Monday, December 20, 2010

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year~!

I love winter. Love it. I had a great 45 min run outside in 13 degree weather here in Central New York Yesterday. As I was running my cheeks and neck did get fairly cold. I need to get one of those head thingy's. I think they call them Baclavas?
Even though I was cursing my coach on the way back as I was struggling to hold back and stay in my heart rate zone, I look all around and see the glistening of snow underneath the sun peaking up from the horizon, the birds in the backround churping their merry tunes and the bustle of cars all around me. So serene. I love it.

I have been thinking about taking up a little snowshoeing as well. I have been looking at ones in all the outdoor shopping stores in our area. You know Gander Mountain, Herb Philipsons, Sports authority. I even checked Play it again sports. I still have yet to find a pair I have that "I gotta have them feeling" for. I so want to try Snowshoe running. It looks so fun. YouTube it. You will see what Im talking about!

Yesterday was also my daughters first Gymnastics meet. I have seen her practice for the last 6 weeks and I cant believe how far she has come. She is a stubborn and persistant so she now is able to do a handstand into a back bend, and a back bend with a flip. WOW. She is only 7!! Im proud of her! I don't know how many times she fell off the high beam in practicing her routine but somehow she got it together yesterday and was great! I did take a few pictures, then my camera died!! Not happy about that one!!

Last week was a recovery week adding up to a total of 6:30 hours of working out. I missed 1 swim session. ugh. Where I need the most form work.

This week I am back in full swing and feeling much better. Now it is time to stay away from the cookies, pies and all that is sweet!!

Happy Training!!


  1. haha! Balaclava. Baclava is the dessert ;)

  2. Great training week! And so exciting to have your daughter's first gym meet be successful!

    We snowshoe a lot and I LOVE it! We actually got ours online from LL Bean. Inexpensive and do the trick, especially since we weren't sure how much we'd use them at first. Have fun!

  3. Way to go on the chilly chilly runs!!! One place to keep an eye out for snow shoes is I have seen them pop up a few times on there! (the site changes products every 20 minutes or so, so check back a few times per day!)

  4. Ha ha..baclava cracked me up too! But, it looks like Jon got the right word! :)
    Nice job getting out in the cold for a run! The low 30s is pretty much my limit... :)

  5. Fighting the sweets and desserts has to start now b/c you got baclava on the brain. Fight that temptation.

    I am going to sound like Jeff (Carrot) but it was cold here in Texas this weekend as well. No ther was no snow and while we had a 3 in the temps it was the first number and not the second but still it was cold.

    OK, gotta run and get in my 90 minute bike ride in the 65 degree temps.

  6. I have no idea how you run in that cold. In SoCAl we are moaning about having 5 days of rain (of the 10 annually). Might be a good time for me to shush up.

  7. Ba ha ha Jon!! Yeah Balaclava!! And YES desserts are WAY too on the brain!! Thanks for all the great tips on Snowshoes!!

  8. Kristin, I went snowshoing for the first time yestersday and it was awesome! You will absolutely love it! It is very much like running in the cold weather and snow, peaceful and serene!