Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reflections on Past Races

When I got home from work Yesterday, my boyfriend had constructed a Shelf to proudly display all our medals from different races that we have done throughout the last 4 years. It was so thoughtful of him to be so proud of me and my accomplishments. (that is what he said anyways)

I am so grateful that I am able to have done the many races I have done and receive some very awesome medals in return.

As I was looking at them, I noticed my 2 marathon medals from Lake Placid. My 3 year winning my age group streak at the Tour De Loop 30 mile bike race (which I am pouting because I gave it to someone else this year as I didn't do the race), My Iron Girl Medals, My 3rd place 10k medal, My 2nd OV Tri medal, and of course my first 70.3 medal.  All of which brought back so many happy memories. Its like a photograph, you begin to tear up thinking of the day, the moment.

7 years ago I would've never thought I would proudly hang all these medals right in the entryway to my living room. 7 years ago I was an overweight woman just trying out a run walk program at the local YMCA, trying to be consistent in my efforts. Fast forward 7 years and I am still as active as ever. I love what I do, it gives me the runners high, the feeling of freedom, the stress reduction.

When I look at this self, this wonderful warm sensation of gratitude and happiness comes over me that I can say I have acheived so much and will continue to achieve that much more!!

"Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner"- Les Brown

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Im so excited that I will be coached for the upcoming Tri season!! I've thought back and forth, long and hard about hiring a coach. When I signed up to do a Half-Iron man this year I was ready to make the commitment to triathlons and give it my best shot. I found a plan that I thought would work for me off of I'd have to say it had its downfalls. Let me explain to you that if I need to do something, Im very anal about it and will complete my workouts. Which maybe is a blessing to my coach!! Ha ha!

Anyways, what I didn't like about the plan is that it never gave you a workout to do. I can say it gave me sets to do for swimming. The bike and run was just mileage. No tempo runs, no hill work, no speed drills, etc, etc. I tailored my plan a little to get me these workouts. Also there was no lifting/weights involved. Now you tell me not to do weights Im fine with it! But as the season progressed I noticed that I needed strength training more than ever.

Introduce my new coach, Mary Eggers!!! Woo hoo!! I know I've been bragging a little, but Im so excited for her to coach me! We tried to do an Online meeting yesterday but technicalities of the computer world made us talk by phone. It was great! I felt like she was my family..we talked..we laughed..I really think she will be good for me!

Now the nity grity. I am committing myself to Beach to Battleship Ironman Distance Race in November 2011, Musselman 70.3, and possibly Syracuse 70.3 again. I am also going to do a few sprints/olympics here and there I suppose. I know Im taking on alot!! Oh boy!!

We discussed what my goals are for the upcoming season...Mary asked for 3 and I think I gave her about 10!! Boy am I a needy client!! :) They are all attainable in my book if consistent effort is placed on my part!

Here are my goals for the upcoming season:
1. Improve running performance (This is my weakness)
2. Improve nutrition on longer distance races (So Im not cramping at mile 4 on the run!!)
3. Finish an Ironman Standing up
4. Improve swimming stroke
5. Increase power and endurance
6. Lose body weight.

See..I gave her 6! All things I know I can do!!

I will be starting training soon and I already have homework to do!!

"All life is is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DeRuyter Lake Sprint Triathlon

Today was the Spur of the moment decision to go for one last sprint triathlon. You know we are all crazy triathletes right???!!

Now I have listened to the wonderful people around me who have done longer distance races and didn't run or bike for the whole week. I really wanted my legs to heal before I tried to do anything else.

DeRuyter Lake General Store is was one of the Pit stops on the Syracuse 70.3. Its about 35 miles south of Syracuse. This is where the Tri was held today. It had a country feel and it isn't USAT certified. Just the townspeople putting on a great race!!

My Daughter and Boyfriend came along to be my cheerleaders today. I couldn't do what I do without the support of these two tagging along or even joining in my craziness!!

