Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kiwanis Turkey Trot 5K Review

Few days late but still note worthy! Quick recap....

Thanksgiving morning I was off to the race at 8:30 as this was a late start at 9:15Am. It was snowing and teen degree temps!! What was I thinking?!

Slipped and almost fell prior to the race, but caught myself on the car that was parked next to me. Actually had a big THUD. People were in the car laughing at me! Well, Karma....but, It was kind of funny!

Met some of the Lake Effect Run crew that I love so much! They are like family! You don't see them for a while but they still great you with a warm smile and a hug every time you see them!!

Lined up according to my predicted pace which was 8-9min miles. Well, the gun went off, it took me almost 2 min to get to the start line. There were people walking, WALKING, in front of me!! (Note to self: line up closer to the front.) It took me almost 3 min to get past all the slower runners, that my first mile was 10 min. WTH! I had so much time to make up.

They changed the course last year, didn't realize it. It was now hillier. Every turn you made, there was a hill!!! No lie!

I wore trail shoes, thinking the slush and slip would be better. Never again for a race. My feet fell like lead! They lighter the better for me!

I made it to the end, and saw my time. For sure this was not a PR day. I was a little ticked, but got over it quickly.

Got in my car, went home, And enjoyed a Whole 30 Thanksgiving meal!!

Time: 28:23. 25/122 in AG 30-34

On a side note, I completed my first Whole 30!!! Didn't even cheat ONCE!! I am a strong woman!
I stepped on the scale today. I am 17 pounds lighter than when I started! What a difference in my mood, my well being. I feel so amazing right now. Its not about the weight I lost. Its about finding a healthier way to eat. A blueprint so to speak. Those of you who want to do it but have failed, my advice to you is to think real hard why you want to do this "diet". Think about that every time you want to pick up some processed, sugary foods. If you think of why you want to start, you wont stray. Trust in yourself.

Last week in numbers:

Swim- Still NONE. Cant wait for that pool to open!! December 9th I will get back to the pool I swear!!

Bike- Making it an effort to get on 3 days per week for 45-60min at a time

Run- Big run focus as 2 half marathons are on the horizon- 28 miles this week!!!

Strength- 30 min

Happy Training!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Whole 30...Almost complete!

I have been doing the Whole 30 Diet for the last 24 days. I got inspired to do this after my old coach Mary Eggers started doing this and feeling really good on it. I figured, what do I have to lose?

I got the book It Starts with Food and read it. Started to cut out all the junk that first day of reading the book! Now, I'm 24 days in and I'm hooked!! I never feel deprived or hungry. The only thing I have craved for the last few days is a piece of Chocolate. Only because my man decided to bring it into the house!

A few things I have come to the conclusion so far on this diet is...

1. You have to really like eggs

2. You have to really like onions. And for me, I do, but I hate chopping them and smelling them before they cook! I get really nauseated!

3. You have to chop a lot! And frankly, I'm not that good at chopping and have almost cut my finger a few times!!

4. Coconut oil is my new staple

5. I'm so glad I can eat sweet potatoes more often!

6. Coconut milk took some time getting used to

7. My new craving has been kale chips and coconut chips

8. I am ok with Black Coffee

9. I am in love with recipes! and nomnompaleo!! and a few others of course!

10. I love Larabars!! They are all natural and yummy!

11. I am pretty regular now. I Know, TMI, TMI!!!

ok, So back to the training.

Swim- Um, yeah..what is that. This month had been a big FAT zero!! The pool has been closed and it isn't working with my schedule at the moment. I have been doing some land drills, but we will see how that turns up poolside. The pool is closed because of repairs until December 9th!!! OMGEEE!!

Bike- I have been doing a killer spin class on Friday mornings! It really is awesome! Now they have new spin bikes at my local Y with cadence and watts!! Its a competitive thing when Im in the class to see the other persons info on the screen!! Makes me go faster!! It helps that most of the class is triathletes too of course!! I also try to get 1-2 bikes in by myself at home when I can.

Run- Big Run focus right now. I have been consistently running 5-6 days per week. With longer runs on the weekend. Total mileage has been between 25-30miles per week. Getting ready for some 1/2 Marathons!!

