Iconic Ironman races of all time!! Of course! Why not?!!

ok I have 363 days until the big day!!!

Now will be the real blogging of my Journey to yet, another Ironman!!!

Happy Training!

Monday, July 28, 2014

So Behind- 2 race reports Combined!!

This past month has flown by and I am so behind on my blogging. I have done a few races since my last blog post. The Boilermaker 15 K in Utica, NY AND the Lake Delta Sprint-Intermediate race in Utica, NY. It was the place to be this month!

I wont bore you with all the nitty gritty's just the highlights of both:

Boilermaker 15K- July 13,2014-

It was hot and muggy. The air was pretty dense. I was glad to run in Florida while on vacation the week before as it prepared me for the weather.

The first 2-3 miles were insane trying to get past people. When there is a field of 12,000 people, the race is pretty congested the first few miles!

There was nothing but water at the aid stations. Really?!! It was hot! Electrolytes were definitely a must!

TIME: 1:18:07- 80/871 in AG 30-34, 483/5,658 females, 2174/11891 total!

Great day- Tried to put down under 75min but was happy with my time given the conditions and crowd.

Onto the Next race-

Delta Double- Sprint and Intermediate Triathlon Combined

What was I thinking?!! I was fortunate enough to get a free entry to this race as the other half was doing race support. Love that my man is a Certified Race Mechanic!! Makes my life (and bike riding) so much easier! :-)

In the Sprint Swim I got kicked in the head at the start. I was not happy that these girls didn't know how to hold their line and ended up hitting me. I tried to brush it off. My arms felt really heavy at the beginning of the swim but focused more on smooth swim strokes the best I could. I felt the swim was LONG. I was right by a quarter mile!  Swim- 18:43(2:30m/meter)

Getting back in transition and seeing my lonely bike on the rack and everyone else doing the double already out on the bike depressed me even more. T1- 1:01

I knew I had to make up time on the bike with my god awful swim. I tried to focus On smooth strong strokes, push the pace as much as I could tolerate and keep hydrating well knowing that I would be doing this all over again soon but for longer. Bike- 35:17(20.57mph ave

I pulled into transition with one of the other girls in the Double. I thought ok, not too bad. I know my running has improved greatly from the previous year so I just tried to hang on and make the cut-off time. (There was a cut-off time of 1:25:00 if you were doing both races) )T2- 0:51

I focused on form, my breathing and pushing the pace, and my nutrition. Getting as much as I could in before the next race was key for me.

My run was the best run I have had in a triathlon! I was proud of that run! Run- 22:54 (7:38 ave pace)

TIME:1:18:46 (2nd overall)

I had 10 minute left to get ready for the Intermediate. I had my friend JB help me literally YANK my wetsuit back on my sweating body!

In the water again. I was kicked in the leg and slapped in the head multiple times. I actually stopped swimming and looked at the girl and said some choice of words. Never have I been hit so much in a swim. I didn't think I was that bad of a swimmer and was trying to swim a straight line!

I started cramping in my thigh on the second lap but just tried to maintain focus on breathing and smooth swim strokes. Swim- 39:30 (2:24/100m)

Again my swim was terrible! See the trend here?! T1- 1:26

The bike was a *hit show. I kept playing cat and mouse with a few girls and it was starting to wear on my nerves. I think it was a toss up between my fatiguing legs and my swim getting the best of me. I tried to focus on spinning and just going with the flow but when you are competitive sometimes it just doesn't go down like that. Bike- 1:08:50 (20.92mph ave)- T2 1:19

I got off the bike feeling pretty good. I knew I had 3, 2 mile loops to do and I would be done. The first I had to pee so bad I just sat on the side of the road and peed. I couldn't think of anything else but that and I knew it would make me slower. I picked up the pace a little on the second loop, third loop started and I got a rock stuck in my shoe. Bent my leg to get it out and BAM a cramp in my hamstring!! I could hardly even walk!! I walked for a few minutes, took my gel and started to run again. A little slower than I would've liked but tried to stay focused on form and breathing through it. I rounded the corner and knew I was done. My honey was whistling at me but I know I gave him the look that I was dying as seen in my pics! Run- 55:35 (9:15 ave pace)

Time- 2:52:57- (3rd overall)

Overall it was a good day. I believe I placed for nationals next year which was my intent going into it!!

Thank you to my honey, my family and Bike Loft East who support my crazy triathlon life!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Syracuse 70.3 Race Recap

I know this is a few weeks late. After the race I was so focused on our trip to Orlando, Florida that this seemed to go on the back Burner.

I was fortunate enough to get a entry into the Sold Out race that happend June 22, 2014. I was notified 2 weeks before the race that I had a chance to do it and if I wanted the entry. I thought about it for a few days and pondered if I really had enough training to do a 70.3. I thought about it and realized I had been doing all the training just needed to put it all together. While I knew my swimming has been less than steller this year, I knew I could pull off a decent bike and run as I have been running well this year.