The Swim-

The swim was in a Little reservoir. I did slip twice getting into the lake at the dock. I even fell on my tush!! The water was about 67 degrees which was great! The water was so clear that I could see all the little fishies swimming under me!!  I had really, really bad sighting issues at this race. This is the 2nd year this was run so there are kinks that need to be worked out. There were balloons in the lake to sight. I couldn't see them at all and ended up missing the first one. Went to the second one and turned around and didn't see the 3rd one. I went off course thinking I must be wrong. When I looked up for the last time I saw the dock and started swimming my butt off to get there...It seemed like I was so far off!! I slipped and fell about 4 more times getting out of the water!! Rough! TIME- 16:00

The BIke-

The bike was a 5.3 mile loop on country rolling hills. The first half I felt so fast averaging a 25mph speed, the back half I had 10mph winds in my face so I slowed down considerably. There was also a part of the route they had just put fresh gravel down on which was a little scary! One thing that the race director should've done differently is made us go in the opposite direction as in the race we were making all Left hand turns. It would've been easier for traffic if we were doing all right hand turns. Oh well, you learn. TIME 48 MIN. (Including transition)

The Run-

Ahhhh the run..Now let me tell you I am not a very fast runner and this is something I want to improve on BIG time. The course was out and back on the same course as the bike. But it was nice to see that most people were on their 3rd loop before the runners started. This was a rolling hill run as well with no major climbs. TIME: 30 (Including Transition time)

TIME: 1:36:17.
2 OA Female.

I feel bad as they called another girls name for second and then I had to take it away from her as I was in second place...Oh well, mine was well deserved and I took it will a smile on my face!!

My legs are a little tired but Im ready to start the Off season!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Photographer

Dear Brightroom Photographer,

I was a participant last week in the Syracuse 70.3. I knew you would be out there with your top professionals taking pictures of me. I think you got my best and worst sides. I smiled and waved at some of you, I bowed my head for others and jumped for joy at the end.

Thank you for getting all the sides of me.

I am not sore anymore and am ready to get back to training!!! BTW I am going to be coached next year by wonderful MARY EGGARS!! Check her out at!!! Im so excited! I meet with her on Sunday and I will have all the nity grity details afterward!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Philly Marathon- SOLD OUT!!

Ugh, Im so disappointed to see the Philadelphia Marathon was sold out. I guess I should've signed up earlier. I wanted to get the Half Ironman done and over with before I focused on anything afterwards. I was contemplating doing this marathon for the last month.


I have been trying to scrample up my broken heart as I so wanted to do this race as it is close to home and I have a ton of Family members in the PA area!! Oh well, I guess Ill have to find another one close by, Or just run 26.2 miles and say I ran a marathon in November!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Post Race Thoughts

Im really struggling in the fact that I didn't "perform" as well as I wanted to this past weekend. I have continuously told myself I beat my time goal but something inside me tells me that just isn't good enough. I've always been my worst critic and that is my down fall!! I have already gone hog wild in my thoughts of what I will be doing next year. I know I have a few Races planned in my head with a little quick sprints thrown in as well.

My Right Hamstring is still kicking my butt, especially when I stand up. I find myself limping like I have a leg (Funny NP talk) I have been massaging, stretching and Icing. I do feel a knot in my Right Thigh as well. I also got a little stuffy nose. But all in all Im doing great after my 1st Half Ironman!

I know running is my worst and I will be working on alot of runs this fall to improve my cadence and pace and endurance. My friend asked me if I wanted to run a little with her tomorrow. Don't know if Im up to that yet. We will see how I feel in the morning.

In Closing I leave this great quote:

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe"

Monday, September 20, 2010

Syracuse 70.3 Race Report

Well, I completed my "A" race of the season!! I am elated and a little dissapointed all in one. I really wanted to execute my run, but failed to do so. SO, here I am wondering what I could've done better. I know this is just the stepping stone in more to come and I certainly can improve, which makes me elated.

I have been reconsidering doing a Full Ironman next year and really focusing on nutrition and race day strategies and really nailing it before moving up. Im not 100% convinced I should do this but leaning toward it.

Onto the Race Details...

Saturday Afternoon was packet pickup at the Holiday Inn. I was surprised at how well organized it was and how fast I moved through all the check points. They had a great surplus of SYR IM goods. I really wanted everything but settled to get something to wear AFTER I finished the race. The only thing I did pick up was some toe warmers as I knew It would be a cold bike the next day.

See My Shirt? It says it all!! :)

I wasn't too pleased with the schwag bag...come on for $250 race entry fee there could've been more than the bag, a shirt and a water bottle. That was it!

I then hopped into the car and made my way to Jamesville Beach for the racking. I was so excited as my boyfriend was also doing the race with me!!

 I also took advantage of the lifeguards and swam the course only to have them tell me I had to turn back halfway because on time..Oh well. I got my self into the FRIDGED 62 degree water.

