Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflection on 2010

Wow, I cannot believe it is going to be 2011 tomorrow. I have been thinking of what transpired over the last year and let me tell you 2010 was a great year for me!!

As I look back and both my personal and professional life I have made many gains and have taken some losses too I'd have to admit.

Here are some highlights of 2010:

1. I became a Director of the CNY Triathlon Club putting together the Oneida Shores
   Training Series that took Place every Wednesday night from April to September.
   Boy did we have a great turn out. Im hoping my honey and I will still be able to
   conquer this this year.

2. My place of employment went through many changes. We lost 2 doctors in the
   matter of a few months and the PA and I had to hold the practice from going down
  for the most part.

3. I made some great advances in triathlon! I placed 1st in my age group, 2nd in my
   age group twice, 11th OA, 1st OA and I did my first HIM!! Only can get better

4. I hired a wonderful coach who I admire so deeply

5. My honey and I made it through a great 2010 without killing each other!! LOL!

6. My daughter did her first triathlon

7. I had an opportunity for placement in a job I would enjoy but turned it down  
    because I truely care about the people I see on a day to day basis now and quite  
    frankly it fits my lifestyle

8. Started Blogging!!!

9. I've met some great and inspiring people, all the people that I meet inspire me in
   some way. I thank all of you who read my blog. I love reading yours and each and
   everyone of you have made me say wow once or twice!!

There are a few things I am hoping for in 2011. I have goals that I want to achieve
Heres a snap shot

1. Finish an IM standing up!!
2. Clean up my Nutrition
3. Start looking at ways I can educate our clients more, like having educational
    sessions after hours. Teach the nursing staff at the office, maybe even try and
    teach a nursing class..what the heck. Worth a try!
4. Be more patient with the people around me. Somedays are more trying than others
    with a 7 year old if you know what I mean!
5. Always be willing to listen. I think that you get so caught up into what you think is
    right or you want to get your point across that you miss what the other person is 
    trying to say. I think Im a pretty good listener but fine tuning this is on tap for
6. Not letting that A girl be 1st in my age group...Im hunting her down!! LOL!

Im sure I have more but this is all I can think of at the moment!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Be safe and enjoy your night!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Week in Review

Good Monday Morning to you all. It is Very Windy and Cold here in Central New York! That Noreaster sure did bring that Bone Chilling Wind!!

This past week was a difficult one trying to get Christmas Gifts, to the dentist since a filling came out, having Gymnastics Practice, Picking everyone up from school and work, finding time to work out and Spending time with family. I still have yet to get my haircut!

Jason, I won Mortal Kombat. You see Im really good with those combo moves, but I think now I have a blister on my thumb!! Ha ha!!

Yesterday I went on a 7.9 mile trek with a few of my closest tri buddies. Can I tell you they are fast runners and they can still talk to each other!! I think I was panting while they were having a normal conversation! The funny part is they are all guys!! Thats probably why! I need to find some women to talk with!

I've been on the trainer this week a bunch and I have noticed my heart rate is changing on the bike. It actually takes alot more effort to get my heart rate up. Now if this can only happen with running I would be all set!!

Swimming was good this week. I am learning to keep the elbows high and pull correctly. I will be getting videotaped again next month to see if there is any improvement

Lactate threshold testing was done on the bike this week. I was hauling *ss, or at least I felt like I was with only a HR of 149.

Heres the Numbers for last week

Swim: 5350 meters - 2 Hours
Bike:  3 hours 10 min - mostly trainer with some spin bike
Run: 18.79 miles- 3hours 15 min
Strength- 1 hour

Total time: 9 Hours 25 min 10 sec

Happy Training!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All

Christmas was great this year!! Woke up early and let the little one bask in the glory that there is STILL a Santa Claus! Maybe not so much next year as she asked about the wrapping paper this year. I even wrapped hers in different wrapping paper than the rest of the family!! She is catching on!! She asked me a hundred times in the last 2 days if I thought that Santa was real. My little one is growing up!!! Sniffle!!

We then drove about a half hour to my parents house where we opened more gifts with Papa and grandma, Auntie, Uncle and Nephew!! I won't mention how many cookies I ate of my sisters since she is an awesome baker!! We then had a great ham dinner! I said goodbye to my little girl as she had to spend time with her daddy as well. This is what I hate about having a split home. But we love her and cherish every moment we have with her.

