Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cazenovia Triathlon Review

This post is also a little late, but one to share

The Race was 4 weeks after IMLP. I was feeling pretty good going into the race. I was still feeling like I wasn't recovering from my runs as fast as I should, but felt confident in my ability to complete the race.

The only downfall for me was, because I placed 2nd OA at Cooperstown tri, I was asked to try the Championship wave which turned out to be an Intermediate race! I started feeling the negative self talk creep up on me as the race approached. There was a former pro, soon to be pro and a Pro in my wave. How was I to compete with these people?!

I got to the race with plenty of time to spare. I got nervous when my disc wheel wasn't pumping right, but I stayed calm and focused on what I could control at the moment. Luckily, my friend had the attachment I needed to pump up my tires!

Swim 1500m: There was about 12 of us in the wave total. I tried to just get a good position and hold on as long as I could. I knew the people in my wave were pretty fast swimmers! I held onto them for about 1/4 mile and then I was on my own to finish up the 1500m swim. GRRRR!! I didn't sight very well as there was only one cable line and buoys to follow. Still working on that part. Time-30:11

T1: No problems with transition. There was a run up a hill to the mount line, which I liked better in the grass, but hey we all had to do it! 1:03

Bike 25miles: I didn't even have my legs at the start of the bike. I was hoping they would come to me, but I never truly felt good on the bike until the second half. This bike leg has some tough grinder climbs and I just tried to hang on for as long as I could. I did pass one girl on the bike which I was proud of!!
I felt so alone on the course. I knew the better girls probably had a good 3-5 min on me and with my legs feeling like bricks, there was no way I was going to keep up. I just tried to do me and focus on what I could.  Time-1:13:01

T2: Off the bike with shoes still on the bike, run down hill, racked bike. Took a little longer as I put socks on but it was a good move considering I had Blisters from my run the day before. Time-1:03

Run 10k: I felt great on the run. I felt like I was keeping a great pace and kept focusing on forward movement. I saw the other girls ahead of me. I tried to focus on the 3rd girl I saw because she wasn't that far ahead of me. I thought for sure I would catch her, but she must've really put the heat on on the second half because after the turn around, she was gone!! The run is pretty challenging. You are climbing for the first 5K and then down the next 5K. Phew! Time:51:31

Overall Time: 2:36:32
4th overall Female. In a tough bracket. Ill take it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid In a nut shell.

Now that I finally have time to really reflect on my Race and finally accept what the outcome was, I can begin to write this blog.

The morning of I was feeling pumped and energized. I didn't have any doubts going into the race as to whether I would finish or not. I knew I would. I had time goals in mind, and kept ones I would be ecstatic with and ones I would be ok with to myself.

PRe race meal: 3 hours prior: 2 bananas, 2tbsp Almond butter, 2 Scoops Whey protein, 2 cups applesauce all mixed together in a blender with 1 scoop turmeric, 2 scoops Beetelite. (has always worked for me, didn't change it!) 2 hours prior: Fuelforfire Cocoa banana pouch I got from the Core Diet tent! (Yes I know, Don't try anything new. It really wasn't new. Its all real food!)
Continued to drink Infinit run blend up to showtime, 30 min before swim: 1 GU packet.

I did a pre race swim to shake out the nerves, said good luck to many Tri friends that were up here racing with me and off I went to line up in the 1:15-1:20 pace group.