Some of my fellow Tri Buddies and Me getting into the water
Yes it was COLD!!
Onto Race Morning....

I Packed everything I needed, mixed all my water bottles the night before and was in bed by 7pm. I woke up at 4am, made my pre race breakfast of Bagel, egg, cheese and my smoothie and we were out the door by 4:30 am. Im so glad we got there around 5am as the traffic was getting backed up.

I got my body marked and we were into transition to set-up our area. I noticed I didn't have my Zoot Compression socks..No big deal, THen I noticed I forgot my helmet. I made Andy go back to the car to look for it. When he came back with a Blue Giro helmet, I knew he didn't find mine. I started crying. Saying I don't want to do the race. He started laughing and I cried harder. I don't know why I was so Emotional.
Thank YOU so much to Syracuse Bicycle for loaning me a Helmet!! It wasn't mine but it did the trick. I also lost my sunglasses as I was running back and forth trying to get a helmet, but I ended up finding them.

I got into the water before my swim wave and it was still Frigid of course. We had to start the race 15 min late as the Buses shuttling people from the hotel were caught in the traffic jam. Needless to say they still managed to get us all in the water pretty fast!!

Swim- I felt ok until the turn around. I went way wide and finally spotted the next buoy way to my right. I tried to speed myself up at this point only to find a bunch of people treading water in front of me. I ended up getting hit by and arm or a leg, I ended up with a little water in my goggles but kept on going. When I saw the exit I kicked a little to get my legs going.  TIME 39:21  (2:04 pace) SLOW

T1- Looking at my watch I was ok with the swim but wanted it to be a little faster. There were people to strip your wetsuit but I opted out of this as I am a clutz and probably would've tripped and fell or did something wrong. The transition was long, I think a good 1/4 mile long. I found my bike without any trouble as I was on the end of the rack. I was wobbling trying to get my wetsuit off but managed. I got my armwarmers on and Shoes and was off. My Aero drink was spilling everywhere that I slowed down a bit in transition TIME 4:31

BIKE- Ok My plan was to take it easy on the first 12 miles then go a little faster after this...I did it!! I started cramping in my inner thigh around mile 40. I don't know if it was nutrition or I was cold. I did take in 48 oz of Perpetuem, 24 oz water, 3 gels, 3 enduralytes. I don't think it was enough for me though. This was a hilly course with 2700 feet of elevation gain with just as much decent. Some of the pros did the course in 2:08!! Crazy! Time 3:12:22 Ave 17.47
Right after the 20% grade hill!! Still Smiling!!

T2- I was off the bike feeling good!! Grabbed some chamois butter, rubbed iton my feet, put my socks on was a little tipsy as I couldn't feel my feet, but made it out without my legs feeling like lead! Time 2:24

RUN- This is where it went bad, very bad. I was so pumped and feeling so good that I did the first 4 miles around a 8:30 pace..BIG mistake. At mile 4 I started to feel my hamstrings giving me trouble. I decided to stop and just drink my Heed at that point. Im ok I told myself I can finish this. The run was NOT a downhill course. It was full of rollers. And Erie Blvd in Syracuse was Never ending!! I like turns and twists and when you dont have that it seems so long of a course. I saw many friends on the side of the road cheering me on which was soooo awesome!! It kept me going! Mile 4-10 I just focused on one foot in front of the other. Mile 10-13 were my hardest. I think I walked most of it. Looking back I should've started slower.. and gradually build into my run but I just kept on cramping to the point my toes were curling every step I took. I definately didn't take enough in and It cost me. TIME 2:26:56 11:12 pace

See...Im shuffling!!

OVERALL TIME....6:25:34... I'll Take it!!


Well guys, going for the longer distance triathlons is definately tougher and more mental! I completed my first Half IronMan Distance Yesterday at the 70.3 in under the time goal I set for myself. I even thought I was going to beat it by an Hour!! Sad to say I had cramping in my legs and had to walk alot of the run, but I made it!!


My goal was to complete it in under 7 hours as this was by first Long Distance racing. More on this as I get official results and Pics uploaded!!! Congrats to all the finishers!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ok last Night I had the weirdest dreams ever! I am so nervous and Psyched for this weekend that I think it rolled over into my dreams last night. Now I hardly ever dream but when I do they are so vivid they seem real. I woke up this morning in a panic. I was telling myself I've got to get myself ready early for my race tomorrow.