I decided to ride the course the week before the race and then give the ok to JC at Bike Loft East if I felt ok to do the race. I figured I will try for under 6 hours and if that didn't happen just go to complete it. After riding with a few of the greatest people, including the Race Director, in my home town, on a challenging course and doing pretty well with a run after, I knew I would be ok to race.

I arrived with my man in tow as he was helping with the bike mechanics of the athletes all weekend. What a job! sun up to sun down working on bikes. I just love that my man is a race mechanic and knows alot about bikes! How lucky am I?!!


I started a hour after the race started. I was just trying to picture a decent swim. I knew I would struggle a little but just tried to remember I could get through it. I did have some sighting issues on the way out. I felt like the buoys Kept drifting, but most likely it was me. when I had about 200 meters to go, My left leg was starting to cramp up. I focused on relaxing more and kicking a little to get the blood flowing.

Time:42:21 Ave pace 2:11/100m


I was a little down about my speed in the water but knew my strength is the bike, so Just tried to maintain a good effort on the bike without sacrificing too much. I passed a lot of people and it felt so good! I was on a road bike and passing people that had souped up tri bikes was a great feeling!!
I did 2 1/2 bottles of Cliff Electrolyte drink. I couldnt get my Gel to come out of my flask, so I decided to use the aide stations for GU. Used 3 gels, 2 salt tabs. I should've had a little more gel. Usually I do at least 4-5 in that given time frame.
I started to cramp up in the inner thighs at the end of the bike, but knew I had enough in me to complete the run.
The last 6 miles of the bike is a no pass zone. I got behind a girl that was only going 12-15mph...ugh! I was itching to get by her, but used this time to spin a little, get out of the saddle and stretch the cramped up legs a bit.

Time: 3:01:31 Ave speed : 18.51mph


This is where I started to break down a bit. This is a 2 loop run course with some steep climbs in it. The sun was starting to get hot and there was little to no shade on the run course. I started out with a good pace. Keeping about a 9 min mile. It all ended after the Gigantic hill that we had to go up....TWICE! The first loop was ok. I was really loving the crowd support and all the cheers I received along the way. It really helped out tremendously. I tried to focus on nutrition and keep moving forward. I took 16oz of Clif Electrolyte drink. 2 salt tabs, 3 gels and a banana in on the course. I felt depleted on the second loop. The down hills on the course as well as the uphills were starting to grab at my thighs. I grabbed sponges at the water stations to keep cool. I kept looking at my watch. I knew I could make my goal if I just kept moving forwards. the last 3-4 miles were tough, but Kept trucking along.

Time; 2:07:47 Average pace 9:45/mile

Time: 5:57:46- 29th in AG 30-34

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big surprise

I have been keeping a big secret over the last few weeks because I was very unsure if I was going to race.

I have decided after doing a race, few harder rides and running some bricks, I am ready for it....

Oh yes!! I went there!!

With the final days coming up before the race this weekend, I am focusing on good nutrition, hydration and race execution. I am doing this for fun. No pressure on me. I am grateful to my honey , my family and my friends who support me in my craziness!!

I also have to say thank you to

Especially JC at Bike Loft East Making it possible to race this weekend. 

My Honey has put the tubulars on the I am going to spin them around for a bit!!

Happy Training!! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Green Lakes Sprint Triathlon Recap

Its well over a week since the start of my triathlon racing. The blog has taken a back burner to this thing called life. I thought I would put down some thoughts in writing

I have been living pretty much paleo for the last 6 months. Seeing a significant drop in weight and an increase in fitness, I knew I had a fighting chance to stay with the upper pack at this race. I actually signed up for this race last minute and was glad it was still open for me to register!

I came to the race with significant training. I have been training long through the winter and now as the weather has warmed up, I have been managing to get some long bikes in. One thing I knew that was lacking was my overall swim time. I knew I could do the distance, but to get a respectable time, I wasn't so sure about. I felt I would just do what I thought I could and let the rest fall into place.

I have adjusted alot of race fueling to stay pretty much paleo, which has been a feet in itself to find anything that doesn't have soy or milk, or rice in it.

I came up with a plan to stick with Almond butter, Banana and Organic Applesauce pre-race. I also downed Fluid and then went with water.

I got to the venue well ahead of schedule. If I had known it was assigned racks, I wouldn't have been so early but it helped calm the race nerves, get to the bathroom a few times, and get a quick swim in before the race started.