We then went to my honey's moms house to visit with his side of the family....More!

I then came home, groped that Im fat and ate too much this holiday, hopped on the trainer and got my hour ride in. Im now going to sit in front of the TV and kick my honeys butt in some Mortal Combat VS DC....what kids we are deep inside!!!

Merry Christmas to all....And to all a good night!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letting Go

Some times its hard to let go of that one thing that someone did to hurt you, that one thing you remember, that one person that let you down.

I was talking to one of my patients today and hearing what I was saying to her made me realize that some things are in need of just letting go.

Over the last year I have made some mistakes. Some little, some big. But, It is time to move past these and let them go. Since it is the end of the year I have made it a vow that I will think long and hard before I tell someone my point of view, before I yell at someone, before I pass judgement. Its hard to see someone elses view when you are upset. Its time to take that step back.

I always give good advice but sometimes I do not take my own. This coming year will be different.

On another note the family did a Holiday tradition Last night!! Lights on the Lake!! It is a Drive thru showing displaying different themed lights on the Parkway here in Liverpool! We have done this since my daughter was 1 month old!! It is pretty much the same thing year after year, but it wouldn't be Christmas without seeing them!

Onto more shopping, wrapping presents, baking cookies, and getting a swim and bike in tomorrow!! Tomorrow is girls day out...what a Treat!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Losing the Battle this week

Oh yes. I said it. Im battling the cookies left and right!! I will get it under control by tomorrow. I have to. Its my only hope for staying away from the cookies.

This weekend the Little one and I made Spicy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Thumbprints, Peanut Butter Cookies and Chocolate Mint Cookies. Yep All 12 dozen cookies in my face. I cannot say I didn't taste test. I cannot give cookies away without making sure they aren't edible!! I have been good and gave some away already. To teachers, to coworkers, to family.

Today when I got to work I had 2 boxes of chocolates on my area from a Patient. 2 BOXES!! Oh My I wanted to scream! Luckily my office wanted some of them! I took the rest home for my honey as he is a chocoholic and I need to fatten him up so he doesn't beat me next year at the 70.3 Musselman!! Ha ha!

We also had our Christmas party today at work. Not to mention patients have been bringing in goodies all week for us! See it is hard to comply with eating correctly when you are surrounded by all this goodness...Sigh..

Today I had the worst run. I think it was my bad eating and lack of hydration today. It definately shows in my workouts when I abuse the inside of my body.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year~!

I love winter. Love it. I had a great 45 min run outside in 13 degree weather here in Central New York Yesterday. As I was running my cheeks and neck did get fairly cold. I need to get one of those head thingy's. I think they call them Baclavas?
Even though I was cursing my coach on the way back as I was struggling to hold back and stay in my heart rate zone, I look all around and see the glistening of snow underneath the sun peaking up from the horizon, the birds in the backround churping their merry tunes and the bustle of cars all around me. So serene. I love it.

I have been thinking about taking up a little snowshoeing as well. I have been looking at ones in all the outdoor shopping stores in our area. You know Gander Mountain, Herb Philipsons, Sports authority. I even checked Play it again sports. I still have yet to find a pair I have that "I gotta have them feeling" for. I so want to try Snowshoe running. It looks so fun. YouTube it. You will see what Im talking about!

Yesterday was also my daughters first Gymnastics meet. I have seen her practice for the last 6 weeks and I cant believe how far she has come. She is a stubborn and persistant so she now is able to do a handstand into a back bend, and a back bend with a flip. WOW. She is only 7!! Im proud of her! I don't know how many times she fell off the high beam in practicing her routine but somehow she got it together yesterday and was great! I did take a few pictures, then my camera died!! Not happy about that one!!

Last week was a recovery week adding up to a total of 6:30 hours of working out. I missed 1 swim session. ugh. Where I need the most form work.

This week I am back in full swing and feeling much better. Now it is time to stay away from the cookies, pies and all that is sweet!!

Happy Training!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Horoscope Friday

Sorry I have been Super busy over this way and have not read alot of Blogs! The laptop crashed a few nights ago and I haven't felt up to getting on the PC when I have been babied by wireless for too long. But, here I am. I know I have a lot of catching up to do!!