Today Andy and I are going to go down and pick our packets up. I think I might go early as he has to work and check out the athletes coming from all over the States. I might even ask if they need a little help today!! :)

Onto my dream...It all was based in transition. I went to get my bike after the swim and noticed I had no nutrition on my bike. So I started crying like a baby. Somehow Andy was in the transition with me and tried to give me his waterbottle but I snapped at him that I wanted my own. So I walked to the car to see if my water bottles were in there. Nope. I had another meltdown telling Andy It has been 10 min in transition. He was trying the best he could. Finally out of no where My aero drink bottles come in view and I put them on my bike. After alll this I see a ton of people exiting T1, I get upset again and tell him its now 25 min in transition...OH MY!! I finally get on my bike and finish strong and jump off my bike and enter the run with no problems...hmmmmm what is this dream trying to tell me???!!

Im going to let it past and focus on an easy day today with a nice swim at Jameville Resevoir (Which will be the swim tomorrow)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I am not liking this weather at all!! Im freezing my butt off!! I am nervous about the bike as it will be a chilly morning after coming out of the swim. I have thought over and over about race day nutrition and what I want to do on the bike.

My Race Nutrition

I think Im going to put a long sleeve jacket on in T1. I also have been using Embrocation on my legs when biking the last few days so Ill use this come race day as well...Its called Dznuts in! The DZ stands for Dave Zabriskie. It has been tested and proven to provide warmth, protection and comfort in inclement weather. Check it out at

My honey just put my hot pink handle bar tape on my bike. It looks so sassy just like its owner. Im begininng to like Miss Erin. Shes been following my orders lately and going fast just how I like!!

Miss Erin (Giant Aeryn)

I've been a little sassy this week and I know its because the weather stinks!! I have been on the windiest rides this week, the rainiest runs, and had to swim in the pool...SO GRUMPY I AM!!

I am looking forward to sunshine this weekend. May the wind be at my back on the bike and may I run like the wind!! :) Good luck to all the Super Stars that will be joining me that read my blog!! If you see me say HELLO!! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taper Week

Well so far this has been a great taper week! I've actually spent alot of time with my family who really have not seen me all that much this summer!!

I have not made it out to my favorite lake to swim this week..these dark mornings have made me want to sleep in more!

I have 4 more days until the big day. It was nice to see in the local news there was an article all about the Syracuse 70.3. You can find it at

Yes they ask can you complete this course?!! And they give examples of what each leg of the course would be like 1.2 miles is equal to walking around the outside of the State Fair. and 56 mile bike would be from here to Watertown.

I do have expectations this week. I would like to finish around 6 hours. I have mapped it out in my head a billion times. I think it is doable. If not I will not be upset as this is only my first and quoted one of the most Challenging 70.3s on the Ironman Series!! With 2700 feet of elevation gain, it is tough!! But not undoable as I have ridden the course 3 times now. I know where I can push and where I need to take it slow.

A Fellow triathlete who is also a coach gave me a few pointers that I would like to share and I will be thinking about these all day this Sunday:

1. The hardest part is the start
2. Leave your ego at the door when mounting your bike
3. Ride for show run for dough!!!
4. If someone passes you on the bike....let them may pass them on the run

Thanks Mary Eggers For all your wisdom! And by the way she just placed 2nd OA Female at her Half Iron!! 4:59!! Way to go!! Did I mention she will be coaching me for my FIRST IRONMAN next year?!! Yep I said it!! Look out people!! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

OMG! 6 Days!!

 6 Days until My FIRST 70.3!!! Im so excited! Today I looked online and my bib# was there!! Bib #772 and I will be going off in Wave 10 at 7:36AM!! I have been having mixed feelings about this race but as it is approaching I am getting more excited. I have my Rocky face on and have been singing Eye of the Tiger!

I ran a PR again yesterday for my 4 mile run...Im really starting to enjoy running again.

The weather is supposed to be perfect for Sunday. So far weather forcasts 66 and sunny unless that changes as the weatherman never really knows. I was thinking about getting some toe warmers for the bike as my tootsies were cold on my last 60 degree bike ride.

I am going to try to venture out to my swimming spot this week to get acclimated to the cool water temps....brrr!! Ill let you know how that goes!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Accomplishing my goals and dreams, without support

1 week until The BIG Day!! Today we were out at Jamesville beach where the Syracuse 70.3 will be held in just 7 days from now and boy was it a cold one!! We went out to the beach for our triathlon clubs annual Tri/kids tri and picnic.