Swim: I really wish I would've lined up in the wave ahead of me. It got crowded fast and I was getting hit and slapped like no tomorrow. I wanted to find some feet to hang onto but Felt there was no one going my speed around me. I started to get anxious and nervous as people were hitting me and my legs just kept sinking! The turn around to get out of the water and onto the second loop was a washing machine of Feet and hands. I was happy to be out but felt exhausted trying to find good swimming water. The second loop was a little worse than the first. I kept thinking lets just get this shit over with and get onto the bike. Totally over the swim. Went I exited the water, I was so freaking happy!
Time: 1:19:52

Bike: The bike course is no joke. It is a gradual incline, followed by a good decent, rollers than more climbing towards the back side. Do that twice and your legs are fried. I tried to keep focus on spinning, keeping a good cadence, and Hydrating well. The first loop went off without a hitch. When I got to the Bike special needs station, I was down a bottle of hydration. I knew I was in trouble if I didn't start picking up the drinking. I stopped to pee at the next port a potty and continued on. I tried so hard to pee on my bike, but couldn't! The second loop got very hot and all I could think about was how hot I was feeling. Every aid station I grabbed water and tossed it on me and drank a sip and tossed it. Going back into town was just mind crumbling. Going 10 mph for most of the ride wasn't fun. I felt like there wasn't much energy left. I hit the town and my energy came back. The crowd was great and I was ready to rock the run!
Nutrition: 5.5 bottles of Infinit nutrition, 2 Carmel Macchiato Gus for different flavor, Water on the last loop when needed.
Time:6:25:28 Ave pace 17.43 mph

Run: As I went through transition, I just stopped and sat in the chair for a minute as I was feeling so hot. I was so glad to be off the bike and onto the run!! I changed socks and shoes, put my hat and sunglasses on, Fuel belt and was ready to tackle the run! On the way out of transition, I waited to get sunblock on which took more time than I wanted it to as I had to wait!! ugh. It was only a few minutes I know, but time is everything in Ironman!! :-p  I kept thinking about how hot I was. I tried to focus On positives, worry about nutrition, Ice in my bra, anything to keep my mind from going negative. I forgot about my mantras and just kept focusing on getting to aid station after aid station. River road is a lonely place and I saw so many people struggling to run, I didn't want to be that person struggling but found myself getting to that point fairly early on. At the Run special needs, I saw the first place persons body shut down and she was almost incoherent. I took a step back and thought, I am not winning this race, I will give it what I've got from this point on. I did what I could. I ran 5min, walked 1 min until I got my feet again in the last mile. When I came into the oval, I was so happy I was finishing my dream race and that my Honey would be at the finish line to greet me!

Little did I know, He had my medal waiting for me!!! Thanks to my friends at Ironman who made that happen!

Run:4:41:11- 10:53min.mi

Total Time:12:41:35

When It was all done, I was happy, then cried for about 5 min as my goal of 12 hours wasn't there. I tried my best! I went home, showered, ate and came back to watch Mike Reilly in the last hours bring home the Ironmen!!!

Kristin, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!! Woot!

I still have a goal. That goal is under 12 hours. I will try to Catch that goal at my next IM!!! Ironman Mont Tremblant 2016!!!!

Happy training!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Recap #1

I have been absent from Blogging for the last month because something had to give! Being a Busy mommy of 2, work demands and of course training for one of the biggest races was super time consuming.

I am back to document the journey to Ironman!

We arrived the Thursday night before the race. I wanted plenty of time to Get to the venue, scope it out and feel the energy from this small town. If you have never been to Lake Placid, NY, it is worth a trip.  Between the beautiful views of mountains, ample water and swimming, Hiking and biking, there is plenty to do there!

It was when I saw the Ironman Village that I got super excited to be there and enjoy the experience. Nothing gets you going than seeing those flags and arches in the Ironman village announcing that Ironman is in town!
Seeing all the people in town going to the village and all the excitement surrounding this area was infectious!
We then went to our cabin to get checked in. The cabin was a minimum of 5 night stay, but we figured we would stay for a week since my mother offered to watch the kids! We were in for an awakening when we saw this cabin. In no way would I say go cheap in Lake Placid unless you really do not care! The cabin was nestled by Mt Vanhovenberg and it was not what I pictured it/expected it to be. We made light of the situation as it was supposed to sleep 4. How, I do not know! It was tiny and our bags, bikes and us barely fit into this cabin! It was dusty and full of cob webs. I was ready to leave and go get a hotel near the venue, but I knew the rates would be higher, so we sucked it up and tried to deal with what we had. We knew we wouldn't be in the cabin for long. Or so we hoped.
No TV. The mister was mad he couldn't watch Tour De France
He likes his bike better than me..LOL!

