Monday, June 27, 2011

Tri-Oswego Race report

This Tri was an Inaugural Event. My first thought was how smooth was this race going to be run. To my Surprise it was run fairly well.

We got on the road around 6:45am and arrived to the Park at 7:30am. I quickly got my "Lego" Chip timer and Body marked. Tranisition was a mess. There were people with Huge duffel bags full of their gear hogging up valuable transition space. I was kinda in a tiff until a triathlete friend, BL, said we will make room for you! I was blessed and pleased that I had a spot. I quickly laid out my towel with the necessary items, Got by aero drink on the bike, lubed up for the wetsuit attire and out of transition I was.

I got my wetsuit on and took a warm up swim in the Lake, got a feel for the course and was ready to rock. The swim was in Lake Ontario but it was behind a Wall breaker so the chop and cold water wasnt there. It was about 72 degrees!! :) I was in the intermediate wave so we started about 8 min from the first swim wave (3 waves total) We were corralled in a little docking area. I got right up in front as I always think Im going to be in the lead. The gun went off and it was a washing machine with people hitting, crawling all over you, it wasn't enough space to widen out for a few minutes. I got badly tossed around and almost lost it. But, I kept my cool and settled in onto some guys ankles for the rest of the swim. I had some guy tickling my foot the whole time and about 200 meters from the finish I kicked hard to let him know I had had enough!!
Im the pink and black arm mid pic in the water

Swim time- 33:03 , 2:12/100meter pace

out of the swim and we had to run a good distance to transition. I couldn't get my wetsuit over my garmin or my "Lego". I decided because there was a slight incline I would clip in out of transition.

T1- 1:08

Coming into transition

Bike- The course was full of rolling hills and WIND! I love rolling hills. I kept with my nutrition and had a great Bike. I didnt like all the turns we had to make and some of the streets were not well paved but other than that it was a great course. Challenging for sure! 

Bike- 25 miles 1:19:10 19mi/hr ave speed
Leaving Transition
                Coming back (The Face!!)

T2- I took my feet out of my shoes before T2- had a hard time racking my bike due to people not putting their bikes back correctly! I missed my spot because someone had put their stuff on top of mine!

T2- 0:45

Run- The run was tough. at mile 2 there was a incline, then mile 4-5 was just a big incline that never ended. I had to stop to catch my breath and I almost started crying. I feel like my legs want to go but my lunga are saying "oh no you dont!!" I am a chest breather and really need to work on being a more of a belly breather. I rounded the corner at the end in a "pissy" mood because I let 4 girls pass me on the run. Its depressing to me.

Pissy face
Run time- 6.2 mi- 56:15 Ave pace 9:01/mi

Total time: 2:50:24 35th OA, 9th female OA, 3rd in AG 30-34

As we were walking away from the awards, the girl in 2nd for our AG said she was in the 35-39 AG according to USAT. Hey, that 2nd place medal was mine!! Oh well, I didn't complain as I was elated to be a AG winner with how I felt about this race.

Happy Training!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day before the Race Thoughts

Tomorrow I am Racing in the Tri-Oswego olympic Triathlon. It is an inaugural triathlon in Oswego, NY. I am super excited about getting in a longer distance race before Mussel Man 70.3 in July. I have a race plan and Im going to try and execute it.

I was looking at my first ever Olympic time at Lake Delta Triathlon last year. I did fairly well for my swim, bike and transitions but fell a little on the run. This year I want that run to be a solid run. I know this is a different race and I cannot predict how tomorrow will be but I have some thoughts in my head.

I will be trying to toe that line in every discipline tomorrow. That line between hard and almost vomiting. I think I can play with that line tomorrow. I know my swimming is better so even if I shave a few minutes off each discipline it will be a great day for me.

It looks like the weather is going to hold up tomorrow and I am excited about that. There are about 200 people doing the Sprint Triathlon and 80 people doing the Olympic. That puts me in a happier place right now. All I keep thinking about and visioning is a race that is executed to the "t" and I hope that will be tomorrow.