It was a cold morning and the wind was fierce. I chickened out and didn't get into the water today. I let my daughter be in the spotlight and do the kids triathlon. She did great except for a couple meltdowns due to the water temp.

I have been thinking about the finish line and how Im going to be finishing smiling with my hands up in the air saying yes  I did it!! I also thought about who I want at the finish line seeing me come through, seeing me on this journey as a triathlete. Seeing all that I have accomplished and worked hard for for the last 18 weeks. I want my parents to be at that finish line. Seeing all the people who are athletic and have worked hard, whether they are short, tall, thin or thick...Its all about being in the moment and accomplishing so much.

Now my parents arent athletes at all. They never were. When I was in high school I played soccer, volleyball and softball and I think they may have made it to half a dozen of my games total in all my 4 years of high school. I would watch all the other parents cheering their kids on and wished so much that my parents were there when I had 9 kills in one of my volleyball games, or when I made a goal in soccer or when I scored a double or caught a fly ball in softball.

Its the same feeling now. I said to my parents a few weeks ago, why don't you come out and watch the HIM. I got what time, where, when, how long is it?? I don't think they will be coming out. Its sad but I know that it is about my accomplishments and it is something they are just not into. Even though this is important to me.

They were there for every graduation of mine from high school right up until I graduated from my masters program which was important to me, but I feel this is the same. You begin your journey not knowing a thing about triathlons, then little by little you gain the knowledge and endurance to perform at your best. Then you pass the test by racing your best...same huh??

So, I will be a little sad that my parents will not be at the finish line next Sunday but be grateful for everything they have been to. I will make a mental note to be at everything that is important to my daughter and more.

Here is a capture of our weekend..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Week.

I've been really stressing the last couple of days over the Half Ill be doing next weekend. I have been sick the last 3 days and have pretty much not done a thing. I swam the first day with a migraine, biked the next day with some neck pain and a migraine, and yesterday I ran in the dark with symptoms starting to clear.

I don't know why Im worrying as for the last 18 weeks I have been consistent with training but when I think about some of the workouts I missed I get a little antsy.

Last night I PRd on my 3 mile run. 8:35 min per mile! I dont know if I did this because it was dark out as I did it at 8pm or what! Im loving that I did this pace after being sick for a few days!!

All this talk about EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) in the last few days had me worried as I have been out in the area that they found the virus all summer long..doing key workouts when they are biting the crap out of you!! Yes Im a worrier. But figure that what I had would be much more serious if I had the virus!!

Now that I got my bike fixed and am feeling better, Im going to take it for a ride and meet back up with Jeremy today for minor tweeks..

Ill end with this quote..."Nerves and butterflies are fine - they're a physical sign that you're mentally ready and eager. You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that's the trick." ~Steve Bull

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saddle Happiness- Well... getting there

Yesterday I called the Local Bike shop that I have been hearing some great raves about over in Manlius, NY called Bike Loft East. I called as they had an add on the webpage stating they were giving out free bike inspections to all the Syracuse 70.3 participants. I was excited to hear that Jeremy, the owner, could take me right in that same day!! This never happens! I also asked if he could do a bike fitting and he was agreeable to this as well!!

I was greeted by a warm and friendly gentleman when I got there. Needless to say this was Jeremy. While talking to Jeremy, I was told stories of how he was a bike mechanic to some pro teams over in France. How cool is that?!!! Even his wife is French and was vacationing over there this week!  He has been fixing bikes since he was a little kid. I thought awesome I am going to love this bike fit!

Jeremy was very patient with me and my saddle soreness. I explained to him my various aches and pains. He first just observed me while riding. He noticed my seat was too low...He moved this up. Next my cleats werent in the right position so he fixed this as he noticed my right knee comes in while I was cycling so he put a plastic thingamabobber in my right shoe to force my foot to be in the correct allignment.
He then took a peak back at my saddle length and moved my seat up some more. More measurements, etc.

Then, He put a different stem to the front of my tri bars to bring me in closer for more aerodynamics and less reaching for my Tri bars...and WHALAH!!!! I am almost...ALMOST free of saddle pains!!! Im so excited to ride my bike now!!

Next he took my bike into the back of the shop and Meticulously...anally...whatever you want to call it..looked over every single piece of my equipment. My front derailler was chain was cleaned and lubed, brakes fixed, wiring fixed to make me more aero, tires checked, Nuts and bolts all tightened, gears all checked out.

