Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Its Wednesday already?!!

I have been slacking on my posts! I have been quite busy with training and work. I have been looking into a job at a new family practice office. I don't know if this was a wise choice in that Im training for an Ironman-Distance race at the same time!! Oh boy!

Last week was a downer week for me. I don't know if it was the weather or my hormones. I just wasn't feeling up to training and felt sluggish all week.

I missed a few workouts due to the fact that my daughter was sick. She came home from school on Thursday and just crashed pretty much through the weekend.

I ran the Mountain Goat training Run on Saturday with my running partner, Doug. Who is way faster than me. He left me at mile 6 and said see you for coffee at the end. I was kind of glad but in a way not because he was really pushing me up to this point. I kind of slacked off the last 4 miles doing my own thing. I came in 1 min faster than the previous week. I have been really bummed about this course this year. It is very hilly and I cant get my mind to cooperate. I think it has mentally put me down. I feel like I cannot take control. I have stopped running once on the hills. I feel my legs aching and my lungs coming out of my chest. Previous years I've done fine. But, I am running it faster this year...hmmm.

Sunday I biked the 70.3 course. Boy do I have some work to do on my bike. Took the new tri bike out but didn't feel 100% comfortable on it. I do need to do some tweeking. The hills got me bad. I only averaged a 16mph ride. I was pushing 20-23 on the flats but couldn't put the power down on the hills. Now coach has me doing bike rides all this week. I hope it will help.

See the dilemma here. On a flat run course...great..Flat bike course...awesome. Add the hills and I suck. Very frustrating and I think this is getting to me bad. I feel like I should be faster given that Im starting out about 10 lbs slimmer than last year!!

I have been a little bad with the eating the last few days and have gained 2 pounds..geesh. no clean eating and I gain. Back to the grinder

In good news, Swimming is going Fantastically! Just bought myself some new goggles as mine were leaking. they make me look BAD *SS..Like Cat woman from batman! LOL! along with my kitty suit you better watch out!!!

Last week numbers looked something like this:

Swim: 9405 yds - 3 hours
Bike 3hours outside 48 miles- 2 hours inside
Run: 3.85 hours- 24.1 miles
Strength: 1 hour

TOTAL TIME- 12 hours 51 min


  1. Great job on the training and especially the swiming. I would love to have your avg speed on the bike. I have worked my way up to 13mph and I thought I was a god. But I guess I do live in the mountains does that count?

    Anyway, I hope your daughter is feeling better. Have a great week!

  2. Awesome job! When I was training for my longer bike rides in this area anything past 20 miles will include hills, which I hated! I felt that I was horrible but then after a while of doing this I went and found a flat course and what a difference it made! Don't give up on those hills!