The pictures here look very deceiving. It really wasn't all it was cracked up to be for the money we paid. No refunds either, of course!

We got to the cabin pretty late, so we decided to grab some groceries at the Local Price Chopper and then head back to the cabin and eat. I have some pretty serious intolerance's to food, so I have to be careful even with traveling! When we got to Price Chopper, I had to chuckle! No bananas and No Avocados!!! You knew athletes were in town! Ha ha!

The next day, We decided to make our way to the Athlete village and get checked in. Needless to say we had to walk through all the vendors and I did end up buying some new Newton Gravity 3s! Yes, I have a weakness for running shoes! We also decided to take a Dip in Mirror Lake. I was surprised at how warm it was! 70Degrees! The swim was uneventful and I was feeling confident going into Sundays swim. That sealed the deal. I knew I could Swim it and be fine!

We then watched the Opening Ceremony/band for a bit and met my training partner for Dinner at the Pub.  If you haven't eaten there while in Lake Placid, You should! Its a great atmosphere and good food!

We then went home to get my bags ready for the drop off the next day. This is no easy task to decide what you should put in each bag. Thankfully I had it all bagged away prior to our travel, so all I did was transfer it all to the bags. Made it so much easier than to think about it when I was there!

Saturday- We road the run course for a quick ride to get the legs moving, then I racked Norris, looked around the transition site as to the ins and outs, put my bike and run bags on the rack and was out of there! I didn't want to think about it and wanted to just relax and focus on hydration.
We went back to the cabin, took a nap and then decided to enjoy the town for a bit. We got into town and there were many Fire trucks heading into town! We looked up and saw smoke coming from Main street! We watched the Fire Fighters try to put this fire out for at least a hour. We decided to walk around Mirror lake to get a view of it and then head home. Nothing like watching a fire. Devastation and pure heroism all in one. Very moving.

Sunday- The day I have been training for since November was Finally here! All I worked for and all I sacrificed to get to that starting line was finally coming to fruitation on this day! I said goodbye to My honey and off I went to gather my thoughts, get body marked, Drop off my Special needs bag and get my nutrition together for the bike and run. A friend of ours is apart of Ironman and it was great he was there assisting me and calming me down before the start. I met up with my training partner in transition and we headed to the swim together. It was going to be a great day!!!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cooperstown Triathlon Recap

This past Sunday I competed in my first Triathlon of the season. I wanted to do a sprint just to nail some transition changes prior to Syracuse 70.3.

ATC Endurance puts on some pretty superb races and I was grateful to Bike Loft East to offer a entry for me. 

 The fifth annual Cooperstown Triathlon moved to a new venue at Glimmerglass State Park, just outside the village of Cooperstown.  The scenery of the park and the beautiful rolling landscape of the surrounding area did not disappoint!.
The race begins an 800yd swim in beautiful Otsego Lake. It is followed by an 18.8 mile bike ride through the rolling hills and beautiful countryside of the surrounding community. The race finishes with a 3.1 mi run pretty much within the park

I was nervous the days leading up to the race as I had a extreme asthma attack in the water 4 days prior that required Nebulizer treatments and a injection of Steroids into the tush. The water was cold and I couldn't get my breathing under control. As the days crept up, I kept messaging the race director for the water temp. I hope he wasn't too annoyed with me asking everyday!

I told my honey I would decide the day before the race if I was racing. Of course I had a meltdown the night before about my wetsuit, my asthma and everything in between.

The morning of was a little hairy. We drove the 1:40 to the venue and it seemed like the longest ride of my life. Through Rain, Fog, Almost running out of gas, Not being able to see, MapQuest directions being wrong, I was ready to throw in the towel.