For more info on this race

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week in Review- 6/13/11- 6/19/11

I know this is late but hey, I was in Lake Placid all weekend and now Im just trying to get back into the swing of things!!

This week is a Recovery week ending with a Inaugural Olympic Distance race in Oswego, NY this coming Sunday. Im pumped and excited. The weather has been great and I just received a Email that the water is a good 70 degrees.

Last week was great. Monday I got to take my daughter to her Triathlon Training Series which she absolutely loves. Wednesday I got to train with a friend who is doing IM Florida. Thursday I got to swim with a bunch of people on a 1.5 mile swim in the lake. And of course Placid over the weekend. Doesn't get much better than that!!

My picture is now up on the website for my new job I will be starting in July!!! Im so excited to start! I will be working with a great group!

Today was the first day of summer and I got to spend it poolside with my little one! I am going to spend the next 30 days enjoying the time off because then its back to patient care for me!!!

Here are last weeks numbers:
Swim- 3.92 hours ; 12284 yds
Bike- 8.3 hours; 128.05 miles
Run- 3.41 hours;  20.37 miles

Total Time- 15:37:40

Happy Training!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake Placid Camp Weekend Review

There is some background to Lake Placid that makes it so special to me. Its where I ran my first half marathon and Full Marathon in 2006 and 2007. But most of all it was where my honey and I went on our first big trip together. In 2007 We stayed there a week and we had the best memories and good times in Lake Placid. We stayed at Northwoods Inn Back then right on Main street and woke up and went to the Coffee Bean Coffee shop right across the street every morning and sat on the balcony over looking Mirror Lake with all the Triathletes Swimming in the lake. So beautiful to see that at 7am!

4 Years ago I remember getting into my wetsuit there and freaking out about 100 yrds from shore and swimming back. A swimmer asked if we were doing Lake Placid Ironman- I said yeah 2020 to my honey! Now look, I was there and did a pretty decent job over the weekend! 9 years sooner!!! But Im not doing Lake Placid. Nor will I ever do Lake Placid. Here are the details of the weekend.......

He looks so Enthused!!! Ha ha!

Day 1- We got on the road a little before 9am. We wanted to be up there to Bike with the whole group. Its a 4 hour drive from our house so it would give us some time to eat and get there before the 3:30 bike. The previous day I had to get new tires because the ones I had on my Car were almost bald. As we were pulling out of Breakfast in Pulaski onto 81 to go to Watertown, my car starts rattling BIG time. I was scared thinking the worst. The tire was going to come flying off, the car was going to flip, etc, etc, etc. We pulled into a Midas in Watertown (Think Fort Drum Area) And the guy inspected the car, said I almost needed new brakes and that the Lug nuts on the right front tire had not been properly tightened. GREAT!! So they fixed our car up and we were on our way. Let me tell you from then on the scenery wasn't great. Nothing to look at. We went through 10 different radio stations. Started singing our own tunes,  you name it. Finally We arrive at 2:30pm. We get un packed, say hi to everyone, get dressed and out the door we go for a recovery ride. Although I felt we were flying for a recovery ride, my HR pretty much was ok for the ride. We took the first road out of Placid and onto the last few miles of the Run course, then back up to Main street on a Nice hill and back to the Hotel.

Our Little Room
The Hotel was a little ways from Main street but close enough that you could get there pretty quickly by foot or car. Our next trip would be down to Mirror Lake for a 30 min Swim. I felt pretty good in the water and the best part was I didn't have to sight too much because there were buoys out for a Kayak event every 15-20 yrds! I swam out 15 min and back 12 min. The current just took me back, so I meandered and waited for everyone else to come to shore.

Next was getting washed up and Milanos for dinner. The place was above Starbucks on Main Street. I didn't like that we couldn't all sit together. We are a team and I think It would have been better if we all could have sat together to get to know each other. I had a great Stuffed Chicken and Mashed potatoes while My honey feasted on a Stuffed Trout! They were both pretty good.

