Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great News and other things too!!!

I am very excited that my Coach is partnering with her coach over at QT2 systems to offer us the Core Diet!  Im so excited to be able to work with my nutrition, have access to awesome nutrition webinars, race planning nutrition!! I think this above all else is a good investment. I can be a good athlete but I can be a better athlete with the right fueling and planning. So I took the offer and ran with it and will be starting with the Core diet principles this May!!

I read a note from Coach that another coach has been reading all her athletes blogs and writing her with emails on why she is making someone run an extra 5 miles, why someones bike isn't up to par. Let me tell you that is the worst you could do as a coach. I love my coach and I love the attention she gives to me. I may not be a all star triathlete but inch by inch I have made progress in both training and nutrition. I know what I need to do as an athlete to get to where I want to be. I think is is very unprofessional to beat up another Coach. Just my opinion. And if you are reading my blog write now, I dont care how you feel about my training. It is just right for the quality amount of time I can give to the sport.

Ok, enough about that. On another note..I actually ENJOYED my training run today. I was supposed to run the last training run of the Mountain Goat course but it has been swamp land here with the rain so that didn't happen.  I went to the gym and did 10.2 miles in 1:30!! This is minus the hills of course but I wanted to see if I could push it. Granted my heart rate was occasionally 160s but average 158! I think I could've pushed even more!

I snagged a Great Pair of 2XU compression socks from Fleet Feet Syracuse. They were half off and I had a $25 coupon! Figure that one out! Woo hoo!!

While I was there I snagged up a pair of Vibram Bikila's I struggled to get them on at first but I've put them on a few times now and they are perfect! I didn't get a pair in Pink as I wanted because my "boat" size 41 did not have this color available.                                                                                                                 

And last but not least I finally Got my Shipment of First Endurance! The delivery man was so nice to even put it in a garbage bag so it didn't get wet! Im eager to start using the products! I have opened the Ultragen and EFS drink mix to smell them and let me tell you they both smell so good! Tomorrow I will try the EFS grape flavor drink on my 3.5 hour bike ride. Im hoping I will be able to get outside!                                               

I was downloading Camera Pics and Came across these from a few weeks ago. I was watching my daughter run. I love her form! So carefree!

Thats all folks! Happy Training!


  1. Yay for good stuff in the mail!!
    I love those tights. I have a pair and really like them for my long runs!

  2. I'd love to know more about the Core Diets! :)

    And yay for the new stuff! Anxious to hear how you life the First Endurance! I love love love the Ultragen for my post race recovery and I use the Grape EFS drink and it's yummy! A little salty tasting at first, but it's good!

  3. Nice grab with both the socks AND VFF Bikilas. I'd be interested to know what you think of the Bikilas! I want a pair myself, but haven't been able to justify the purchase just yet.

  4. Enjoy the Bikilas, I LOVE mine more and more every day. Haven't tried compression socks yet, but I might have to get me a pair someday soon...