We got there with moments to spare and of course there were little bumps with getting my packet and bike off the rack of the car.

I decided to get into transition, set up , get out and try to go for a warm up swim. Well, that really never happened because as soon as I put my face in the water they called us out of the warm up swim. I started to get really nervous, but I knew the water temp was in the 70's so it made me a little less crazy.

I did pre game with Sudafed and a puff on the ol' Proventil inhaler in hopes that things would settle down.
Calm but nervous as hell
I decided to seed myself in the front and just see what I was able to do. A little caotic at the start of the swm, but I was able to find some decent swimming space and just take my time and sight as best I could. The water was semi choppy, not too bad.

I got out of the water in about 14 min, but on paper it was 15:43!! wth! I knew there was some fast swimmers in my group but I was just happy I didn't panic or drown in the water!

Transition- Quick in and out 57 sec

Bike- Now I love to bike!! This is my strongest leg and I was determined to make up some time on the bike. It was a sprint afterall and I could push hard. It needed to hurt! The bike had a few false flats followed by a fast back half x 2. I got a little over 19miles on my watch, but it was supposed to be 18.8 miles.

Bike time- 55:22 Ave speed 20.4 mph- FASTEST BIKE SPLIT for the WOMEN!!!

Transition 2- Lost my rack for a second but quickly found it. 56 seconds

Run- I went through transition and was told I was Second female by my honey and to keep my lead. I was gunning for the 1st person overall. The run was a 2 loop course with a little steep grinder thrown in there, but pretty much flat and fast. I saw the lead person at the first turn around. I thought I would catch her by the end but she was just too far for me to close the gap. I pushed hard and my lungs were screaming at me, but I knew the 3rd woman wasn't that far away from me.
I came in Happy to be 2nd Female Overall!!!!

Run time: 23:58 Ave speed 7:29 per mile

Total time: 1:36:56

I have been working hard on my running and it is paying off! I am so happy with my performance. Now if I could just get faster at swimming!!

Onto the next adventure- Syracuse 70.3!!!

Happy Training!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

IMLP Training Weeks 25 and 26, 2 races and a whole lot of Bling!

I am not going to go all into details about the last 2 weeks, just that training is in Full force that it is getting hard to keep the blog up as well.

I am trying to make some gains in running, which is my limiter, but it seems like the harder I try, I still stay the same pace!! Ugh!

I joined a Track club this week thinking that would help me out. I was in for a treat when it was BIG Hill repeats for 30 minutes! I mean these people are Fast on this team!! I feel like one of the weakest links! But, I know that's what I need to make me stronger. I am going to push myself to do speed work with them and let everything else fall into place. I have been running with another group and just feel its not giving me what I want these days, so time to step up my game!!

I did the Mountain goat 10 miler in Syracuse last weekend. My son did the 1/2 mile kids run and RAN the whole thing!! He is 2.5 years old! I couldn't be a prouder mommy! My daughter then showed her stuff with me on the 3K run too!!

I also raced the Du The Lakes Duathlon today. Good solid efforts on both considering there is no resting. at the Duathlon today! 7th OA Female and First in AG!!

 Now is the time for the big workouts. Next weekend is 85 miles on the bike with a 1:30 brick and the next day back at it with a Run and bike. eeeek!!!

11 more weeks until the Big Day!

Last 2 weeks of training:

14:49:36 for week 25- 8325 yds of swimming, 138 miles of biking, 29.0 miles of running

13:04:45 for week 26 (down week)- 7000 yds of swimming, 125 miles of biking, 25.5 miles of running

Happy Training!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training week #24

I am behind on my Blogging big time. Ironman training has taken over and the little things are starting to take a back burner. I give you the quick and dirty version.

I got a lot of riding in and it was a little better with the weather.

