Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shirt Etiquette, Running Etiquette

A man walked up to me at the gym last night. I was kind of freaked out but I let him talk. He pointed to my shirt and asked, "Did you do the Syracuse 70.3?" I felt like giving some answer like no my grandmother did and she gave me the shirt but I didn't. I said why yes, yes I did and I am proud to show it off with my shirt!

Then the questions are well what was your time. I cannot remember my full time. I said around 6 hours. This was my firt Half-Ironman. Wow was his answer.

While I was thinking about this last night, I thought about a few rules on wearing a race shirt. Just so people are aware of how I will react.

1. You NEVER wear it before race day
2. You NEVER wear it on race day as your shirt for the race.
3. Change into it if you want to after the race...Be proud that you just did the race
4. Wear it to the gym for bragging rights.

So there are my 4 rules. I do snicker at people that wear it at the race. Is this bad?? I think Im a little race snob!! OMG!

In other news....The Ironman Syracuse 70.3 is still OPEN for registration. Click HERE to see all the information. Climb some of the toughest hills in Central New York and then you can have bragging rights. This course is a toughy. Also, the race directors have changed the run course this year so now it starts and ends the same place, Jamesville Beach. I previewed the run course last weekend and it is sure to test your mental game!! I will be signing up and joining the crazies out there!! Also the tri jersey you can buy to show off this race was SWEET last year. I might buy one this year at the Expo.

Im off to Run the Mountain Goat Course again this morning. Last week there were 800+ people at this training run. We got a letter from the Head Honcho of the race saying if we dont improve our running ettiquette out on the course there will be no training runs next year. I hate how a certain dozen always ruin it for the others.
There are rules of the road you need to follow. I don't care how big the pack is. If these are training runs, you need to act like you were out running by yourself. These aren't closed to traffic! Race day, do what you want. Not now. So in closing, rules of running on the road

1. Listen to the beautiful birds sing, the wind in your hair, the cars, the people around you...Leave the IPOD home. When you wear them you tune out your surroundings and are only asking for trouble

2. Run AGAINST traffic- A bicycle is considered a vehicle, so it is subject to the same laws as cars and trucks. Cyclists ride with traffic. You are not a vehicle. You are a runner. You are also in a highly vulnerable position if you're running near cars, trucks, and bicycles. In order to avoid any injury, you need to see these vehicles.

3. Do not run alone- safety reasons, motivation

4. Do not wear jewelry- It attracts the wrong kinds of people to you. Do carry Identification if something happens to you so people can Identify you

5. Never run more than 2 abreast!

6. Stop at red lights and look for traffic. You are a lot smaller than a car!! Drivers have the right of way out there.

I bet I could come up with more but we will leave it at this!

I leave you with this beautiful song my Cycling instructor played the other day in his class...


  1. I completely agree with your shirt rules.

    I too laugh at all the people that wear the race t-shirt the day of the race. Did they really have nothing else to wear? In my opinion you haven't earned to wear it until yo've raced it!

  2. The shirt rules are so true. And why does everyone have to ask what your time is when you said you did it. Ugh, I just want to answer with "great".

    :( about the people who don't follow etiquette. We've seen the result of it here biking... I think people don't trust the bikers anymore because a bunch don't follow the rules of the road and it's a bad thing...

  3. Those 4 race shirt rules are right on. When I was a personal trainer (in my previous life), I trained quite a few people for their first half and full mary's and I always told then, NEVER, EVER wear that race shirt until after. And if you don't finish the race, you can never wear it and I meant it too.
    800+ people just doing the training run for the mtn goat run? That's insane! Wow.

  4. Those shirt rules are spot on. I have a dilemma though: a cycling race that I'm considering is requiring participants to wear a jersey they provide during the race to help identify those who paid vs. bandits. I hope they give out a shirt too so I can follow the rules with the shirt.

  5. I snicker at those that wear race shirts on race day. Except when they pass me. Then I get pissed at myself :-P great post!