Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ok last Night I had the weirdest dreams ever! I am so nervous and Psyched for this weekend that I think it rolled over into my dreams last night. Now I hardly ever dream but when I do they are so vivid they seem real. I woke up this morning in a panic. I was telling myself I've got to get myself ready early for my race tomorrow.

Today Andy and I are going to go down and pick our packets up. I think I might go early as he has to work and check out the athletes coming from all over the States. I might even ask if they need a little help today!! :)

Onto my dream...It all was based in transition. I went to get my bike after the swim and noticed I had no nutrition on my bike. So I started crying like a baby. Somehow Andy was in the transition with me and tried to give me his waterbottle but I snapped at him that I wanted my own. So I walked to the car to see if my water bottles were in there. Nope. I had another meltdown telling Andy It has been 10 min in transition. He was trying the best he could. Finally out of no where My aero drink bottles come in view and I put them on my bike. After alll this I see a ton of people exiting T1, I get upset again and tell him its now 25 min in transition...OH MY!! I finally get on my bike and finish strong and jump off my bike and enter the run with no problems...hmmmmm what is this dream trying to tell me???!!

Im going to let it past and focus on an easy day today with a nice swim at Jameville Resevoir (Which will be the swim tomorrow)


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I can't wait to read your race results!

  2. That's quite a race schedule you've planned for 2011! Hope it all goes well for you. I may be on site for Beach 2 Battleship, though not participating, this year :) It's already a fav of lots of folks in the Carolinas.