Strength- This week I figured it was time to add some strength at least 1-2 times per week. I added some Legs and Abs this week and am still feeling it!! Ahh!!

Happy Training!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Training with a busy life

I cant believe its been 2 months since my last post! There is a lot happening in this household and unfortunately this was put on the back burner. Hoping to blog a little bit more now that My 10 1/2 month old son is finally in a schedule that fits our family well. I have been keeping up with my running. I have been involved in our local Y running group which keeps me on track with my runs. I have slowly made it back to 90min of running on the weekend! My base runs have been anywhere from 30-60min at least 4 times weekly. I have ran a few races last month and felt pretty strong throughout the runs. Run for Their Life 15k- 1:32:54, 21/47 in AG 30-39 Empire State Marathon Relay- 3:46, 4th overall female team!! Eastwood Park to park 5 mile run- 45:34 (9:05ave pace) 21/60 in AG 30-39 Biking has been going well. I have been getting on the bike for at least an hour 2-3 times a week. This is all I can afford to do at this time with the baby. I am not training for anything at this point, just trying to keep my fitness up for the spring when racing here in good ole Central New York will begin again!! I wanted to try cyclocross racing this year, but chickened out and didn't. I'm hoping to try to dabble into it more next fall. Swimming has been less than stellar with running races on Sundays and with the pool closing at the Y for roof repairs. I don't think I have swam but half a dozen times in the last month!! YIKES!! Also, I am on Day 10 of the Whole 30 program and feeling great!! I have lost a total of 10 lbs in the last 10 days. I don't feel deprived or hungry during the day. The funny thing is, I am starting to crave fruits and vegetables!! I will try and keep up on my posting and post at least once per week!! Happy training!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Im still hanging on

I have been really negligent in writing on the blog lately. With a 8 1/2 month old constantly at my feet, keeping me very busy, there isn't much room for other little things that I used to enjoy. Its getting better each day, but of course now the real teething begins and we are back at square one. I never thought having another child 9 years after my first would be such a life changing event for our family! what a 360 degree turn we made! My son is so opposite of my daughter. Much more needy, Into everything, sleepless nights, cannot look away type of guy!! I hope this gets better! In the world of Exercise, its been get the shit done and get back to the kids. I have been trying to get up early but frankly don't have enough gas in the tank to get my ass up! Between work, Taking care of a infant, taking my daughter to Gymnastics 3 days a week, and everyday life, it gets pretty exhausting. I raced a few races last month but didn't feel that they were my best performances, but you get what you but into them. I raced Cazenovia Intermedite Triathlon and came in 3rd in my age group after a miserable run I can be proud of my cycling race 2 weekends later- TOur De Loop 30 mile race in Oswego where I took home 1st in my AG, just 30sec shy of 3rd Overall!! Next up is Caz Hill Bender tomorrow which frankly I feel like I have not put in the cycling mileage or hill work to have a good race but we will see what happens tomorrow. 39 miles of torture is great right?!! RIGHT!! I have been doing well on my running which is a plus. It really is the only thing that I can do with my son, so the mileage is there. Next month is a running month with 3 running races on tap, Run for your Life 15k, Relay Empire State Marathon and Eastwood Park to Park run. Im super excited to race these races. That reminds me, I need a new pair of running shoes.. Swimming- Yep it happens maybe once or twice per week. I try and focus on good form and let the other stuff fall into place. Well, its back to watching the little one as I can already tell he is into stuff that he shouldn't be.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Better Late than never kind of report- Gillie Girl Race Report

