Friday, April 29, 2011

A Bittersweet Ending.

"I feel Extremely Lucky, extremely grateful and a little Bittersweet too"

Yesterday started like any other day. Got my daughter off to school and headed to work. I had a normal day, until 5PM came.

My office manager asked me to stop into my collaborating physicians office. At this time I was handed a paper that stated my services as a Nurse Practitioner weren't needed through the next 90 days of my employment. They handed me my vacation time paid, and explained to me that I would be paid my regular salary and benefits for the next 90 days.

What?! I. WAS. IN. SHOCK. I felt the walls closing in on me. I could feel my throat getting thicker, my eyes getting misty. I thought how could they do this to me? My patients? What are they going to tell them?

The office manager stated this was a business move on the offices part. If you have read before I am a Nurse Practitioner in a Family Practice office. I have accepted a job at a competing Family practice within a 30 (?) mile radius. I thoroughly looked at my contract for any of these clauses before I accepted the new position, which there was none so I assumed I was ok. The managements thought process is that I would take the patients that follow me to this new practice and they dont want to lose anymore than they already have.

See I started there 2 1/2  years ago and since that time 2 physicians have left and 2 have come on board. We lost patients, we gained patients. A Physicians assistant and I were the ones who kept the practice going through this whole transition so the patients got to know us well.

The office is not telling the patients anything. I cannot tell them where I have gone. I guess they will find out sooner or later. I feel bad about this aspect but in another it actually shows the company thinks Im really good and they are afraid the patients will follow me there.

So in the end, its bittersweet that I am leaving this office. On the other hand I have 3 MONTHS paid to me. I have time for training, for my daughter, for everything for 3 months!!! I am slowly getting over the heartbreak...

Until next time..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hello Sunshine! You've Made it to NY!

Today was just wonderful 80 degrees of sunshine and warmth. I had a half day at work and I was excited to get out on my bike. I know it was going to be a slow ride as I am on a recovery week but hey, I got to go outside and ride!! I put on my TRAIN THIS gear, pumped up the tires, put the helmet and shoes on and was ready to roll! My honey was off today too so he joined me.

Averaging about a 16mph speed, I actually kept in my HR Zone 1 (the higher end). I had a few mishaps where I felt the wind almost knock me and my bike over but I didn't care. I was enjoying the warmth and sunshine. My guy was actually more afraid than I was today on the downhills. I just went, he heald back due to the wind. I said screw It, I fall, I fall. I didn't care.

I got home and decided to go for my Recovery run in my Vibram Bikilas. I felt fast in them, but now my calves are paying for it as I did a 30min recovery run in them today.

I have been thinking long and hard about the Run this Sunday. I looked up my time from last year, wrote a range of times I would like to come in and have been keeping it close to me for the day. By the time Sunday comes its going to be a wad of paper and ink in my pocket!!

Dont mind the Enablex pad- LOL!!
The forecast is looking good for this weekend! The race will probably start in high 40s-low 50s with a high in the 60s for the day!! Woo hoo!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last week Recap.

Last week was a difficult training week. I started out the week feeling fatigued. Not really wanting to do my workouts. By the end of the week I was taking off half day at work and sleeping my afternoon away.

I had some really good training days and others not so good. I heald it together for as long as I could.

This past weekend I had a great treadmill run 10.2 miles in 1:30! I wanted to see if I could do it and its amazing what happens when you aren't focused on your Garmin the whole time! I went by how I felt and If I could push it even further. Its amazing what mind games you can play with yourself when it comes down to it

Easter Sunday my mom was gracious enough to watch the little one as the man and I went for a bike ride around Owasco Lake in Auburn NY. It started out the perfect ride, then the rain started, but it felt good. Nothing I couldn't handle. Then there was some steep hills. I never knew Moravia was so hilly! We went up this one road that looked like it was a wall. I got half way up it and couldn't push any further. I got off my bike, GOT off it! I haven't done that in 3 years!! I have always tried to make it up a hill. I mentally was drained. I told the man that I couldn't do it, I just didn't have it in me. He looks at me and says, lets switch back tires. I have some smaller gearing on mine. So fine we switched back tires, got through all the rest of the nasty hills no problem. I looked at him and said see, I need smaller gearing. Come to find out, I actually had harder gearing on his cassette than mine. See how the mind works here?? I gave up. I gave up knowing what gearing I had on my bike and not having a triple like I do on my road bike up the hills. I discussed with the man too that when I tell him to just go ride, I am not mad at him, but need my time to process what Im doing, dig deep and get myself under control. I want to ride with him but he needs to realize I need my space just a little when we are out on that road!!