We ended up meeting up with Deb who is a fellow Train-this team mate. She is from Ottowa. She told me I had a Accent. Really?! Me?! To funny! Im a New Yorker I guess!! ha ha! We hung out for a bit played with her 2 dogs. They were staying in Wilmington because the Motel we were at wasn't dog friendly.

Onto Ben and Jerrys for some good 'ol Ice cream to end the night!! I had a Caramel fusion which was a waffle cone stuffed with Caramel and Loaded with Caramel Chocolate Ice cream. Hey, I went off the core for the weekend!!! You have to live a little!!! :)

Day 2- Up at the butt crack of dawn because the bed springs in the bed were HORRIBLE! Every time I rolled over I got springs to the ribs!! I was up at 5am, making my bottles, eating my Pre-race shake. Met up with Coach Mary and a few other athletes and talked about the day. This day was pretty much on your own. It was a day to practice fueling, race strategy, whatever you wanted to do. Some were doing the whole race course, others weren't. I was pretty bummed that we all didn't start together, but we all have different goals I guess.

We got onto the Bike Course after a hearty breakfast at a nice cafe right across from High Peaks Cyclery.

The Plan was to do both loops. My honey was going to see how he felt after 1 loop, but the plan was to do 2. Which would be about 100 miles because we were cutting off a climb in the middle as coach said I didn't have to do that part because I wasn't doing this course for my Ironman!! We started off on very rough roads with up hills and decents. The Decent into Keene was sooo scary as there were pot holes along the shoulder and cars doing abot 55-60mph to your left. Everyone said get out to the Yellow line but that was way too scary for me and I hugged the brakes more than once!! On the bumpy roads, my honey lost his water bottle and he was in a bad mood now. Great.

We eventually turned onto a beautiful road heading back to Lake Placid. We could really push the pace on this road a bit. We stopped and helped a fellow biker out that needed a tube, looked at all the beautiful scenery. Sorry no pics as I left the camera at the Motel!! No room!

Then another turn and it was all up hill to Lake Placid with the strong head wind. We stopped at a gas station so we could use the restroom and fuel up. At this point my honey called it quits. I was doing a fantastic job with fueling. I felt great. No muscle soreness yet and he wanted to quit. I made the decision to go back with him as I was terrified of doing the decent again on my own and wiping out, etc, etc, etc. Back to the motel we go and onto my transition run which I have to say felt AMAZING!!! I could've run for a good 26.2 miles!! HA HA! Proper fueling was the key here!

I fell asleep after this and woke up late for the 4 PM Swim. I didn't get down to the lake until about 4:45pm. Oh well, Ill try and see if anyone was down there. Stef (from my team) and April (her sister)  were heading into the water. I felt relief that someone would be out there I knew in the water with me. You never know what could happen!!

Beautiful Mirror Lake!!
The swim was uneventful. We were back at the motel and ready for dinner. I got a message from Coach Mary telling us we were meeting at Dancing Bear on the corner of Main Street when you get into town. I sat with Mary and got to know some of the people she trains with daily. I wish I lived closer to them!! Hearing all of their stories had me cracking up! Dinner was great! Then we ended up all together at Ben and Jerry's yet again! 

After this it was to the Motel for laughter and a few beers. I cant say what beers because someone might find out who drank them!! ;)
Matt, Coach Mary, and a guy with with the best eyes ever! (sorry didn't catch his name!!)

Day 3- Got up early, talked with the other athletes around coffee. At 7am, Ran 1 loop of the run course with Stef. We had a great time. It was a great scenic course. It was the exact same course I ran for the half and full marathon so it was very familiar to me. Again fueling was great but I could've probably used a little more Heed. I got back to the Motel, Iced my legs up, packed the car and headed for home after a stop at the cafe again for breakfast!! We saw Kim on the way up the hill hooting at us as we drove by!
 4 hours home, unpacked the car and off for a recovery bike on clean roads!!! Its so good to be back home!! I loved Lake Placid yet again but I love home even more!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

ItS Friday, Friday!!

Wow I haven't posted in a few days!! Its been a crazy mad house! Thinking about this weekend. My daughters activities. I think I lost my mind a few times.

