Thursday, September 16, 2010


I am not liking this weather at all!! Im freezing my butt off!! I am nervous about the bike as it will be a chilly morning after coming out of the swim. I have thought over and over about race day nutrition and what I want to do on the bike.

My Race Nutrition

I think Im going to put a long sleeve jacket on in T1. I also have been using Embrocation on my legs when biking the last few days so Ill use this come race day as well...Its called Dznuts in! The DZ stands for Dave Zabriskie. It has been tested and proven to provide warmth, protection and comfort in inclement weather. Check it out at

My honey just put my hot pink handle bar tape on my bike. It looks so sassy just like its owner. Im begininng to like Miss Erin. Shes been following my orders lately and going fast just how I like!!

Miss Erin (Giant Aeryn)

I've been a little sassy this week and I know its because the weather stinks!! I have been on the windiest rides this week, the rainiest runs, and had to swim in the pool...SO GRUMPY I AM!!

I am looking forward to sunshine this weekend. May the wind be at my back on the bike and may I run like the wind!! :) Good luck to all the Super Stars that will be joining me that read my blog!! If you see me say HELLO!! :)


  1. I'm liking the pink tape! :) Good luck this weekend!

  2. I'm kinda wondering about what to wear on the bike too... It'll be cold, but don't we start climbing right away? I was thinking another top, but thought I'd get hot fast? Think just arm warmers would work?

  3. Have a great race and I love your bike!

  4. Love the pink tape! Don't stress about the weather. You'll be going so fast you won't even realize that you're cold! :)