I haven't been logging all these swimming, biking and running miles for nothing!! July 21st I participated in the 2nd Annual Gillie Girl Sprint triathlon race in Camillus, NY. The race was designed for a first timer race as well as to challenge a seasoned athlete. Right now, Im calling myself the come-back racer. This was my first Triathlon race postpartum, 7 months after the birth of my amazing little man. I came into this race with a few goals, Come in around 1:30, place in my age group, and give it all on the bike (as this is what my honey wanted me to do). After all it was a puke it or nothing kind of race as Sprints are balls to the wall the whole time, right?!! The night before, I settled my transition back, ate healthy at all meals and settled in early. Not only did I deal with a son that didn't want to sleep, but my stomach was upset all night as well. I was not happy that my race may not turn out with the goals I mentioned above. I wanted to get to the race fairly early, but I think everyone had the same Idea. I did however find a nice racking spot closest to the bike out as it was a long bike out without shoes on. I decided I was going to keep my shoes on the bike and hop on after the mount line. More about my ever so graceful mounting in a bit. I met some fellow racers and chatted about future racing, plans for the future, etc. (I even made a pact to maybe race 2015 Lake Placid, which may come true) I did my pre race meal I always do from the time I started training with my former coach, Mary Eggers. Man do I miss being coached. I cannot think for myself, or plan a freaking workout to save my life working full time and taking care of 2 children, a hubby and a house!! Anyways, back to the race.
I decided since the swim was so short and the weather was rather hot leading up to the race that I would go sans wetsuit. Im so glad I did because I was hot right after the turn around! This course was a 2 loop Lake swim in a really tiny lake. The second loop was less than desired as I was weaving in and out of people from different waves trying to make their way through the swim. I felt like I pushed hard and felt good about my swim The transition was about 200-300 yards away from the lake.
When I got to my bike, I Grabbed my helmet, got my bike and ran down about a 100yards out of transition to the mount line. While at the mount line, I had a hard time getting into my shoes and lost a little time on the bike. The first 1/2 mile is all down hill and could've made some serious time here if I wasn't fidgeting with my shoes and my Garmin!! (For future reference, never put transitions into the freaking mode. I totally messed the whole thing up and didnt get my splits right!) I felt like I gave it my all on the bike course, I was well above 20mph. But it didn't reflect it on the bike time due to my need to leave my shoes on the bike and jump off my bike. Maybe a flatter course would've been better to try this on!!

The transition was uneventful. I think I was out in less than a minute

The run was a fairly challenging run with one bigger climb back to the lake. I admit, I had to stop for a second to catch my breath on the hill but it was short lived as my determination to not be defeated took over. Granted I still have about 15 pounds to lose to be at pre baby weight and be faster like I was a few years ago.

I like that a lady at the top of the hill introduced herself and said she was feeling tired. Yep, I coached her into just breathing, relaxing, telling her she is doing great and what did she do right at the end?! Took off on me!! ha ha! At the end she asked me if I was a coach and that I should be because I gave her so much encouragement. Nice to hear!!

At the end, I was 22nd overall, 3rd in AG 30-34!!!! I am so proud of this! All the hard work and determination is paying off!

Next up, Cazenovia Intermediate triathlon August 11th!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life is Good!!!

I cant believe its been 2 months since my last post!!

It s hard sitting here trying to blog while your son is sitting on your lap playing musical instrument with the keys. So, I must say I have to do it when he naps and in between my training sessions!

Now that he is almost 6 months, its getting a little bit easier to get back into the routine somewhat. Now its trying to juggle 2 kids, a job and a husband and fitting all the exercise in without losing my sanity.

In the last few months, I have tackled the Moutain Goat Run in 1:45:08 (10:31 pace). This was the first "true" race post baby and I think I did pretty well 5 months after having him!

I have ridden a few hundred miles on my bike and did the 40 mile Tour De Cure ride for Diabetes. That was a blast as I managed to get my hubby out for the day to ride it with me. Our dates now seem to revolve around working out, but this is fine with me!

 Paiges Butterfly 5K run at the beginning of the month showed me how far I've come in the last 6 months! I had a 28:26 (9:09 min per mile). My watch had be a 9 min per mile even. This is truely a great accomplishment for me.

In regards to my triathlon training. Well, we can say it hasn't been stellar. I try to get what I can in and make it important. The workouts are focused and to a end goal.

Swim: The last swim I did was about a week ago. I have been using my Garmin 910 XT in the pool to guage how well Im doing and I managing to pull of 1:40/100yd in the pool. Also, I just snagged the swimming secrets book for my Android Tablet and am Highly engrossed in reading it. Who would've thought the pull was the most important thing about swimming competitively?!! I am doing this resistance band exercise that has been teaching my muscle memory the high elbow!! So far so good. I will continue to work on this and hopefully it will pay off race day!