I had a great week. I met up with a triathlete friend that I have known for the past 3 years. She has done IM Kentucky, IM Placid, IM Florida just to name a few. We did a ride together and it was nice to know we are about the same bike wise and we hung in together for a 2 hour ride in the sun.

One thing I didn't like was all the dogs chasing us on one of the country roads we went on!!! Isn't there leash laws out in the country too. One guy said "shes ok" to a dog that ran out and started chasing us. yeah buddy, you never know!!! A few German Shepards, Rotweillers, Pit Bulls to name a few were running at us. Good thing I had my sprint legs ready because I sure used them!

I did a tempo run on Wednesday instead of a Endurance run...Whoops! I think when you put on a training series and run with everyone you find yourself going faster. It felt good though so I ran with it. It was hot and muggy!! Phew!

I am off to Lake Placid in 3 hours!!! I am training with my COACH and TEAM!!! How can it get any better?!! Training, beers, laughter, friendships, memories. There all going to be made in Placid this weekend. I cannot wait!!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend and I will have lots to report on Monday!!!

Happy and Safe Training!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week in Review 6/6/11-6/12/11

This week was not a good week for me in terms of training. I couldn't muster up that mojo I needed. I think I needed a few days for me. And thats exactly what I did!

The week started off great. Got a few open water swims in, a few nice bike rides and some sweaty muggy runs!

I also Raced!! Woot!

I am starting to do much better nutrition wise on my bike and runs. I don't have any cramping like I used to so this is a really good sign for me. I try and measure my sweat loss after every bike and run and I write it in a note pad with date, time, and what the weather was like so that I can gauge when I need more or less on what days. Its very interesting to see how much I sweat on a muggy, hot day!! I sweat 3 pounds on one run and I took in 36 oz in a hour!! Yes, you can say I am a heavy sweater!!

Yesterday while out enjoying my run, I got halfway in and was so focused I didn't see the crack in the pavement and the huge asphalt rock sticking ot of it and twisted my Left ankle. It was so painful that I had to hobble home! I iced it and elevated it back to recovery as quickly as I could and today it doesn't seem as bad.

This week I am looking forward to.......PLACID CAMP!!! yay!!! I am going to Lake Placid to swim, bike and run with my coach and team! We are going to have a blast and I cannot wait! Im a little nervous about the 6 hour bike around Placid but Im not going to sweat the small stuff. Im looking at the overall picture here! Fun, friendship, training, sweating, sharing laughs and best of honey is going with me!!!!!!

Also I need to bring up the diet. I have been doing very well so I took a day off and went to a place called Limp Lizard last night for dinner. It is a BBQ place and let me tell you it was scrumptious! We got a sampler platter of Pulled pork, ribs, corn bread, coleslaw and beef brisket (??). It was delicious!! My honey said that was his new "hot" spot.

But I have lost 3.4 pounds in the last week!! I don't know why this week I had such a huge weight loss, maybe I did need a rest break!

Here are the numbers:
Swim 5259 yds- 1.77 hours
Bike- 50.58 miles- 3.06 hours
run- 15.36 miles- 2.54 hours
Race- 1:19:38
Strength- 1 hour

Total time 9:41:50

Eh, it happens.
This week on tap- 16:35 hours!!! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Green Lakes Triathlon Race Report

This was a spur of the moment race on my calendar as I won an Entry through Syracuse Bicycle. For that I was so Grateful! This is a LiveStrong Event beginning a whole racing weekend. Three different events were held. The Triathlon, 7.7 Mile run through the park (Trail run) and a 5K.

The YMCA of Greater Syracuse is one of the 10 YMCAs across America Selected to offer the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA physical activity and well being program that addresses the special wants, needs and interests of cancer survivors. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a result of a multi-year partnership between YMCA of the USA and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. All the proceeds of this triathlon went to this program. They had some great sponsors as well which was great to see people coming together for such a great cause.