I won my Age group in the Springtime 10K! 8th OA female and 1st in AG! I will take it! I haven't had a AG win since I was in my 20s! It was a tough course but I held my own. Especially in the last 100yds when I sprinted to pass a girl that passed me minutes before that! I love a challenge.

I am getting ready to do the Mountain Goat run next. I am planning on doing the 3K nice and easy to warm up, then the 10miler full speed! If I have speed after a 4:30 Bike the day before. Oh the thrills of IM training!

I realized that IM is a lonely sport. I feel no one wants to ride/run with me because I am "too fast" or "biking or running too long" I am sad some days that I don't have a group to run with. I am mentally prepared for a long journey, but it is better with company for sure. I am so grateful to my training partners I do have though.

The last weeks breakdown

Swim: 7625 yds, 2:12:00= 15.2% of training
Bike: 126 miles, 7:25:00= 51.3% of training
Run: 33.7 mile, 4:51:09= 33.5% of training

Total training time: 14:28:09

Happy training!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training Week #23

I can't believe I didn't post on last weeks training! I am slacking! Training is Ramping up and it is going so smoothly, I can't even phathom how good I feel! I am enjoying every aspect of training and I am so glad I have a great partner in crime to go on this wild ride with me. I can't even imagine not having his support or my other family's support for that matter! My mother has been a saint and saving grace for us to have "Date day" rides.

Last weekend I finally got out to the Syracuse 70.3 course to enjoy the amazing weather. Sunny and 70 is what I like!

Swimming is coming together nicely. I actually connect with the water the last week and it felt amazing to finally just "get it" in the water. I am riding the wave right now and just going with it!

I cannot just say enough about how good I am feeling so I am going to just stop now and talk about the numbers last week since this is a late post

Week in Numbers:

Swim: 7750yds- 2:15:00
Bike: 127 miles-7:02:19
Run: 30.5 miles-4:24:40

Total time: 13:41:59

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training week #22

What a week last week was! The weather was still crappy and couldn't really get outside too much. Did my 3:30 long bike on the trainer yet again. I did manage to enjoy the peek of nice weather we had on Sunday. With that saying, no snow and no rain.

I tried to meet every goal last week, every training session, but life intercepted and let me know it couldn't be done last week. I only missed the full training week by 25 mins though

Last week I tried to focus on eating a little bit better than I normally eat. Trying to avoid the sweets I have succumbed to over the winter. my addiction is chocolate. Yes, yes I have a problem.

While on my long run Last Sunday, I felt dead. Legs felt like lead, But I kept imagining what it would feel like after biking 112 miles beforehand. I sucked it up and completed my run. I had pretty good numbers last week and was on cloud nine!

Easter was Sunday as well. I got to hang out with some very special people! Life is so much better when you have the best family by your side!

Training in numbers:
Swim- 5275-1:33:30
Bike- 172 miles- 8:35:33
Run- 36.6 miles-5:26:00

Total Time- 15:35:03

Happy Training!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training Week #21

This was a Down week coming off the Syracuse Half Marathon. I rested pretty well the first few days, but then was dying to get back into training. Surprisingly, I wasn't that sore post half Marathon although I knew my body was weaker. I didn't do any speedwork as requested by my running coach and just sticked to easy to mild tempo running, Good form.

I am really starting to focus on Pulling in the water and rotating my hips, trying to stay relaxed as much as possible in the water. I tend to get anxious the first couple laps and then slip into this tingly coma feeling for the rest of the swim. I try to shut out the negative and focus on what I can control.

The Bike comes naturally for me, however I am having a little trouble getting comfortable on the saddle. I can't put my finger on the seat yet, but its a work in progress.

I ran Sunday with a great friend. We did one of the toughest running courses in Syracuse, The Mountain Goat course and talked about what time we are looking to get. Obviously, I was a little tired from the accumulative affects of the race and long bike on Saturday, but still put forth a good effort of a 8:40 pace on Sunday for 14 miles.