Bike: I have been getting out about 2-3 times per week to Ride. I just got a new ride and absolutely love it! I just bought a Fuji Supreme 1.0 Road Bike. I sold my Triathlon Bike and I am anxiously awaiting the premiere of the Fuji Norcom to hit the Bike shop my honey works at!! I have been feeling quite good and relaxed on the bike. This is my strongest leg. Still working on positioning on this bike because I haven't really been on a road bike in a few years!! Seeing this is my Strongest leg and I have a road bike again, I have signed up for a few Bike races!!! Woo hoo!!! Tour de Loop and Cazenovia Hill Bender. Maybe next year I will get into racing a bit more.

Run: My running is just going, Nothing too interesting to talk about. I have noticed that I really roll my left foot out, so really trying to work on a more forward foot strike. My right foot is good, just trying to concentrate on getting that left foot going in the same direction!! I have been trying to get out to run at least 15-30 min when I can and a longer run on the weekends. I usually am pushing the jogging stroller along to get this part in!!!

Happy Training!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Month 4

My baby is now 4 months old! Its amazing how much they change in the first year! Im loving being a "new" mommy again. Despite all the late night awakenings, the colic, I wouldn't change it for the world! Im so blessed!

Its been hard on training having a newborn as he is a very needy little one!! I am still working out about 4-5 times a week. On my runs, if it is nice out, I strap the baby into his jogging stroller and off I go! Good thing the Parkway is so close to my house! He loves the ride!

I have lost most of my baby weight but just cant seem to shake the last 10 pounds right now. I am cutting calories but not too much to Jeopordize my milk production as I am breastfeeding. People ask me how I do this with training and the only thing I do differently is try to stay really hydrated to continue to produce milk.

The Weather has been beautiful here in NY!! Saturday, I road with some great people for 35.5 miles while training for the Tour de Cure at Verona Beach State Park on June 9th. This is a ride to support the American Diabetes Association find ways to beat the debilitating effects of diabetes. If you are interested in donating to this great cause, you can go to
Please consider donating. Im sure you know someone who has been affected by diabetes!!!

Yesterday, I ran the Mountain Goat 10 Miler here in Syracuse. Once again the temperatures soared and it was a hot run! I did great the first mile, 9:17 but then it went downhill after that! The hills really got me! Overall I was happy with my time of 1 hour 45 min. I need to give myself some credit as it has only been 4 months!!

Hope everyone is staying active and enjoying this weather!!

Happy Training!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kids Zone Perfect Ambassador

Im so excited to be sharing my new sponsorship opportunity!

Throughout the year, 100 Team Zone Perfect moms nationwide will be at local community events sharing samples and using Zone Perfect to help keep their families active. I have been one of the chosen moms.

I have been a fan of Zone Perfect bars for years for myself and am happy to announce they have Kids flavors now! They were built in a build a bar developmet workshop with the help of parents and children ages 4-10.  They had the opportunity to develop their dream nutrition bar from fruits to protein sources and grains, to chocolate chips. As a result, 3 nutrition bars were made for kids, by kids!! They feature 5g of protein, 23 vitamins and minerals and 3g of fiber.

The 3 flavors are- Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Yellow Cupcake and Carmel Crunch.

They are all 140-150 calories per bar, and taste great. My daughter really loves them! She Says they are all yummy but really likes the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bar, which ia also my favorite!!

I got this nice t-shirt, totebag and zip up sweatshirt to promote the product!! Also 500be at  bars to give away!!

I will be at our local YMCA April 27th handing out samples at healthy kids day and Im excited to announce Abbott is giving away a $500 gift certificate for parents input!! Cant wait to let other people try this.

The only thing missing is a peanut free kind!! They are made in a factory with peanuts. :(
Photo: Favorite kind? Peanut butter chocolate chip. But, they are all yummy! Nutritious too! Have you tried them yet?! #sponsored
As you can see we loved them!!

They are available at grocery stores, drug stores, mass merchandisers and also online at

To learn more go to!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Update, Update, Update!!