My throat has felt like razor blades the last 2 days, so I skipped my workout today..Geesh. What the heck is going on. I have been fueling right (for the most part) but I still feel like doo doo. My office manager said to me today, "you are always sick!" Well, Let me just say that 50% of the patient population I see on any given day has come into my office with Sore throat, Coughing and hacking all over me, and fevers. Hmmmm....let me guess what Kristin might get. Not to mention I've seen a total of about 8-10 Strep throat cases this week. Not to worry though. I was tested in the office yesterday and no strep. I think its a viral thing and will pass yet again!! I need to start wearing a mask!!

My question to you guys is, would you be offended if you came in to the office for a sore throat, cough, fever, etc, etc and I, the provider was wearing a mask?? I feel like they would be offended. But, I think this is my only saving grace to get through the winter without ending up with Pneumonia, Strep throat, the flu...the plague..(The last one was a joke..ha ha!! )

I was having a really crummy day today when I looked at my phone and received my daily horoscope. This brightened my day tremendously just by reading these words:

"You can handle whatever comes your way today- as long as you believe in yourself. Try to make sure that you're repeating positive messages to yourself, because you're definately capable of great things"

Wow, what a horoscope. I am capable of great things...this is just the beginning of that journey...

Happy Training!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday night review

Well, the Nor'easter is here!! Cold, windy and ICY!!

Im in a recovery week this week and Im soooo going to enjoy it!!

You can Click here to see all the pics from Its a Wonderful 5K. It was cool. MTV was there. A girl wanted to me "MADE" into a 5K Runner. I didn't realize I was sitting behind the camera, fixing my race bib, blowing my nose, so yeah I hope they cut that part out!!

Even though I didn't PR, I thought about the race yesterday. Here are my thoughts

1. My nutrition before hand was rock solid, eating well balance meal 2 hours before my run. 15 min before a gel, between that water water water

2. I went out WAAAYYY too fast for me. I get caught up in the moment. I need to hold my pace back. I started the first 1/2 mile at a 6:30 pace. First mile 8 min..second 9:08, third + .1 9:26. Yeah not a negative split again!

3. I red lined. I don't like feeling that way-

4. My Garmin for some reason stopped on its own. This is the second time this weekend...hmmmm

5. I felt like I was going to throw up the last half of the race..

6. I love people yelling to me nice shoes!! I have the new PINK Saucony Kinvaras!

Heres the numbers for last week:

Swim: 5,000 meters - 1 hour 5 min
Bike: 4 hours 30 min- Trainer + spinning
Run: 18.1 miles- 3hours 6 min 8 sec
Strength- 1hour 30 min

TOTAL! 11:01:08 (thats with skipping a day because of sickness!!)

Happy training

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It a Wonderful 5K Run

I will do a big race recap when I have pics available, but I did this race in 26:34! Ok, I thought it was a PR at first but its not! Boo hoo! I think my PR is 25:50?? Man I cant remember. It was when I did my run test for my coach. I need her to send me a copy of my times again. I need to keep a spread sheet for myself.

This was the last run at age 29...Today I turned the Big 30! Over the last couple of year I have been truely blessed to have such awesome support and encouragement and great friends to lean on! I couldn't have made it this far without them!! So Im thanking everyone! Im getting a little teary eyed as I write this.

Even though I didn't PR, I had great friends to share the joy and excitement of running with. Friends from Lake Effect Run Club. I met these truely awesome people last year when a co-worker introduced me to them! I was fascinated at how welcome they made me feel. It didn't matter what time I could run a 5K in or what my best race was. It was about coming together to run with company. Sure there are fast and slower runners with me, but If I want to run faster I can find someone to run with, or even at a slower pace as well.

I started the day off today with two of my Tri Buddies. We were planning on a run through downtown Syracuse. Yeah, we ended up doing 9 miles in the cold rain! But my heart was warm and we had great conversation about everything and anything! Then I got some Hershey Kisses at the end!! Icing on the Cake!! I love my group!!

So far I've had the Best Birthday ever! I wouldn't change a thing!! To a new Decade and new Age group!!