By the time we left it was 2 hours later, and I didnt break my bank!! I was then invited to be on the Bike Loft Team. I graciously said yes! The team was formed to help with exposure of the shop as well as getting out to the community that racing whether it be moutain biking, cyclocross, road racing or triathlons, it is all about the fun and fitness!! Now I need to buy an Orbea bike as it is a 20% discount!!

For more info visit

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Half Iron Man Nutrition strategy

"First of all unless you plan on making a living on this sport its all about having fun" (Kind words from Coach Al Lyman)

On race day I Know I will have done the training and will be physically ready for this race. Its taper time and the thought wheel is rolling. Yes I've practiced race day nutrition 100 times, even have switched my stragedy probably another dozen or so times, but now I feel like Im ready. I know what my body needs and how I can acheive that. I know that Im a salty sweater, so my needs are totally different than someone elses, I know I need more protein than other people as well. This is all what training is about!!! Bottom line is you race much more with your mind and heart than your arms and legs.

Successful racing is about smart decision making and execution. I have to stay in the moment and stick to my plan. But, I need to realize my plan might change at any given moment and need to be prepared if a change needs to take place. I need to listen to my body and the signals it is giving me. I need to RACE SMART

I have been visualizing all parts of this HIM for a few days now. Seeing myself execute it all, seeing myself doing well.

The afternoon before I plan on doing my carb loading with my whole wheat pasta with Veges and chicken stirred into it. Then a light dinner.

Race morning I plan on sticking to what has been working 600-800 cal 2-3 hours before race start. Bagel with egg, and cheese on it, side of oatmeal, and smoothie. hmmm maybe that is more calories?!! IDK it works!!

Im going to start sipping water immediately when I wake up..

15-20 min prior to swim,,,1 Strawberry Kiwi Accel Gel. YUMMMMM

Im planning on getting a Bento BoX to keep everything right in my eyesight to force me to drink.. eat...

My Bike I have been doing Hammer Perpetuem Orange Vanilla-- I mix 3 scoops with water in 2 24 oz bottles and then place it in my huge Aqua Cell that sits right in front of me. I then take 2 waters on the back of my bike...(Adding 5 lbs to my I sip on the Perpetuem Every 15 min followed by a swig of water. At mile 12 I start eating my Power Bar Smoothie Energy Bar...Absolutely amazing taste. At mile 20 I take another accel gel, mile 40 start eating another bar, mile 50 another accel gel...phew..all while downing my 4 bottles of liquid. I also supplement with sodium every hour as well as I am a salty sweater. I have been using Marguerita shot blocks/endurolytes.

I have done this 3 times now and have done great..

I have used Accelgels and water on the run...

Hoping this holds up in race day!!

What is your race day strategy?????

Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Long-er Ride- Taper Time!!

Today was my last day of riding high mileage. I met a few of the guys at the Syracuse 70.3 course this morning at 9AM. I wanted to try my road bike today to see if there was a difference in the riding experience.

Let me just say, riding my Tri bike on this course is way better. The last 2 times I have ridden this course I was in the lead. Well today, I was falling off the back end of people!! UGH! Not to mention the 11mph wind gusts that sucked the life out of you as well.

I had a really thought riding my road bike would be faster as this course is all uphill for the first 12miles. I just seemed to not have the aero going down the hills and everyone would be on the next hill before I made it down the back side of the last hill.

Needless to say on Race Day I have decided to go all out with my Tri bike. I made up alot of time on my road bike on the back end of the course but think I could've pushed harder if I was riding my tri bike. Also, for the first time this season my inner thigh cramped up and I think it is because I wasn't keeping up with the nutrition today. I was so caught up in catching up with the crew that I would forget to drink!!

I was almost in a melt down at the end but held it together. I felt my spirits go down...until I looked at my time. 3:18. This is with 2 stops on the course to regroup. Not too shabby!! Im hoping for at least a 3hr to 3:15 bike split. But I will not be unhappy if I did more on race day as this is my first 70.3!!

Im trying to keep my confidence up as this is a challeging course. I am going to hold back a little on the bike so I can run my 13.1miles afterward.

Everyone was asking today what my goal is for this HIM. I have no expectations really but to finish standing up, keep myself hydrated and keep my nutrition in check!! 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Running Food

For a Month Now I have been using Running Food. This is a Chia Seed which is the "secret" of a hidden Indian Tribe, the Tarahumara's Superathletes.