Hence the Program I went to Last night. Mental skills training for the athlete by a great coach in the area. She went through it all, how we feel, how to get us thinking positive, feel confident, etc, etc. This is the 4th thing in a triathlon. It can make or break you. And sometimes it breaks me.

Lastly, THis week is rest week. I am concentrating really hard on eating healthy and visualizing my stellar performance this weekend at the Mountain Goat 10 Mile Run in Syracuse, NY. I have visualized every aspect of the run and have put into my mind what Im going to say when the road gets rough out there!

Last weeks Numbers:
Swim 7734 Yards -2.5 hours
Bike 7.12 hours. - 1 bike ride outside 37 miles
Run 19.13 miles- 2.92 hours
Strength- 1 hour

TOTAL TIME 13:33:23

Happy Training!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great News and other things too!!!

I am very excited that my Coach is partnering with her coach over at QT2 systems to offer us the Core Diet!  Im so excited to be able to work with my nutrition, have access to awesome nutrition webinars, race planning nutrition!! I think this above all else is a good investment. I can be a good athlete but I can be a better athlete with the right fueling and planning. So I took the offer and ran with it and will be starting with the Core diet principles this May!!

I read a note from Coach that another coach has been reading all her athletes blogs and writing her with emails on why she is making someone run an extra 5 miles, why someones bike isn't up to par. Let me tell you that is the worst you could do as a coach. I love my coach and I love the attention she gives to me. I may not be a all star triathlete but inch by inch I have made progress in both training and nutrition. I know what I need to do as an athlete to get to where I want to be. I think is is very unprofessional to beat up another Coach. Just my opinion. And if you are reading my blog write now, I dont care how you feel about my training. It is just right for the quality amount of time I can give to the sport.

Ok, enough about that. On another note..I actually ENJOYED my training run today. I was supposed to run the last training run of the Mountain Goat course but it has been swamp land here with the rain so that didn't happen.  I went to the gym and did 10.2 miles in 1:30!! This is minus the hills of course but I wanted to see if I could push it. Granted my heart rate was occasionally 160s but average 158! I think I could've pushed even more!

I snagged a Great Pair of 2XU compression socks from Fleet Feet Syracuse. They were half off and I had a $25 coupon! Figure that one out! Woo hoo!!

While I was there I snagged up a pair of Vibram Bikila's I struggled to get them on at first but I've put them on a few times now and they are perfect! I didn't get a pair in Pink as I wanted because my "boat" size 41 did not have this color available.                                                                                                                 

And last but not least I finally Got my Shipment of First Endurance! The delivery man was so nice to even put it in a garbage bag so it didn't get wet! Im eager to start using the products! I have opened the Ultragen and EFS drink mix to smell them and let me tell you they both smell so good! Tomorrow I will try the EFS grape flavor drink on my 3.5 hour bike ride. Im hoping I will be able to get outside!                                               

I was downloading Camera Pics and Came across these from a few weeks ago. I was watching my daughter run. I love her form! So carefree!

Thats all folks! Happy Training!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Updates into my week

Im sitting at Gynmastics ready to watch my daughter do her tumbles ,cart wheels and Back bends. I think my heart stops everytime she goes out to the floor but I know that she wants to do this. I would rather have seen her dance as she is a great dancer. Enough about what I want

Thanks for all the good luck charm you guys sent my way because I am happy to announce I was offered a Position in a very Big family Practice and am excited and eager to start. I will be starting there peak season in July! Ahhh! Deep breaths, I can handle this!

I have discovered that Paleo eating totally has definately put a toll on me physically. I need more carbs during a workout and felt it on my 10 miler last week, so I have added some carbs back..without gaining weight! My coach mad me very excited when she announced a possible Core Diet Merging with her coach for just a little extra on the coaching bill a month. Of course I had to talk this over with the man as he has been my support through this all. He said go for it. So cross my fingers that this will start soon!

Im a little nervous as how this weekend will go down as I have a 3:30 ride on tap for Sunday. Of course this is Easter and need to spend time with the family too and I don't know if I will be able to stand the trainer this long again. I think I started going batty and started talking to my bike last week.

