Monday, June 13, 2011

Week in Review 6/6/11-6/12/11

This week was not a good week for me in terms of training. I couldn't muster up that mojo I needed. I think I needed a few days for me. And thats exactly what I did!

The week started off great. Got a few open water swims in, a few nice bike rides and some sweaty muggy runs!

I also Raced!! Woot!

I am starting to do much better nutrition wise on my bike and runs. I don't have any cramping like I used to so this is a really good sign for me. I try and measure my sweat loss after every bike and run and I write it in a note pad with date, time, and what the weather was like so that I can gauge when I need more or less on what days. Its very interesting to see how much I sweat on a muggy, hot day!! I sweat 3 pounds on one run and I took in 36 oz in a hour!! Yes, you can say I am a heavy sweater!!

Yesterday while out enjoying my run, I got halfway in and was so focused I didn't see the crack in the pavement and the huge asphalt rock sticking ot of it and twisted my Left ankle. It was so painful that I had to hobble home! I iced it and elevated it back to recovery as quickly as I could and today it doesn't seem as bad.

This week I am looking forward to.......PLACID CAMP!!! yay!!! I am going to Lake Placid to swim, bike and run with my coach and team! We are going to have a blast and I cannot wait! Im a little nervous about the 6 hour bike around Placid but Im not going to sweat the small stuff. Im looking at the overall picture here! Fun, friendship, training, sweating, sharing laughs and best of honey is going with me!!!!!!

Also I need to bring up the diet. I have been doing very well so I took a day off and went to a place called Limp Lizard last night for dinner. It is a BBQ place and let me tell you it was scrumptious! We got a sampler platter of Pulled pork, ribs, corn bread, coleslaw and beef brisket (??). It was delicious!! My honey said that was his new "hot" spot.

But I have lost 3.4 pounds in the last week!! I don't know why this week I had such a huge weight loss, maybe I did need a rest break!

Here are the numbers:
Swim 5259 yds- 1.77 hours
Bike- 50.58 miles- 3.06 hours
run- 15.36 miles- 2.54 hours
Race- 1:19:38
Strength- 1 hour

Total time 9:41:50

Eh, it happens.
This week on tap- 16:35 hours!!! :)


  1. Have a great time in Lake Placid!!!

  2. Great week of training! I hope you have a great time in Lake Placid!

  3. You still had a killer week. Your body needed that rest!

    Have a great time at the Placid camp... what a great experience! :)

    And yay for the weight loss! Sometimes I find that I lose when I got from super intense weeks to slower ones. Hum... I'll take it!