What is nice about this product is it is sold in Skaneateles, NY which isn't too far from where I live!

I bought this after tasting it at The Syracuse Iron Girl. I thought it couldn't hurt to try it to see if I can get to the "Superathlete" status!!!

Here are some of the Boasts of using Running Food:
- Richest Cource of Omega 3's
- 30 % More Antioxidents than Blueberries
- 6X More Calcium than Whole Milk
- 2X more Protein than Soy
- 25 % More Fiber than Flaxseed
-3x More Iron Than Spinach
- 50% More Folate than Esparagus
-15X more Magnesium than Broccoli
-Gluten Free!!

With all these claims who wouldnt want to try it??

I have tried it in smoothies, oatmeal, V8 Juice (MY FAV!!), and Yogurt. Yes it is a little gritty but it doesn't change the flavor of what you are eating so it goes down well.

I have to say, I am no superathlete yet. I do feel better about my workouts though and I feel as though my body is being cleansed fairly well if you know what I mean.  I have lost 5 pounds since starting the Seeds but don't know if that is more from having a hard training month. But, It doesn't hurt to continue with it as it is a totally natural product!!!

If you would like more info visit

Friday, September 3, 2010

Saddle Soreness

Ok, I have this problem that is a very touchy subject if you ask me. I cannot believe my saddle is causing me this much grief 16 days out of my Half Ironman.

I have gotten a bike fit and a new Adamo Century X saddle and this didnt seem to end my saddle soreness. My groin was hurting for a couple days after.

I have changed about 5 seats now and still cannot find one I am 100% comfortable on. I went down on the trainer for an hour today and finally found one that is ok and that I probably can tolerate. My friend Sam let me borrow it to try out. I hope he lets me keep it until race day. It is the Adamo Race saddle. Im comfortable in tri position on this seat but not so much if Im going to be climbing. Maybe I just have to get used to it?? Im stumped.

I then thought maybe I should get another bike fit. But another $125 is not an option at this point. I think it would be a waste of time..or maybe not.

I just need some guidance as to if I should go for another bike fit or keep riding until the saddle is comfortable. Im taking my bike back out on Monday to Ride the 70.3 course for the last time before race day. Im hoping it wont be too bad on this seat. We will have to see.

Blogger Award! My first!! Woot!!

Thanks to M over at ..My magic bean... for giving me my first blog award!! She thought this blog was very inspiring! Woot!! Im glad to here that!!

Conditions were attached to this Bloggy award that I must complete in order to fully be the recipient of this award.

  1.  If you had a chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?  -Thats a tough question to answer. Sure there are things I regret and wish I did a little differently but I   believe everything happens for a reason and this is the path my life is leading me in at the moment. I think one thing I would change is having parents that supported sports and nutrition. See when I was a kid these 2 things werent important. We ate whatever we wanted. Sure I was in Volleyball and soccer and softball. Only because I said Im trying out and you aren't stopping me basically. I didn't get good wholesome nutrition instilled in me as a child and still struggle to this day with eating healthy.
  2. The second thing you have to do is pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have gotten this award. - I just started this Whole Bloggy world but there are a few I look at on a dail basis. Wow Im a blogger stalker!!! Oh well, these Blogs are inspiring to me! I'd like to pass the award to Alexa at Just Keep Swimming, Aimee at I tri to be me, and Jon at swicyclorun. Also Colleen at IRONDIVA, KC at 140 Point 6 miles, and Kim at Fuel Your Passion
  3. The third and final thing is, thank the person who gave you the award. - Thank, Thank, Thank, Thank, Thanks M for giving me this award!! You are an inspiring person yourself!! Keep up the training and all the hard work you have done!!! Nothing is worth doing if not done with passion and heart!!! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rules of Race Day Etiquette

Now that its coming down to the final weeks of RACE DAY, I decided to name a few things that bug the crap out of me and things I have been telling fellow triathletes new and old to the sport.

Here is a guide I would like people to follow:

1. There is such a thing as too much skin- I get it. You're proud of your body. That's great.

But goodness…can we please keep the bouncing parts to a minimum, and covered? It's giving all the rest of us regular, non-cyborg females a complex, and it's making the men racers trip in front of us. Not cool.
I also definately don't like seeing old wrinkly men in their speedo ready to take the plunge in the water. Eww...