I am patiently waiting for my shipment of First Endurance to come.....I bought it on Monday...How long can it take??? I am so eager to try the Cappucino recovery mix!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Report. An ending to a great week!

This week was another great week in the bag. I am 2 weeks out until my 10 mile race. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Coach thinks I can pull the run off at 8:30-8:40 if I am properly rested and Fueled. I have been running the coarse after a long training week and coming in in the low 9:00min/mile pace which is a big improvement from last year.

I have been having some mental blocks about this course and I talked with Coach about this tonight. She has told me I need to think why I am having these running blocks. Ill tell you a few reasons why:

1. I am faster than last year and want to prove these at the races
2. My legs are dead by mile 6 of the run because I am not on rested legs. I am going up the hill thinking my hammies hurt, my lungs hurt, people are passing me, WTF?! I get very down on the hills.
3. I am very competative, mostly with my own self.

Today I had an amazing run that boosted my spirits. I did end it short as I was caught in a windy rain storm. I did almost 4 miles in 32 min making my Ave 8:44min/mile. This was coming off a 3 hour trainer ride. I kept up with my nutrition the whole bike with drinking Hammer Perpetuem every 15min, Half a powerbar at 1:30.
I ALWAYS have better runs off the bike. Its insane!! I also have been paying much attention to my foot strike. Thinking of the Pose Method of running. Anyone think its a good method?? Its working for me. The concept is to get you more forward in running and thinking of a light foot, high cadence.

People talk about my bright colors while training. This week I wore my Lime Green Compression socks and my HOT pink Saucony Kinvaras. Last week, Hpt pink compression socks and Orange and Blue Brooks Racers. I like to be noticed. I like loud colors! Hey I had so many people know it was me! I even met the local weatherman and his wife this weekend in person and asked him to bring nice weather for the next 2 weeks!! Ha ha! I even had someone say I want to be your friend, you seem cool! Oh boy!

On last note, my last job interview (3 at the same place!!) really went well. Im crossing my fingers for that call this week to say I got the job! As long as the money is good I am so there! This place was wonderful! The people are just good people that work there.

Heres to another week in the bag:

Swim: 8694 yds- 2 hours 45 min
Bike: 6 hours 10 min- Trainer rides, Cycle classes.
Run: 21.17 miles- 4 hours 52 min
Strength- 1 hour
TOTAL TIME: 14:21:12

Happy Training!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shirt Etiquette, Running Etiquette

A man walked up to me at the gym last night. I was kind of freaked out but I let him talk. He pointed to my shirt and asked, "Did you do the Syracuse 70.3?" I felt like giving some answer like no my grandmother did and she gave me the shirt but I didn't. I said why yes, yes I did and I am proud to show it off with my shirt!

Then the questions are well what was your time. I cannot remember my full time. I said around 6 hours. This was my firt Half-Ironman. Wow was his answer.

While I was thinking about this last night, I thought about a few rules on wearing a race shirt. Just so people are aware of how I will react.

1. You NEVER wear it before race day
2. You NEVER wear it on race day as your shirt for the race.
3. Change into it if you want to after the race...Be proud that you just did the race
4. Wear it to the gym for bragging rights.

So there are my 4 rules. I do snicker at people that wear it at the race. Is this bad?? I think Im a little race snob!! OMG!

In other news....The Ironman Syracuse 70.3 is still OPEN for registration. Click HERE to see all the information. Climb some of the toughest hills in Central New York and then you can have bragging rights. This course is a toughy. Also, the race directors have changed the run course this year so now it starts and ends the same place, Jamesville Beach. I previewed the run course last weekend and it is sure to test your mental game!! I will be signing up and joining the crazies out there!! Also the tri jersey you can buy to show off this race was SWEET last year. I might buy one this year at the Expo.