Back to the Triathlon. I wasn't prepared so I started getting my things in order around 5 or 6pm the night before. Ate a great dinner and settled in bed with Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone to calm me down around 9pm. My daughter was reading it one day and brought it to gymnastics and I got interested in it as she was practicing!!

Woke up around 5:30AM. IT WaS RAINING!! All I kept thinking is I cannot back out now as I won a entry. So I packed my things up, looked at the weather channel which showed just clouds from 8-11am. Great! I ate my usual Race Day breakfast and was on my way to Green Lakes around 6:30am.

Got there and the guy at the booth had told me the course has changed. Now I've ben to 2 races spectating and 2 races racing and its always been the same!! I was thinking great!! Found a parking spot, thanked all the peeps at the Syracuse Bicycle tent for the entry and went to pick my packet up. I was body marked, given my race number and had my chip timer on in no time!

This year they actually put you in transition according to your number. In previous years its been first come first serve. I was right in the middle. I was ok with the spot. I was around some really great people. Some I knew, Some I got to know in that few minutes! It was nice telling our war stories about triathlons!

Got the wesuit on and headed about a tenth of a mile to the beach. I headed to the water and got in. It was about 70 degrees!! I was a little worried with the rainfall overnight that it would be cooler! I met up with my friend L, who was in my age group and won it last year. Said good luck and muttered 1,2 to each other as she entered the water. That meant 1st and 2nd place in AG!

Here we are!!
I was in the 3rd wave. The waves were about 3 min apart so I was about 6 min after the start. I got right in front and to the right as we were going to swim counter  clockwise and I didn't want to get caught up on the turn with everyone else. The gun went off, little did I know this wave was full of first timers and I definately knew it going to the first turn. I got slapped in the head by the same person about 10 times. Ok after about 2 its time to find your own space in the water buddy. Well by the 10th time, I got water in my Left goggle and needed to stop and get it out. I'd say only 10 sec was lost and I was back in the game. I started catching people from the last wave which is always a confidence booster.

Swim- 14:10 (2 years ago, same race this was 25 min!!)

We exited the water and went about a quarter mile or less to transition

T1- 1:08.

Now I kept my shoes on the bike and was going to do a Chrissie Wellington transition. The one foot got in smooth, took off and bam my other shoe got caught and I almost fell. I yelled I GOT THIS to a friend standing at the sideline who saw me do the exact same thing at a race last year!! ha ha! I finally got it and was off!

The bike was great. I knew where I could push the limit, but it usually is the back side of the course and we had a stronger than normal headwind. The last part is a steep hill then a fast descent which I love! Struggle a little then FLY!! I got out of my shoes on the bike a little too soon put kept pushing to that bike end.

Bike- 36:43 - 20K bike, ave pace 20.3 mph.

Again, I wanted a little higher speed, but am ok with this! I got bunched up right before the turn to the hill which I think cost me some time.

Jumped off the bike and into transition


Now I knew I needed to keep a good pace. I looked down at my watch and it said 54 min. I was right on target with my ideal race time. I felt great so I started to push the pace. I held onto a 7-8 min pace as long as I could. I knew a faster runner friend was going to catch me soon. Sure enough around mile 2 she yells keep that good pace and whizzed by me. I started slowing down and I cold feel it. Not that my legs couldn't take it but I felt like I couldn't get enough air in. I tried to keep a solid pace as long as I could. Only a few girls passed me and I passed about 3 or 4 myself.

I came out of the woods, saw the finish line and booked to the end.

Run- 26:50, 8:38min/mi pace.

Least Im still Smiling!!

I saw my friend L. She came in about 2 min before me. She had a solid race! She managed to squeak 2nd in our AG. Little did I know I would not be counted in AG as I was a corporate entry. oh well, I had a free entry, I am not complaining!!

Overall time 1:19:38
17/158 females
109/383 participants
6th in AG
4th Corporate (only female corporate!!)

I am so pleased! My nutrition was spot on. Looking back, I wish my run was faster and this is something I need to work on. My honey says I don't leave it all on the table in sprint races. I dont toe that red line. And he may be right.....