I will post pics and a recap as soon as I get the pics from my friend who took all the pics as I forgot the camera!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Thank god its Friday!! Its been a whirl wind of a week. Wednesday I was feeling under the weather so yesterday I did what I needed to do to feel better. I took a day off!! WHAT?!! GASP!! I know! I feel the same way! But in order for me to recover from this icky virus, I had to let my body rest.

One thing you should know is I have been back and forth at the doctors with low white Blood Cells, you  know, the one that fight bacteria/infection, so any person that sneezes on me Im bound to get something. This started about 3-4 years ago and it is a cyclic thing. Ill go back, get my blood drawn and be fine. It is a concern because I don't know why my body is doing this? Could it be my training and my nutrition habits?? I do think that is playing a role.

I have started better eating habits a few weeks ago. I have been working on 4 fruits, 4 veges per day alon with my 3 dairy and 2 meats. I hate meat, Bleck!! Ok, I hate red meat, Only Chicken and pork and fish for me please. I think this has helped me recover quicker because frankly I would've been out for a week normally with a cold but glad it only affected a few of my workouts.

Tonight I had some fun in celebration of a new decade of my life coming. I went out with some work friends to dinner and to See Burlesque with Christina Aguilera. That was a great movie. I think I could Burlesque...hmmmm...maybe not as well as she could. Ha ha!! It was just nice to relax and take it easy for a little bit.

Tomorrow I will be signing up for one of my friends cycling classes because frankly he kicks my *ss in cycling and his spinning classes are worth paying for. Its an 8 week program and will help me get my time on the bike in. Also he does some brick work after which is awesome!!

Also on tap tomorrow night at 4:4pm is a 5k Race, Its a Wonderful 5k. Its awesome. The christmas lights come on as you run!! Ill definately bring my camera! Im hoping to PR if Im feeling up to cross your fingers!!

Happy Training!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

The last few days have been crazy! We have experienced 86 hours straight of snow, with over 4 feet of snow on the ground and it isn't supposed to end until tomorrow. Then we can expect a Noreaster this weekend. I thought it was so funny when we were talking about this at work and a co-worker asked, "Whats a Noreaster?" Now she has lived in New York all her life..Hilarious!!

A Nor'easter is named for the winds that blow in from the northeast and drive the storm up the east coast along the Gulf Stream, a band of warm water that lies off the Atlantic coast. Google it. You will find your answer! Not fun!!

I have signed up for a nice Its a Wonderful 5K on Saturday night. A few people I know from our local Lake Effect Run club are heading there as well. Its at night and the Christmas lights come on while we are running! How awesome is that?!!

I've been feeling under the weather and missed my bike workout yesterday, mainly because I was tired from my honey Snoring and keeping me up 2 nights in a row!. Im hoping Im not coming down with something because I putted along in swimming today. But I was doing drill work so I had to be somewhat slow.

As you guys know my "30th" Birthday is this Sunday and My boyfriend got me the most priceless gift! I love that he knows me and doesn't shower me with jewelry because frankly I dont wear much. So I came home and there was a big package from

Heres what was in it!!

2 swimsuits, Pull Buoy, PT paddles, and Goggles!! Now thats a GIFT!!!

We have been shoveling a lot and that is another downer, But our dog has been making us feel very wanted. He puts his nose right up to the glass and whines for us. Its So funny!

Happy Training!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Let it Snow!

Ok, I told my friend Yesterday on Facebook that I loved the snow. I have to admit I love this time of year. It get you into a cozy cuddly mood. I love asking my honey to make me a coffee or hot cocoa and then I try and put my feet all over him to warm me up...LOL! Yeah he loves me. He doesn't care!

Also yesterday, the Christmas tree went up. My daughter decorated the tree all by herself and was so proud. (Even though it looked bare. How can I go around her and put more bulbs on the tree without making her feel bad?? She was proud of her doing)

Heres the tree-

I then proceeded to hope on the bike next to it and get my workout in while reading this-

This morning I looked out the window and saw this covering my Jeep!! Yep! Were were kind of snowed in!

Riley loved the snow! He was eating the white stuff and jumping in it and getting all excited. It was very amusing to watch!! I on the other hand was not too fond of having to shovel out my car this morning! Yes I do love the snow, but not all in one day!!                                                                                               

Below is a Beautiful pic of the snow falling. I look like I was in a Big Snow Globe!!!

