Thursday, June 9, 2011

Record-breaking heat in Central New York

Record-breaking heat in Central New York: "Wednesday was officially the hottest day in Syracuse since 2002!"

I am a local Celebrity. Or at least I like to think I am! ha ha! It was very hot and Humid Yesterday but we still managed to have 90+ people show to our annual training session at Oneida Shores in Brewerton, NY!

What I love about this is that there are novices and advanced athletes getting into the water, sharing stories, coming together. Its just a great group of people and I love it.

As you can tell I also did a 2 hour Ride yesterday. As crazy as that seemed in 97 degree weather, it wasn't all that bad with proper nutrition. I did use a few salt tabs, 72 oz of fluid, hammer gel. It was all good! My honey was feeling the heat and started to get a headache. I looked down at his water bottles and he had about 24 oz gone in 2 hours! I told him he needed to drink more. He doesn't believe me. Im done arguing my point in this.

Today I had the opportunity to do a little mini tri at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY. This place is BEA-utiful!! I got to train with my honeys FlashPoint 808's too!! Those are deadly for me on a flat, non windy course!! Watch out! Ha ha! I was using them yesterday as well and Pushing 22-25 MPH with what I felt like a Sustainable effort! (If course on a flat course!) I have decided to use these at Iron Girl Syracuse as well as Delta Lake Olympic Tri. I doubt Ill try them For next weekends race as it is a hillier course out in Oswego, NY.

Im so excited to be a spectator this weekend at The Livestrong Green Lakes triathlon!! This is the race that sets off race season for me! As I didn't get into Green Lakes as it is officially closed for entry the first month and only open to YMCA members. I didn't feel like getting up at midnight to sign up to race. Now Im regretting it looking at how well I did on the course today.

As I was swimming at Green Lakes today as well, a little fish was being VERY territorial. I kept getting bit in the foot, even with swimming. I saw him/her when I was in the shallower water just waiting for us swimmers. I saw him even try to attack my hand as it entered the water! It was a little funny. I don't know why!

GooD luck to everyone this weekend and I will be there taking photos of everyone I know! I will also be at our clubs tent. So if you are doing the tri, stop by and say Hi!!!


  1. Attacked by a fish?

    Yeah, it was hot! Did you get any of those crazy thunderstorms? It dropped 25 degrees in a matter of minutes.

  2. Jon- I don't think We did get any of the storm! It looked ominous out there a few times though!

  3. OMG. That is my nightmare. A territorial fish biting you? Holy crap.

  4. Jon is scared of the lake monsters

    I am jealous you had the fun on race wheels, I really really want to test some out.