Happy Training

Saturday, June 11, 2011

And the Results are in!!!

Small Recap.....
Livestrong Green Lakes Sprint Triathlon, Fayetteville, NY

Finishing time: 1:19:38

17th Female /158
109/383 Total Participants
4th OA in Corporate Entry

I am proud of this race!!! More to come with pics!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Breakdown today then Great News!

This morning I just wasn't feeling up to doing any of my workouts. I had a 4 hour ride, 1 hour swim and 30 min recovery run to do. I sat on the couch and felt sorry for myself. I was crying, then sleeping. Who knows why. You know us women, sometimes we just have our moments!! today was the day. I had my gear all out, my route mapped and I said screw it. I don't want to do it and Im not!

I also didn't feel at all like eating. hmmmm, totally not like me at all!

Then, I got a text from one of my friends that said, Congrats, I'm hunting you down tomorrow" Something to that affect. I immediately text back and said, "What are you talking about?!" He called me and told me he heard about the Great news!! I had just won a Corporate Entry into The YMCA Livestrong Green Lakes Triathlon!! I immediately thought he was lying as he likes to play jokes on me...alot!! Then I realized, Its probably true!!

See There was an entry on Syracuse Bicycle's facebook page stating they had a complimentary Corporate entry into the Sold out race. The entry rules were you needed to give a reason why you thought you were the best candidate for the entry.

I poured it all out. In 2007 I did this race as a first timer triathlete. I merely went on rides with my honey, ran alot and swam open water at my friends lake front home a few times a week. I knew I had it in me. A few days before the race I was playing beach volleyball with friends and pulled my Hamstring. I still did the race. I got kicked in the face in the water, guzzeled a liter or so of water, on the last hill climb almost got clipped off my bike as someone stopped suddenly in front of me, and then hobbled the 5K run on my calf to come in 4th in my age group. 2009 I came back and disappointed myself again. So, for the last 2 years I have made some significant gains in the sport. I placed 3 times in my Age Group last year and took 11th place OA at Iron Girl Last year. I hired a coach this year to get me to that Full Irondistance race.

My entry WON!!!! I am so blessed and so grateful to be apart of this great TRI community in Central New York. Thank you so much SYRACUSE BICYCLE!!! Be prepared for all the hugs tomorrow!!!

Tomorrows plan is to get in front on the swim and just go with the flow, get into a nice pace on the bike and then try and hammer home on the run. If Im at 1:20-1:25 Ill be grateful!! (800m swim, 12.4mi bike, 3.1 mi run)

Now the question is what outfit to wear?? I think Ill be sporting either the CNY tri jersey or my new Pearl Izumi Elite Tri shirt that I adore!  Aero wheels for tomorrow?!!! I think so!!!

Good luck to everyone racing!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Record-breaking heat in Central New York

Record-breaking heat in Central New York: "Wednesday was officially the hottest day in Syracuse since 2002!"

I am a local Celebrity. Or at least I like to think I am! ha ha! It was very hot and Humid Yesterday but we still managed to have 90+ people show to our annual training session at Oneida Shores in Brewerton, NY!

What I love about this is that there are novices and advanced athletes getting into the water, sharing stories, coming together. Its just a great group of people and I love it.

As you can tell I also did a 2 hour Ride yesterday. As crazy as that seemed in 97 degree weather, it wasn't all that bad with proper nutrition. I did use a few salt tabs, 72 oz of fluid, hammer gel. It was all good! My honey was feeling the heat and started to get a headache. I looked down at his water bottles and he had about 24 oz gone in 2 hours! I told him he needed to drink more. He doesn't believe me. Im done arguing my point in this.

Today I had the opportunity to do a little mini tri at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY. This place is BEA-utiful!! I got to train with my honeys FlashPoint 808's too!! Those are deadly for me on a flat, non windy course!! Watch out! Ha ha! I was using them yesterday as well and Pushing 22-25 MPH with what I felt like a Sustainable effort! (If course on a flat course!) I have decided to use these at Iron Girl Syracuse as well as Delta Lake Olympic Tri. I doubt Ill try them For next weekends race as it is a hillier course out in Oswego, NY.