Where has the time gone?! I cannot believe I haven't blogged in almost 2 months!! Im slacking!

Alot of things have happened in the last 2 months.  Lets start off with the good.

I ran the 4 mile Tipp Hill Run in 41:19!! This was my first "race" back after having my son just a mere 10 weeks prior! I forgot how hilly that race was! I ran with my Friend M and her Cousin. He was running for his cousin who was killed in Combat. You can read all about it at We also decided to run in his honor as well.
It was a cold start and we had to park a few blocks away due to the amount of people running this race. In Syracuse, this race starts the New race season for most people. Its fun and spectator friendly!
I froze running back to the car after the race. So in all I think we did about 6 miles that day!!
My legs were screaming because of the hills, but I was so proud of the accomplishments I have made since having my son. This has been a great Post Partum recovery. I am so blessed to have a very supportive spouse and family!!

Next a very tragic incident happened a few weeks ago to my daughters gymnastics teammate and her mother. It was a very hard time for her as well as for myself. I'm sure alot of people reading this blog have heard all about the news and all the media coverage so I will not go into details about what happened. All I can say is that I was very shaken up over the whole ordeal. What I felt was a safe place for my daughter turned out to be a nightmare for the last few weeks. My daughter and I took a self defense course so that if anything were to happen we could be prepared. Knowledge is power. 2 things you can do, always be alert, and act confident. Not looking in your bag, using your cell phone, etc, etc. I will not sit in my car and look at my emails, I will not talk on my phone, I know my surroundings. Who would have thought this would happen in such a safe neighborhood. I had to really convince my daughter that the world was still safe and that this was just a random, sick, act.

Next up, My son turned 3 months old yesterday!!! Time has flown by! He really is starting to babble and use that voice of his!! He also has found his fingers to suck on and stick all the way back in his throat so he gags himself!! Poor buddy!!
2 nights ago, I noticed one of his pupils were bigger. I immediately took a flashlight to them to see if they reacted. Thank god they did. He did see a great physician in the office I worked in and reassured me everything looked good. He is meeting his milestones, hes gaining weight, etc. We still have an appointment to see an opthamologist and a peds neurologist just to be overly cautious here.

On the exercise portion, I have been exercising at least 3-4 days per week. I ran 5.15 miles in 50 min today!! It is still flurry-ing here but I went outside anyways to run. Im so glad I did!!

I am now training for the hilliest Syracuse run....The Mountain Goat Run!!!

Thats all for now!!


Happy Training!!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ready to Race?

I am gearing up to run my first "Race" of 2013. Tipp Hill Shamrock Run 4 miler on March 3rd. While we are almost a month away, I feel I am gaining some running fitness back already!

Yesterday here in Central New York, I was running in 60 degree weather!! I had a short sleeve shirt on and Capris!! Today, the weather is less desiring with a mere 31 degrees and 30mph winds!! BRRR!!

I tried my hardest to run the whole time I was out running yesterday and just to live in the moment of running. No goals in mind but to just run and see how far I could get before my route was done. I did a little crazy loop around my develpment. I thought about everything in that time I was out there. What I wanted to accomplish, how much more I had to lose, Could I beat my friend at this race, how is the baby going to do when I go back to work, You name it I thought about it.

I only thought about my breathing one time, when a car decided it was going to turn the corner right in front of me! I really hate it when people are in such a hurry and dont give a darn or dont care to look around them! The lady didn't even look at me as I was yelling at her! UGH!

In all I managed to get this out of my run......

I have been trying to eat pretty clean but I have slip ups every now and then. Especially now that my mother is down for a few weeks and the goodies have just been appearing in my house!! Arg!

I am almost in my pre-pregnancy clothes. A few more pounds and inches, I will be there. Of course my body has definately gained some curves, which I hope will even themselves out!!

What has your training been like??

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1 month already?!

January 25th marked my baby as 1 month old!! I cannot believe he is 1 month old already!! I soon will be heading back to work. I am having extreme anxiety about returning to work! I know it will be fine as my honey will be hopefully staying home with him for the most part.

Its funny how much they grow in that first month. He is already smiling and cooing and batting at objects which makes me overjoyed to see his progress day by day.