On tap tomorrow included Hill repeats. Do you think a hill full of snow counts??!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Running in the Dark

Tomorrow I will be running early morning. It has been very dark at 5 am. But you know, Running in the dark has a certain magic which makes me feel fast and carefree. Im suddenly aware of everything that is around me and I feel very alive.

I have done some things that make me feel ok with running in the morning. Of course it is freezing cold here because we have snow on the ground and the temps are around 20-30 in the morning.

I have thermals, I have mittens and my hat. I also Just bought some reflective straps for my legs as well as a Head Lamp. They sell them really Cheap at Walmart!! Thanks to my friend Sean who told me this one!!

There are some things I think about before I go out in the morning:
-I try to find a partner, but sometimes I know there are slackers out there not interested in getting up at 5am for a morning run.
- I try to stay alert as much as possible. I DO NOT wear an Ipod for the simple fact I've almost been hit twice by cars already. I need to assume drivers do not see me and be very cautious around cars pulling out of streets, driveways, etc.
- If it is way too snowy and cold, I head to the gym. I'm not going to risk some person sliding off the road into me.

I am also thinking about getting some trail running shoes as a friend of mine pointed out they are better grippers in snow and ice. So this week I am going to search for those pink and Black Saucony Trail shoes that I have been eyeing.

This week has kind of been a BLAH week and Im hoping this next morning run will have me refreshed!!

Next week I have been thinking of doing a GIVEAWAY of some of my favorite things! Stay tuned...
Happy Training!

Friday, December 3, 2010

What got me into Triathlon??

I saw someone post this along the way and I thought I would share my story.

I think I posted before I was never naturally Athletic. I worked at playing sports from Middle school onto High school. I played Volleyball, Soccer and Softball. I never really can pin point when I started to get heavier but it was probably in high school.

You see, I never had good eating habits established in me when I was growing up. We would eat everything and anything. My parents were both overweight and never exercised. They would start something and quickly stop it in a month. They would always tell us we weren't fat but in reality our whole family was fat. I think I ballooned to a good 160 pounds at my high school Graduation. Now I was only 17 then. I battled overdosing on diet pills, getting activated charcoal shoved down my throat, having to be admitted for observation.

I then went to college and had an obsession with losing weight after my high school sweatheart and I broke up. I would work out until it hurt and then eat a salad. I would look in the mirror and hate what I saw every day. Then one day I liked what I saw in the mirror. I was a size 4 on my 5'6 frame. I was finally thinking I was healthy. I lived in the dorm and while most of my college buddies were drinking, smoking and eating heavily, I was being picked on for getting thin. It was a viscious cycle. I was picked on for being fat, now for being too skinny, I never could win.

I then reunited with my highschool sweetheart and ended up marrying and having my daughter at 22. I continued to yo-yo diet and go up and down on the scale. A year after my daughter was born I was 206 pounds. I was getting dressed one day and my pants wouldn't fit.  I decided right then and there I was going to start working out. I also was in a wedding in 5 months and wanted to look good. So I started going to the gym every day. Logging my exercise and watching my diet. I ended up losing 3o pounds in that time. I was happy that I was getting back in shape. I still looked in the mirror and hated what I saw, but I was getting there.

I was getting ready one day for the gym and my husband looked at me and told me I was getting too skinny and I was ugly. I couldn't believe what I heard. I told him I felt I was not too skinny and Im getting healthy. From that point on the verbal and mental abuse started. I started running with my girlfriend, I planned on doing my first 5K so that I would have a goal to acheive. My first race ended up being 5 miles which I finished in almost an hour. I was proud of myself and kept pushing myself harder and harder. I ended up losing 30 more pounds. I finally felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and started feeling mentally good about myself. I felt more confident in myself. This was in 2004.

I loved to run, It made me happy, it took away all the pain and sadness I was feeling at home, In my life. I eventually divorced my husband. It was the hardest thing to do but I had to do it for me. I met my now boyfriend shortly after that. He was very athletic and was interested in biking. We started dating and he bought me a bike so we could go riding together. From that point on I was hooked on biking. That was 2005. In that year I also took on my first Half marathon and was so proud of my accomplishment.

