Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Week in Review

Good Monday Morning to you all. It is Very Windy and Cold here in Central New York! That Noreaster sure did bring that Bone Chilling Wind!!

This past week was a difficult one trying to get Christmas Gifts, to the dentist since a filling came out, having Gymnastics Practice, Picking everyone up from school and work, finding time to work out and Spending time with family. I still have yet to get my haircut!

Jason, I won Mortal Kombat. You see Im really good with those combo moves, but I think now I have a blister on my thumb!! Ha ha!!

Yesterday I went on a 7.9 mile trek with a few of my closest tri buddies. Can I tell you they are fast runners and they can still talk to each other!! I think I was panting while they were having a normal conversation! The funny part is they are all guys!! Thats probably why! I need to find some women to talk with!

I've been on the trainer this week a bunch and I have noticed my heart rate is changing on the bike. It actually takes alot more effort to get my heart rate up. Now if this can only happen with running I would be all set!!

Swimming was good this week. I am learning to keep the elbows high and pull correctly. I will be getting videotaped again next month to see if there is any improvement

Lactate threshold testing was done on the bike this week. I was hauling *ss, or at least I felt like I was with only a HR of 149.

Heres the Numbers for last week

Swim: 5350 meters - 2 Hours
Bike:  3 hours 10 min - mostly trainer with some spin bike
Run: 18.79 miles- 3hours 15 min
Strength- 1 hour

Total time: 9 Hours 25 min 10 sec

Happy Training!!


  1. I am hitting the pavement this morning for my first run in a month. I hope to be able to run with you soon! Then you will have a chick to gab with.

  2. Brrr! Were getting a lot of snow here in western mass too! I need to go get my butt on the trainer!

  3. Way to go on the MK. Good thing those blisters on your thumbs won't affect your running, but there might be some drag on the swim.

    Numbers look solid. Stay warm up in CNY.

  4. Nice numbers! Winter is HERE to stay!