I situated myself midpack in the front. I didn't know what I had in me, but figured I'd start out in front and try to grab onto someones feet and hang on. That strategy went out the window after the first 200m. I got around the first clustered buoy and had to weave through a few men and women doing the back stroke, side stroke and whatever else stroke. After I passed them, I was in the clear, but had a hard time sighting the last buoy at the end.
I managed approx 13 min swim for 800m. But with transition up about 500 yds from the Swim, I managed a 14:45 (ave 1:41/100m) 5th/15 in AG

My strongest of the events. I figured I would go out hard and try to hang on as it was a sprint. A few climbs around 9 and 10 mile mark were a little tough, but nothing that wasn't manageable. I just tried to keep a good cadence, keep my nutrition up and focus on the next part of the race.
Time: 35:27 (Ave 21.25MPH) 1/15 in AG

I got off the bike feeling strong. People were telling me I was 12th female. I was thinking OMG I didn't see these girls at all!! How the heck?! Ok, no worries, try your best to reel in a few. I took a little extra time in transition as I went by my rack! WHOOPS! I was feeling a little stiff and crampy off the bike. Took a gel and water at the first aid station, just kept on focusing on quick turnover and my breathing. Around the bend a man yelled at me that I was 11th female, I quickly started looking for #10. I caught her about mile 2.5 and held on until the end. Come to find out, I was 11th overall.
Time: 25:40 (8:17/mi) 2/15 in AG

Overall time: 1:15:52- 11th OA female, 3rd AG 30-34
Overall 79/344
Females 11/146

Happy Training!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mountain Goat Run Recap

This past Sunday, I ran one of Syracuse's most premier races, The Mountain Goat Run. This is a challenging 10 mile course through the streets of Syracuse.

The weather: 40 degrees with overcast, spotty rain showers likely. I was debating on what to wear all the way up to the start. The wind was a factor in making the 40 degree weather seem a little bit chillier. I decided to wear Under armour leggings, Light Long sleeve shirt and a Jacket over it just in case the rain started. I don't do well in the cold. Yet again, I don't do well in the heat either! Decided against wearing my hat and just hang onto the gloves. I had a feeling I would be hot with the hills but I was too cold waiting around to think about taking anything off at that time

2 Hours Before the race I did my usual pre race meal. I mixed it all in a protein shake and downed it. I was a little worried as to how my stomach was going to hold up as I had some issues with it on Saturday night. Being Gluten intolerant and eating a little wrap on accident called for a afternoon of nausea, dizziness and all the other Gastrointestinal upsets. After drinking the protein shake, I decided to chill and just hydrate with Fluid Replacement drink until I got to the race.

I decided I would be under 90 min so I didn't need too much to start with. I used a Hand held fluid bottle with FLUID hydration and had a gel just in case.

I headed down to the venue around 9:00 and found a great parking spot in one of the lots a block away. I stood there, envisioning a good race.  Leading up to this race, I have had some good times in the last few races and I was feeling confident in my training and I was ready to go Under 90 minutes.

I met up with friends, got into a few pictures, found my training partners and decided to pace with them and see how we would do.

The race was a late start 10:20. I decided to go for a quick warm up to warm up!! After about 10 min I knew I would be a little warm with what I had on but decided to keep it on anyways.

We decided to seat ourselves closer to the front. After announcements, Playing of the national anthem, we were off and running.

The increase in adrenaline was astounding for me! I decided to hold back and just make the first few miles comfortably. We were ticking off 8:20 pace and feeling great!

Mile 2 takes you up Stolp and around the water tower. It is here that I lost my training partners. I looked back and could not find them in the crowd. I decided to keep running in hopes that they would catch up. I was feeling good and took advantage of increasing my pace just a bit. .

Mile 4 Takes you up and around Onondaga park, I loved reading all the words of encouragement etched in chalk on the pavement. Some were pretty funny.

At mile 5 I was feeling pretty warm. The Gloves were off and I was ready to take the Jacket off. I couldn't get it past my Garmin and really didn't want to stop to adjust as I was doing so well with pacing. I decided to zip it down a bit and keep running with it on.

Mile 6 was Colvin st hill. I was feeling a little dead until I heard the awesome band playing the theme song from Rocky Halfway up the hill! Then a Y runner friend was at the top telling me I was looking great and to keep going! I was on cloud 9! I made it up with a sub 9 min mile!! woot!

Mile 7 is just long and it drags on. takes you up past Syracuse University campus. I liked the old course where it turned a bit but now its a false flat with a little incline to just get you out of breath a little more

Mile 8 Was back into Thorden Park with people cheering on a steep quick hill. Again, the writing plastered in chalk on the pavement was so encouraging and helped pushed me up the hill.

Mile 9 was all downhill. I tried to pick off as many runners as I could. Sub 8 min pacing!

Mile 10 I saw another running coach before the last turn onto Salina street. She said the best thing she could to me. "Run until you have nothing left!" And this is what I did!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my time!!

I knew I was pacing well but tried to focus on form and hydration most of the time.

My ending time was 1:23:48. Another PR in the books!!!!

Post race It started to sprinkle and I started to get cold fast with the wind. I quickly went through the refreshment line, Congratulated my running partners on their Phenominal Finish of 1:26, Chatted with a lot of running and tri friends. I ended up making a bee line to my car after about 30 min of shivering.

I am still on cloud 9 from the race. Hoping my next one is just as good!

Next up, Green Lakes Triathlon!! EEEEKKKK!!!