Swim: 7350yds- 2:07:25
Bike: 127 miles- 6:20:00
Run: 26.5 miles- 4:04:00

Total time- 12:31:35

Happy Training!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

IMLP Training Week #20

Last week was a down week. A little recovery before the big Half Marathon.

The begining of the week I felt sluggish. I backed off on some strength training as to not add more stress to my mucles before the race. I did work on upper body, but held up on the lower half.

I ate well, Hydrated as much as I could and used my foam roller like a BOSS!

I struggled with how I was going to rest going into the race and decided to do my Long Bike on Thursday, freeing up Friday to rest and Easy Bike on Saturday.

It paid off as I had over a 7min PR at my race! I am still shocked that I did so well. I will be forever indebted to my Running partner JF.

I am not so focused on my Time and Distance lately. I feel like I have shifted into caring more about putting in a good effort and feeling good about the workout.

The week in Numbers:

Swim: 2:01:00-7200 yds
Bike: 5:51:27- 117 Miles
Run: 3:46:33- 26.8 miles
Strength 20 min

Total 11:59:00

Monday, March 23, 2015

Syracuse Half Marathon Review

I hadn't intended on Running the Syracuse Half until one of my friends decided she needed to give her bib up to attend to her injured foot. I was originally planned to work yesterday, but one of my Colleagues agreed to work for me so I could be crazy and run a Half marathon with 3,000 other people. She actually said to me, "I cannot believe you want to take off from work to run a Half Marathon." I just smiled back at her.

See, when you aren't a runner, you don't get the feeling of a "runner's high". My happiness is seeing how far I can push my body, how far I can go, how mentally am I ready to take on what I am doing. That is my motivation to keep running.

I woke up feeling not the greatest yesterday. My stomach was off and I was a bit nervous on how I would tolerate gels to be honest with you. I decided to stick to the plan and eat my normal pre race meal of Bananas, Raisins, Almond butter, and Honey. I decided to continue to hydrate well and take my Sweet potato, applesauce and Cinnamon pouch with me in the car.

The roads were less than spectacular when I headed to the venue. It is only a 15 min drive from my house, but with traffic backing up on the highway pretty quickly, I decided to get off the highway and park 3 blocks away and run to the start. I figured it would be a great warm up prior to the start. I did slide in my car a bit, which made me nervous on how the roads would be.

I then got the message they had purchased salt and actually salted the whole course by hand! Kudos to the race director and volunteers!!!

The weather was only 17F at the start with a little wind. I decided to go with tights, long sleeve and outer shell. I get pretty hot with running and felt this was perfect for the conditions.

I had planned on pacing with a few friends so I sought them out at the start and planned to stick with them like glue for the whole race. It turned out, I ran with 1 of them the whole way and had a BLAST!

We seeded ourselves in the 7-9 min Pace group and planned to run 8 min miles give ot take.

I took a gel, listened to the National Anthem and we were off and running around 8:15AM

We kept a steady pace as there wasn't much wiggle room to get past people at the start. Going up James street was tight. We only had half the road as it wasn't closed to traffic and just decided to play it steady but not rush it. My partner and I were being crazy up the hill "We eat hills for breakfast, sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on it, oh yeah!!" Everyone around us was huffing and puffing already.

We made sure to run easy through every water stop and grab what we needed for the long haul. I think it really paid off! We hydrated and kept on running.

Miles ticked by. We talked about the race, we talked about Ironman, We talked about goals, we talked about our pace, we laughed at how serious other runners were.

Before we knew it we were Around the MOST and heading home! The last few miles were a little tough but I was on pace for a good time. I wanted under 1:50 and knew I was well below that at this point. I felt good so I kept on pushing.

My partner was telling me to kick it into gear and that we were almost done when we rounded the last corner. I didn't believe him until I heard the announcers.

I decided it was time to pick off some runners at this point. Picking it up a little more.