Im off to Run the Mountain Goat Course again this morning. Last week there were 800+ people at this training run. We got a letter from the Head Honcho of the race saying if we dont improve our running ettiquette out on the course there will be no training runs next year. I hate how a certain dozen always ruin it for the others.
There are rules of the road you need to follow. I don't care how big the pack is. If these are training runs, you need to act like you were out running by yourself. These aren't closed to traffic! Race day, do what you want. Not now. So in closing, rules of running on the road

1. Listen to the beautiful birds sing, the wind in your hair, the cars, the people around you...Leave the IPOD home. When you wear them you tune out your surroundings and are only asking for trouble

2. Run AGAINST traffic- A bicycle is considered a vehicle, so it is subject to the same laws as cars and trucks. Cyclists ride with traffic. You are not a vehicle. You are a runner. You are also in a highly vulnerable position if you're running near cars, trucks, and bicycles. In order to avoid any injury, you need to see these vehicles.

3. Do not run alone- safety reasons, motivation

4. Do not wear jewelry- It attracts the wrong kinds of people to you. Do carry Identification if something happens to you so people can Identify you

5. Never run more than 2 abreast!

6. Stop at red lights and look for traffic. You are a lot smaller than a car!! Drivers have the right of way out there.

I bet I could come up with more but we will leave it at this!

I leave you with this beautiful song my Cycling instructor played the other day in his class...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Its Wednesday already?!!

I have been slacking on my posts! I have been quite busy with training and work. I have been looking into a job at a new family practice office. I don't know if this was a wise choice in that Im training for an Ironman-Distance race at the same time!! Oh boy!

Last week was a downer week for me. I don't know if it was the weather or my hormones. I just wasn't feeling up to training and felt sluggish all week.

I missed a few workouts due to the fact that my daughter was sick. She came home from school on Thursday and just crashed pretty much through the weekend.

I ran the Mountain Goat training Run on Saturday with my running partner, Doug. Who is way faster than me. He left me at mile 6 and said see you for coffee at the end. I was kind of glad but in a way not because he was really pushing me up to this point. I kind of slacked off the last 4 miles doing my own thing. I came in 1 min faster than the previous week. I have been really bummed about this course this year. It is very hilly and I cant get my mind to cooperate. I think it has mentally put me down. I feel like I cannot take control. I have stopped running once on the hills. I feel my legs aching and my lungs coming out of my chest. Previous years I've done fine. But, I am running it faster this year...hmmm.

Sunday I biked the 70.3 course. Boy do I have some work to do on my bike. Took the new tri bike out but didn't feel 100% comfortable on it. I do need to do some tweeking. The hills got me bad. I only averaged a 16mph ride. I was pushing 20-23 on the flats but couldn't put the power down on the hills. Now coach has me doing bike rides all this week. I hope it will help.

See the dilemma here. On a flat run course...great..Flat bike course...awesome. Add the hills and I suck. Very frustrating and I think this is getting to me bad. I feel like I should be faster given that Im starting out about 10 lbs slimmer than last year!!

I have been a little bad with the eating the last few days and have gained 2 pounds..geesh. no clean eating and I gain. Back to the grinder

In good news, Swimming is going Fantastically! Just bought myself some new goggles as mine were leaking. they make me look BAD *SS..Like Cat woman from batman! LOL! along with my kitty suit you better watch out!!!

Last week numbers looked something like this:

Swim: 9405 yds - 3 hours
Bike 3hours outside 48 miles- 2 hours inside
Run: 3.85 hours- 24.1 miles
Strength: 1 hour

TOTAL TIME- 12 hours 51 min

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Love of Shoes and other things

Its been a crazy week yet again. This week I am not into training. I don't know what it is. I have been focused, doing the workouts but just not feeling it at all. Im hoping this will pass.

I am admitting now that I am obsessed with shoes. Any kind of shoes too. I have a closet full of 3 shelves with all different kinds of shoes. Mostly clogs, slip ons, heels, boots. I am also now the owner of 6 pairs of running sneakers. These are the ones I use for running only. Not walking in. I have about 2 more I strictly walk in.

I recently Bought the Brooks St5 Racers. I know I said before that I hate Brooks shoes as they are too hard but the Racers are so light I love them. I ran 10 miles in them today and felt very springy in them. I usually get blisters on the inside of my feet with my running shoes. These didn't do this. Plus!

The only downside to these shoes, which may not be one, is that the heel feels like it is being pushed out due to its Support Build up at the arch. I am a neutral runner with my right foot but a pronator with my left so I feel it a little bit more. Maybe I can wear 2 different shoes? Ha!

My legs still feel fresh after 10 miles in these. Well not all the way fresh since it is all uphill. I just don't get why the Mountain Goat Run never gets easier for me. Maybe I need to work on my Mental Game now.