2. When setting up your transition USE a Hand Towel- It is a pet peeve of mine seeing people come to the triathlon with Storage bins filled with everything but the Kitchen sink!! Hello! Other people need to rack their bikes next to you!

Triathlon real estate is at a premium. That does not mean you have squatter's rights to get to a race early, rack your bike, and spread a beach towel out with all your gear, a small petting zoo, and a six-course meal.

Learn to pack your transition items well. If you do things right, you should be able to fit everything you need for your triathlon on a hand towel that fits under your bike. If you can't accomplish this, don't be surprised if an angry triathlete "accidentally" kicks your stuff all over the place during a race. We're passive-aggressive like that.

3. There are Port-a Johns and there are Bushes...Please do not spray your pee on ME!!- Unless you are a elite triathlete going for the big prize then get off your bike and go to the Bathroom!! I am not going to get peed on because you think you need to shave time by peeing on your bike.
4. Dont Pollute!!- There's no excuse for throwing your empty bottles, drained gel packs, or energy bar wrappers on the ground. Every aid station in your race will have some sort of trash receptacle available. If you can't make it to the actual receptacle itself, hand your garbage off to a volunteer so they can dispose of it. Just throwing it on the ground is mean to Mother Nature and hazardous to the people following behind you.
5. Thank the Volunteers- Often, the folks behind the planning and organization are not paid, and they don't get a medal after the finish like you do. Additionally, the people who are handing you water on the course, pointing you in the right direction, or bandaging up your skinned knees after you trip in a hole, or trip over your own feet are also volunteers.

Without the volunteers, these races most certainly would not happen. Let them know you appreciate them so they'll keep coming back. When you run past an aid station, take a second to smile and chirp "YOU ROCK!"

6. PLAY BY THE RULES- If you don't know the USAT rules, learn them quick!! My last race drove me nuts that people were blocking me on the bike leg, Riding 3 abreast, and When I called On Your Left they didn't move over and hugged the Yellow line!!!! Stay to the RIGHT people!!! Also Never, ever, never cross the yellow line!! I was so peeved at this!

7. Get to the Race early- If you are running into transition 2 minutes before it closes, it is your fault if you cannot find a good racking spot. Granted most bigger races have you rack the night before so you know where your bike is but most local races don't. If you want a great spot get there early. Don't complain about not having assigned racks. Thats annoying.

8. DO not - I repeat DO Not use your headset on the bike or run!!- This is another USAT rule that is violated. Come on, you can do it without the music. Get a couple songs in your head the night before and use them when you are suffering. In your head...I do it all the time so can you

9. Offer friendly words of encouragement- Everyone likes a nice job, well done, anything to let them know they are still alive and are doing ok!! On the run I always say nice job when passing fellow triathletes. It gets my spirits up when people do the same!

10. Good or bad race - “Be your own HERO!” after the race. Smile, hold your head high and take pride inside. You stepped up to the start line and you did it, you put yourself in the heat of competition and you finished even if the only person you were competing with was yourself

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mental Toughness

Only 18 days until Syracuse 70.3!! 18 days!!! Im starting to get that OMG feeling!!! Im starting to look back at all those workouts I have done for the last 18 weeks and what can I tweek at this point.

One thing in Particular is ........MENTAL TOUGHNESS!!! Yes, I need it a little more!!

Jones et al. (2002) Came up with Key Psychological characteristics of mentally tough athletes.

  1. Self Belief- Having an unshakable belief in your ability to acheive competition goals. Having Unique qualities that make you better than your opponents.
  2. Motivation- Having an insatiable desire and internalized motivation to succeed. The Ability to bounce back from performance setbacks with increased determination to succeed.
  3. Focus- Remaining fully focused on the task at hand in the face of competition distractions. The Ability to switch focus on and off when needed. Not being adversely affected by others performance or your own internal distractions (negative talk, worry)
  4. Composure/Handling Pressure- Abilty to regain control following unexpected events or distractions. Thriving on pressure of competition. Accepting anxiety is inevitable in competition and coping with it.
The Key component of Mental Toughness is learning how to condition your mind to think confidently
 and be able to overcome frustration/self critical negativity. You can program yourself to be positive. Being positive helps build confidence and self esteem.

I have worked on this greatly in both my professional life as well as in being a traithlete. I can always step it up a notch!!

One place I know that needs improvement is when Im on the run. When people start passing me after I just Whomped them on the bike. It gets my spirits down. Im working on smiling during the race, feeling confident. Its starting to come. In time and training it will be there completely.