Im so excited to be a spectator this weekend at The Livestrong Green Lakes triathlon!! This is the race that sets off race season for me! As I didn't get into Green Lakes as it is officially closed for entry the first month and only open to YMCA members. I didn't feel like getting up at midnight to sign up to race. Now Im regretting it looking at how well I did on the course today.

As I was swimming at Green Lakes today as well, a little fish was being VERY territorial. I kept getting bit in the foot, even with swimming. I saw him/her when I was in the shallower water just waiting for us swimmers. I saw him even try to attack my hand as it entered the water! It was a little funny. I don't know why!

GooD luck to everyone this weekend and I will be there taking photos of everyone I know! I will also be at our clubs tent. So if you are doing the tri, stop by and say Hi!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am Spring Cleaning and Have a few things for sale

NEW 2010 Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit. This is a WL. It has no rips, tears, or any markings. I wore it once to try on and it was too big for me!! I bought it for $350. Asking $250 OBO. You can find Specs at

Also I am selling my 2008 Giant Aeryn. I used it mainly for 2 seasons. It is still in great condition with some upgrades.
Size- MEDIUM fits 5'7-5'11 female
frame- Alliance Compact Aero Road Design

fork fomula-One Aero Composite, w/ alloy steerer

handlebar -Vision base bar w/NEW carbon aero bars

seatpost -formula One Composite Aero

saddle- Vitesse Tri w/Ki:um rails

pedals N/A

derailleur- Front: Shimano 105 Rear: Shimano Ultegra

brakes- Shimano 105

shifters- Shimano Dura-Ace, bar end

cassette Shimano 105 12-25T, 10-speed

chain Shimano 105 - New Chain

cranks Race Face Cadence, 39/53

bb Race Face X Type, external

NEW rims

tires Michelin Pro Race3, 700x23

There is only some minor wear on the down tube where it was set on a rack.
Bought new for $1600. Asking $900.

Message me if Interested. Buyer will also pay shipping costs. Thanks!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Week In Review 5/30/11- 6/5/11

1 more week of training in the bag! It feels great to be adding up the miles and distances!!

Monday- I was sore from the Fly By Night. I mean the muscles in my lower legs were achy. I really thought I had some shin splints but gradually this went away before the end of the day using Icy hot and Ibuprofen. I was thinking why was I hurting so bad when last year I was perfectly fine after this race.

Tuesday I had a nice Hour Muggy run in 90 degree weather.

Wednesday I did my first open water swim!! It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Not like last year when I almost drown.. I freaked out so bad due to the swells. This year, smooth sailing.

Thursday- It was so freaking windy that I moved my long ride and did some recovery workouts. I love recovery workouts. Although I think its harder to maintain slowness!!

Friday- I had the most enjoyable 3+ hour bike ride full of hills for the first half, Out to Fairhaven and back. Was so nice. I did get chased by a few dogs that scared the crap out of me!!!

Saturday- I biked 1:20 and then ran a great 5K, then with the little one

Sunday- I ran 1:53 min. 13 min past what I was supposed to but felt great doing it!! I estimated my route wrong! Oh well, Got it in! I skipped out on my recovery ride to watch my little one do a mini duathlon for kids. This is where it gets good. She learned how to finally ride her bike without training wheels!!!!! It took us 10-15min of her balancing on the bike, not pedaling, then I had her push on a pedal and coast to balance, then I stood behind her, got her going and Let go!!! She did it! I almost cried! The little things that make me so happy to be a mom!!

Here are the Numbers:
Swim- 7, 119 Yds- 2 hours 45 min
Bike- 108.33 miles- 7 hours
Run- 28.28 miles- 4.35 hours
Strength- 1 hour

Total Time- 15:19:32

Happy training!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Paige's Butterfly Run Recap

I had been debating for the last month if I would do Paiges Butterfly Run or Swim in an open water swim race at Oneida Shores. Since I had my daughter this weekend, I thought we would do something fun together. I would run the 5K race and then together we would run the 3K race. She loved the idea so I signed us up!