I started racing bikes and winning my age group. I loved it. My boyfriend then did a triathlon. I figured I could do one too so I started swimming and was Terrible at it but I knew I could do it. The next summer, 2006, I did my first Marathon and sprint triathlon. GreenLakes Traithlon. I pulled my calf the week before playing beach volleyball but I was determined to finish. I had no clue about the swim and panicked and doggy paddled the whole way. I came in 4th in my age group and received a medal!!! I was soo happy!

I then started training but my swim was never good until last year when I started working on it a little more...even though I still have work to do. I was hooked after my first triathlon...I was facinated by the way it made me feel, the feeling of joy. I still raced bikes and ran but Triathlon was my thing. 2010 I started getting serious about triathlon. I even finished my first 70.3!!

I still don't feel Im at an Ideal body weight yet, some days I still look in the mirror and say I am fat. But I also see a strong person for going through so much and enduring all the rough roads to finally see it paying off. I think I will always have issues with my weight but at least I will never touch a diet pill, I can do it the healthy way. I know how. I love who I am today and I have so much to be thankful for.

I know I was long and winded!!

Happy training!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swim Analysis

Yes I know. No one likes to be critiqued and told they are doing something wrong. But, In traithlon world, being a good athlete means trying to perfect all three sports or at least try to be efficient in all three. Yes, it is definately challenging.

You see, I was always into sports but could I call myself naturally athletic?? Never. Could I catch a fly ball, yes, could I kick a goal in soccer, yes, Could I hit a baseball, yes I could, Could I serve up some aces and Kills in Volleyball, Absolutely. But I would never call myself a natural. I had to work on form, on fitness.

Hence, my form in swimming is not that bad..well ok my pull really stinks and I know it needs work and that is probably why my arm aches a little after swimming 3000 yds. You see Mary sent me this whole video explaining how I drop both elbows and Push the water down instead of Pulling it. I also bob my head up and down because of my dropped elbows.

I did get some positive feedback also!! I have a good followthrough, good kick from the hips, good rotation. So that was a plus on my side.

I will be doing some pull drills that I know she will have me doing to be more efficient at swimming. Hey at least I know what I look like in the water!

KM swim Dec 10.doc

If you open up this document, you can see just what I do wrong!! Very good feedback for me!! I will again address this at the end of January and see if there is any improvement!!

Happy Training!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


1. My heart is POUNDING from all the excitement, nervousness, happiness, jitteriness, oh all of these things and more! I am OFFICIALLY signed up for B2B Iron-Distance Race taking place in Wilmington, NC on October 29, 2011. Let the training begin! Oh well um yeah, Continue I mean!!

2. I just got videotaped in the pool this afternoon. Coach has it in her possession now. I can see her right now rolling her hand over her mouth wondering what she is going to do with that swim stroke. I took a mini peak at it myself. Um yeah, I have no high elbow at all and to think I had some High of an elbow at least with my right arm!!! Yeah and when I breathe I think I roll waaay to far over. We will see what the expert has to say and go from there. I am my WORST critic.

3. The temperature this morning was 61 degrees and now it is 34 and snowing...hmmm weird. I love the snow so it doesn't bother me too much. I love running in cold weather!! I even bough a head lamp yesterday for those early morning runs!! Since yesterday I went out with a friend and did hill repeats and rolled my ankle a bit. Didn't hurt myself though! Thank my lucky stars!!

4. Our Triathlon Club has started a competition with other clubs with USAT for most mileage accomplished over the off season. This month is all swimming miles 500 miles we need. We have over 700 members. I think we can handle it!

5. I went to the gym to swim this morning and was not happy the Pool was closed AGAIN!! I said some naughty words and walked out of the gym..I then called to get out of my contract and ranted how awful the place was and that I was training for an Ironman and cannot get into the pool. Yeah I let them have it..ha ha! I feel much better. I've been ranting and raving for a year about how I hate that place. You think they would call me back by now..NOPE haven't heard anything. GREAT customer service!! Oh and when I asked if they would do more programs for triathletes and I would help set one up...I was so blown off...yeah Not happy about this place...ok. I think Im done now. phew!

6. I have declined a second interview with the ICU mainly because my job now has given me more money that I cannot say no to! Hey I have a family you know! So right now I am going to stay with Family practice and see what happens.

Happy Training everyone!!