My stomach held off and I was able to take in the appropriate nutrition to get to the finish line! I was elated! I gave my running partner a hug, and thanked him so much for giving me the confidence to do a 1:45!!!! 7:20 min PR!!!

Nothing can describe the feeling that you get when you accomplish a goal and beat that goal. I even negative split the race!! Awesome!!!!

I cannot say enough about this race. To the Pre Race Expo, to the Warm Oncenter prior to the race, to the Race Director, Volunteers, spectators, Finisher Medals, Meal, Swag and Music!!! I LOVED this race! I will be signing up again next year for sure. The only downside of the race was the Darn Potholes in Syracuse!! Darn winter tore up the road pretty badly!

TIME: 1:45:03
22/303 AG 30-34
120/1840 Females
355/2773 Finishers

Now onto my next goal of under 1:40. Don't Stop Believing!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training week #19

19 weeks down, 19 weeks to go!!! OMGeee!!! Its getting closer!

The weather is still pretty shitty in New york but am trying to make the best of it. The winter has been a long winter. I never new what the winter blues felt like until this year. I am sure I got my taste of it.

I am still trying to get outside to run as much as I can. Still waiting on above 40 temps to get on the bike outside.

I did eat something this week that didn't agree with me. I am extremely sensitive to Gluten and soy. I Have been pretty much strictly Paleo for the last year and a half and when I stray from it, I notice immediately. I have to say I did have some crying episodes on the bike because of my abdominal pain from eating something wrong. It wasn't pretty, but I continued onto my ride. If it was going to happen in Ironman, I wouldn't give up either.

I felt pretty strong in the pool this week, I added a extra "easy" day of swimming this week. The pool was jam packed and I ended up in a lane with the guys doing 1:29-1:30 Pacing for 100s. That was pretty fun to try and hang onto them. I only lasted about 300yds. Hey, I am glad I lasted that long!

Running has always been ok for me. I am starting to feel a difference after changing my shoes as I was overpronating alot. I am now using Saucony Mirage to train in and Saucony Fastwitch to race in with Superfeet inside. So far so good. Its been about a month. Less Left hip/piriformis pain. Still getting it a bit but I can push through it now.

Strength is getting better. I have been going for about 20 min on my luch break at work to get it in. It has been my lifesaver. Get it in when you can!

Nutrition- Pretty much ok, except for the unknown trigger for GI distress earlier on in the week. I have been looking for more "clean" ways to hydrate and get nutrition in on the bike. I do use Gu gels and Drinks now to get me through as those are what is offered on the course at IMLP. I need to get stock in it as I have already gone through 4 boxes of them!

Training in Numbers:

Swim- 7800yds-2:14:00
Bike- 142 miles- 7:23:00
Run- 28.8 miles- 4:18:30
Strength- 55 min

Total time- 14:50:30

This week is a down week and I am soo excited!! I am also Culminating the week with the Syracuse Half Marathon on Sunday!! Cannot wait!

Happy Training!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ironman Lake Placid Training Week #18

What a great week! I am hitting the training like a champ! I didn't hit as much swimming as I would like and am still adjusting to getting up early to get the workouts in. Now double daily workouts have started and is very challenging with 2 kids and a loving partner to stretch my time with!

I got my Tri Bike this week and with a few adjustments I was ready to go. I got my long bike in on it which I was pleased about. It is taking some getting used to again as I have been off one for the last 2 years. The first few rides were a little slower than I would've liked but I am still moving and grooving which is half the battle!

The niggle in my Left hamstring and Piriformis finally released itself this past week and I have been relieved to run faster than ever! I really think it was my over pronation throwing my gait off making some hairy inflammation occur.

I have been craving more chocolate than normal which has been one of my dampers in the nutrition department but other than that, the paleo diet has been maintained throughout training. I do use Gu's and Roctane throughout training to get quick carbs in but other than that, my diet is strictly paleo eating.