This race was formed in 1999 dedicated to raising money for the battle against Pediatric Cancer and the funding of a scholarship in Paiges name for Baker High School in Baldwinsville. Paige was a 1st grade student when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was treated at Both University Hospital in Syracuse, Ny as well as The Childrens Hospital in Boston, MA. Paige passed away after a bone marrow transplant later that same year in 1994. Her Parents were approached in 1997 to organize the run in her name through Palmer Elementary school. For 10 years it was run around Palmer but in 2008 moved into Syracuse with the Taste of Syracuse Festival.

Run the race for a good cause, then taste some of the best food in Syracuse. 2 Pluses in my Book!

It was a gorgeous day for a run. Prior to running I took Herbie out for a 1:23 Bike ride as I had a brick scheduled. Got back to the house, threw the running gear on, Got the kids ready (honey included) and headed down to Syracuse. We got there 30 min before the start. I was feeling a little chilly but knew it would pass when I started running.

Took some pics with the little one and said hello to some friends and I was off! I was talking too much that I didn't realize I was starting mid pack. Eh, it didn't matter it would be net timed as well as gun timed which is always nice. Fairness is the game here. 

The first mile I took it easy. Met up with a CNY Tri friend and talked with him for about a half mile. 
 Mile 1- 8:56

I knew I talked too much and needed to pick the pace up a bit. Mile 2 I was weaving in and out of people. We then went along this tight path and I couldn't really pass people very well
Mile 2- 8:29

The last mile I was feeling good and just tried to hang onto the pace I was at. I was tired from 6 hours of biking in the last few days but I knew I was having a great solid run.
Mile 3- 8:24

Turned the Corner and saw the balloons, the finish line. I gunned it. My lungs were burning. I knew I could do it though
.17- 7:30

Overall time 26:59- According to my watch 8:33 pace, their watch 8:41 pace
468/1486 total finishers
30/115 in AG

I got a drink and waited about half hour and got set up to run again with my daughter. She got in the front and GUNNED it out of the start. She gunned it so hard I was chasing her down for a good .25 miles. I couldn't believe this! Then, She started slowing, slowing to the point she had to walk a few times. I kept giving her encouragement as well as my honey who was on his bike taking pics, so excited to see her race!! Its so great seeing him be so great to my daughter and loving everything she does. 
She finished 1.75 miles in 19:48 (11:20 min miles!!!) So proud!!! Shes going to be beating me soon enough!! Cant wait to see what she has in store!

Gunning to the Finish
We finished up with some samples of Chicken Riggies From Dominicks, a chicken Salad and of course the little one had to get Ice cream!! I tried to stay in the core the best I could!! Too much temptation but I didn't endulge in any sweets! Woot!

Happy Training!!  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Core Diet updates and May Numbers

Its June, SUNNY And HOT!!! Finally!!! My honey thinks its too hot, I think it is just right!! 90 degress, windy and sunny. I am not complaining with the nasty winter we had!!

The Core Diet is still going great. I have been having little tummy issues here and there but working them out gradually. I am down another 1.2 lbs from last week!!! Woot! Slowly Progressing to my goal!! This week Im bloated and irritable so I am staying away from the scale until next Monday. Sometimes I sneak one or 2 weigh ins a week but only for training purposes only this week!

May Zoomed by fast. I did 2 races, Mountain Goat 10 miler and Fly By night Duathlon. June Brings me one Olympic Triathlon then onto Musselman 70.3 in July!! Only 151 Days until Beach to Battle Ship!!! Its coming up FAST!!!

Here are Mays Numbers:

Swim- 48477 yrds- 10.33 hours- 18.85% of training
Bike- 192.34 miles- 18.92 hours- 33% of training
Run- 80 miles- 14.66 hours- 25% of training
Brick- 7.83 hours- 14.28% of Training
Strength- 3.5 hours- 6.38% of training

Total Time- 55.24 hours

Happy Training!!