Monday, June 27, 2011

Tri-Oswego Race report

This Tri was an Inaugural Event. My first thought was how smooth was this race going to be run. To my Surprise it was run fairly well.

We got on the road around 6:45am and arrived to the Park at 7:30am. I quickly got my "Lego" Chip timer and Body marked. Tranisition was a mess. There were people with Huge duffel bags full of their gear hogging up valuable transition space. I was kinda in a tiff until a triathlete friend, BL, said we will make room for you! I was blessed and pleased that I had a spot. I quickly laid out my towel with the necessary items, Got by aero drink on the bike, lubed up for the wetsuit attire and out of transition I was.

I got my wetsuit on and took a warm up swim in the Lake, got a feel for the course and was ready to rock. The swim was in Lake Ontario but it was behind a Wall breaker so the chop and cold water wasnt there. It was about 72 degrees!! :) I was in the intermediate wave so we started about 8 min from the first swim wave (3 waves total) We were corralled in a little docking area. I got right up in front as I always think Im going to be in the lead. The gun went off and it was a washing machine with people hitting, crawling all over you, it wasn't enough space to widen out for a few minutes. I got badly tossed around and almost lost it. But, I kept my cool and settled in onto some guys ankles for the rest of the swim. I had some guy tickling my foot the whole time and about 200 meters from the finish I kicked hard to let him know I had had enough!!
Im the pink and black arm mid pic in the water

Swim time- 33:03 , 2:12/100meter pace

out of the swim and we had to run a good distance to transition. I couldn't get my wetsuit over my garmin or my "Lego". I decided because there was a slight incline I would clip in out of transition.

T1- 1:08

Coming into transition

Bike- The course was full of rolling hills and WIND! I love rolling hills. I kept with my nutrition and had a great Bike. I didnt like all the turns we had to make and some of the streets were not well paved but other than that it was a great course. Challenging for sure! 

Bike- 25 miles 1:19:10 19mi/hr ave speed
Leaving Transition
                Coming back (The Face!!)

T2- I took my feet out of my shoes before T2- had a hard time racking my bike due to people not putting their bikes back correctly! I missed my spot because someone had put their stuff on top of mine!

T2- 0:45

Run- The run was tough. at mile 2 there was a incline, then mile 4-5 was just a big incline that never ended. I had to stop to catch my breath and I almost started crying. I feel like my legs want to go but my lunga are saying "oh no you dont!!" I am a chest breather and really need to work on being a more of a belly breather. I rounded the corner at the end in a "pissy" mood because I let 4 girls pass me on the run. Its depressing to me.

Pissy face
Run time- 6.2 mi- 56:15 Ave pace 9:01/mi

Total time: 2:50:24 35th OA, 9th female OA, 3rd in AG 30-34

As we were walking away from the awards, the girl in 2nd for our AG said she was in the 35-39 AG according to USAT. Hey, that 2nd place medal was mine!! Oh well, I didn't complain as I was elated to be a AG winner with how I felt about this race.

Happy Training!


  1. WAY TO GO, LADY!!!! What a great performance!!!!

  2. You totally earned that 2nd place award... especially since the girl that took it didn't know how USAT works!

    Great job Kristin...I know you were frustrated, but you did awesome! Keep that head held high!

  3. GREAT JOB. You rocked that course and I remember how hilly Oswego can be so I'm sure it wasn't an easy course.

    Do you have a map of the course as I would love to see it and see if I can remember where it all took place.

  4. Jason- If you go to the map course is there. It took you from Brietbeck park to Lakeshore to 104 and back. Something like that!!

  5. Congrats on your 2nd place finish, you earned it, not the other girl

  6. OMG the memories of those places just came flooding back. That is awesome. Thanks for the link to the site. Man alive I remember that place and it was 17 years ago that I graduated from there.

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