He has been colicky but they say it peaks at 6 weeks so we are almost at the worst of it! YAY for us!!
Sleeping has been on and off of course. One day he is sleeping all day, and awake at night and then the next day is the complete opposite!!

I have been working out pretty consistently. Taking days off when I feel my body needs a break. I finally ran a 5K yesterday in 37:49. Its a start and Ill work from there!! I have been only doing the bike and treadmilll as I cannot swim until my Post partum check.

My family has been adjusting well. My daughter is finally learning its not all about her..or should I say working on this as she has been the only one for 9 years!!

I signed up for Gillie Girl Triathlon this last week as I had a deferrment from last year. I am excited to be getting my feet wet again in the sport! I am thinking of just competing more in individual sports this season as it wont take up too much time to do as I want to spend as much time as I can with my family.

So far on the books I have Tipp Hill 4 mile run in March, Mountain Goat run in May, and Gillie Girl Triathlon in July. I might do a few cycling races that are local as well. Nothing fancy, but something to keep motivated!!!

Happy Training!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2 weeks post partum

So much has gone on in the last 2 weeks. Its amazing how a little newborn can change your perspective on everything!! Its been a long time since we had a newborn in the house!! 9 years to be exact!

I have had a mixture of emotions. Happiness, sadness. Feelings of worry. So normal after delivery.

I have been trying to get to know my baby. He is on his own schedule and I need to follow. We have had our moments of crying all day, not sleeping at night. But, we get through it and tomorrow is another day to start all over!!

I have been doing great with the exercise. I am at 30 min of walking briskly at a 3.5 mph pace at a relatively good incline on the treadmill. I even got on the spin bike a few times this week. Trying to go every other day for the next few weeks as I still have some nagging in the back and groin!! I even tried a few minutes of running but I definately can tell you I need a supportive bra to do that at this time!

I have started to incorporate some strength training with resistance bands this week as well to help tone up.

I am down 22 pounds already which is great! I have about 20 to go before Im at my pre pregnancy weight but I can definately tell my body has changed tremendously since birth.

I also signed up for my first "race" of the 2013 season which I am so excited about! Tipp Hill 4 mile run on March 3 2013. That is about 10 weeks out from birth. We will see how I do!!

Happy Training!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Baby and New Year goals

Its been a while since I posted and alot has happened!! I was anxiously waiting the arrival if my baby boy who decided to enter this world 9 days late on Christmas afternoon! My water broke around 2AM and our precious baby boy entered the world at 1:54PM. It was an intense labor full of many ups and downs but in the end it was all worth it to see his beautiful face beside me and my honey crying as his eyes met his son. I would do it all over again! (maybe in a few years if my honey is up to it!! Wink Wink). Although I do like that I can actually breathe better, sleep on my belly and Shave my legs!! The small things in life right?!!

Recovery has been faster than my first delivery and I can say that some of this is definately from being active throughout my pregnancy. Heck, I even ran a little Christmas eve to try and get the baby moving!!!
I have had some back spasms as they stuck me a few times in the back for my epidural. Grrrr. I was planning on going all natural but believe me, it got bad pretty quickly when they started Pitocin on me due to finding meconium in my water. I was contracting every minute without a break, turned the pitocin off within a half hour and I was progressing rapidly on my own. Au naturale....PAAA!!!

I have thought about my New Year goals this year. I have decided to take a step back and really focus on health, clean eating and being fit this year. Just keeping it simple. I will be doing a few sprint tris, Running races, maybe cycling races but all in all I want to just focus on getting in at least 30min to 1 hour daily of exercise. I have been truelly getting burned from the racing scene with people comparing times and how you did. I just want to keep it fun and not care about hitting that mile in 7-8 min or swimmin a 800 in 12 min.. I just want to be happy in the skin Im in and feel good!!
So with that being said, right now goals have shifted to shedding the excess baby weight. (Yes, I gained 40 lbs!! ) clean eating and staying active on a daily basis.

Im going to enjoy all the cuddle time I can with my baby Boy!! Love the baby soft skin and the baby smell!!! Im so in love!!

Happy Training!!