Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swim Analysis

Yes I know. No one likes to be critiqued and told they are doing something wrong. But, In traithlon world, being a good athlete means trying to perfect all three sports or at least try to be efficient in all three. Yes, it is definately challenging.

You see, I was always into sports but could I call myself naturally athletic?? Never. Could I catch a fly ball, yes, could I kick a goal in soccer, yes, Could I hit a baseball, yes I could, Could I serve up some aces and Kills in Volleyball, Absolutely. But I would never call myself a natural. I had to work on form, on fitness.

Hence, my form in swimming is not that bad..well ok my pull really stinks and I know it needs work and that is probably why my arm aches a little after swimming 3000 yds. You see Mary sent me this whole video explaining how I drop both elbows and Push the water down instead of Pulling it. I also bob my head up and down because of my dropped elbows.

I did get some positive feedback also!! I have a good followthrough, good kick from the hips, good rotation. So that was a plus on my side.

I will be doing some pull drills that I know she will have me doing to be more efficient at swimming. Hey at least I know what I look like in the water!

KM swim Dec 10.doc

If you open up this document, you can see just what I do wrong!! Very good feedback for me!! I will again address this at the end of January and see if there is any improvement!!

Happy Training!!


  1. Hi!
    so funny...because MY follow through is NOT so good;-)

    way to get cool swim analysis feedback;-)

  2. Remember: addressing your pull is going to correct your head bobbing, watch!

  3. Great job on getting the help to improve. That really does take courage!

  4. I think it's awesome that you got your swim analyzed. Now you know what exactly you need to work on! I don't have a good pull either..ugh!!