I also received my 2 grab bag Bathing Suits from
Th-meowTh-rdrgYep these are the 2 bathing suits I got. I love the Dragon One!! I feel fierce in it! And dont you just love the cat tail?!!!

Someone told me I was a salty sweater today. I know this. This is why I carry a gallon of fluids on me for every run! People pick on me but I know my body better than they do! I also need to get some S!Caps for electrolyte replacement in addition to my drinks.

As I am typing this my daughter is giving me the most amazing massage. Child Labor. Love it!!

Tomorrow is a 3 hour ride, 45min run, 1 hour ride. Yes, coach is trying to kill me.

Happy Training!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Madness is over. Spring forward to April!

Im so excited its April!! In exactly 28 days from now I will tackle my 10 miler. We ran the whole course Yesterday in a little over 9 min miles. I told myself the whole run that I wasn't racing it. I was taking it easy as it was my rest week. I just wanted to see all those hills again and remind myself I can do this course. I can tell you we counted the hills as we were doing them and there was around 11 hills. Im not talking little hills. there are about 4 I can name that are long or pretty steep. I never knew Syracuse was so hilly until you get out on this course. I have to admit there are some pretty areas of the race as well where you can see the Syracuse Skyline, the dome, all the good stuff.

Last month was a good month in training. I spent many long hours on the trainer going batty but I seemed to make it out alive and in one piece. I have been practicing alot with nutrition which has been going great. I don't feel as sore after workouts and am recovering quicker which is a plus in my book. I am going to try and ride outside this coming week. We will see how this goes.

One other note, I booked my Hotel for the Beach to Battleship race in October!! Im so nervous and so excited at the same time!

Here are the numbers for March:

Swim: 21,216 yards- 7.42 hours
Bike : 15.75 hours
Run: 86.58 miles- 14.10 hours
Strength: 3 hours

Total Time: 40.28 hours!!!

A friend of mine asked me about my nutrition. Ill post soon in regards to this

Happy Training! Be Safe!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Setting Goals, having a plan and reaching for it

As I sat down to Finally Delve into my LAVA magazine, I stumbled upon a great article. Well, a few actally. But this one stands out to me and I thought I'd Post.

The article starts out talking about a Amateur athlete, Meredith Kessler, who completed 17 Ironman races with respectable times in the 11 hour range. She did this over 7 years while working full time and maintaining a social calendar. (Dont ask me how she did this)

She was asked what she hoped to achieve in the sport and her answer was "to be good". The article went on to say this lacked a clearly defined vision or dream, something for her to latch onto and to use when her training got hard, fatigue set in, when things didn't seem to be going the right way.

Less than 3 years later she was Ironman Champion with a time of 9:13. They say it wasn't by accident it was by creating a concrete goal and developing a plan to reach it. She did this by training smarter. Not Longer.

Set your own goals with these 4 steps:

Establish your North Star- Your meaningful goal.It doesn't have to be a time goal. just a goal to serve as a constant reminder why you are putting in the hours of training. This will act as the stimulus on the days you are struggling. Believe me, I have used this already a few times. Be focused and remain Patient.

One of my goals this year is the Ironman. But I am also focusing on running smoother and acing my nutrition. 2 things that hinder my performance at times.

Assess your life and Training- Look back on how you have approached things up until now. You should look beyond sport and consider all the stressors including work, relationships, family , finances, etc. You need to have a plan that will work and also maintain a balance in every aspect of your life. Its going to take some sacrifice. I get up at 4-5AM to workout, I get in another workout at 8PM when my daugher goes to bed. I make it happen. Don't obsess though, you miss a workout you miss it. Move on. It will only drive you mental.

Create your plan- There are some components that are necessary for every training program; Progression and RECOVERY!!! Cycling should be a central focus as it is the longer of the 3 sports. It is impossible to improve in all 3 sports at the same time so focus on one at a time.

Follow your plan and maintain your training values- Follow it but be flexible at the same time and be willing to adjust when needed. The plan should be integrated into your life not piled on to stress you out.

So in ending, What is your long term plan?? Do you plan ahead and build your season with progression, recovery and consistency??

I love that my coach does this for me. I can call her, email, text whenever and tell her how Im feeling and we adjust accordingly. Don't be afraid to say you are fatigued. You know your body and what it can take.

Happy Training!!