I have been trying Tart Cherry Juice the past week and am hoping it will help with Inflammation. You can read all about the benefits of it here.  It is quite tart but tastes good. You can also mix it with Smoothies, seltzer water, etc.

I am on the edge of my seat getting antsy to do the Syracuse Half in 2 weeks. My long runs have been favorable for me to go under 1:50 which I am hoping for!

My training in Numbers:

Swim- 4800 yds, 1:20:00
Bike- 110 miles, 5:56:00
Run- 31 miles, 4:38:50
Strength- 1:15:00

Total Training- 13:09:50

Happy Training!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tipp Hill Shamrock Race Report

Nothing like running with a total of 2790 finishers in the 10th Annual Tipp Hill Shamrock Run. 

"This course showcases the historic Tipperary Hill neighborhood of Syracuse, NY, bringing runners past many of Tipp Hill's favorite landmarks, including the world famous "Green-On-Top" traffic light, scenic parks, architecturally striking churches, and of course, some popular Pubs including Coleman's and Nibsy's."

This course is somewhat challenging and does provide a great tune up run to the Mountain Goat run that is on May 3rd in Downtown Syracuse.

I originally wasn't going to run this run because it is notorious for being a high turnout race and definitely one that the "weekend warriors" tend to come out of the woodwork for. After all, most of the local pubs offer some sort of discount on drinks/food with your BIB if you do the race. 

My friend ML was on vacation and told me the BIB was mine if I wanted to run the race. So I contemplated doing it all week. When I found out my good running buddy KJ was running it with her running group, the Road Warriors, I decided I would join her and have a good run with a great friend. 

We arrived at the race around 10AM after being diverted from the orginal route to the race due to an accident. KJ's group was meeting around the corner at one of her running groups house which was awesome considering it was only about a 10 min walk/run to the start. 

The temps were hovering around 20F but the wind was definitely making it feel a little bit chillier. I decided because I get so hot, I would only put 2 layers on and be fine, Hat, gloves, Tights as well. 

Keeping warm and happy before the race
We went to the start around 10:30, Did a quick run around the Rink and Went into meet and greet anyone we knew inside. I did the Hula Hoop Challenge inside the rink and lasted 21sec. I almost won a gift card if I could've lasted another 10 seconds!

We got to the start around 10:50 and shimmied our way up to the front as close to the elites as we could. Of course other people had the same intentions as us. 

When the gun went off, It was complete weaving for the first 2 miles. I even ran into 2 walkers right after the start of the race. The plan of the day was to just stay steady as I was coming off a 2:30 Bike earlier in the morning. I threw that plan right out the window as soon as I got around the first corner of the race. I was heated and ready to run. The parked cars on the running streets and the runners ahead of me were making it hard to get around them, so I just tried to stay comfortably uncomfortable for the first few miles. 

Going up the first hill, I was able to make up some time and get around alot of the slower runners up the hill. It still wasn't enough to push forward in any capacity.

The never ending hill that starts at Nibsy's and doesn't end until you get up Coolridge took me a little longer than I wanted it to, but I didn't stop running at all!!! Wooo hooo! I got up that Damn hill and decided to push a little to the finish. 

I gave it a great effort and ended up with a time of 30:45. Wanted under 30 min, close..

Managed 10/254 AG 30-34
31/1556 female runners
213/2790 finishers

4.13 miles, 7:30 pace by my Garmin with all the weaving, 4 miles-7:42 pace by results. 
I would say that was a pretty decent run! This was almost a 3 min PR from last year considering all the bobbing and Weaving I did!

Afterwards, we celebrated with a maple cream cheese frosted Cinnamon Roll from The Cookie Connection. I cannot say no to their baked goods. I do treat myself after my hard bike/runs on the weekends. Hey, We can't always be good! :-)

Happy Training!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

IMLP training week #17

Move over February! We are finally onto March! Hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel with these colder Temperatures!

Today was my long run. I dreaded going outside in 4F weather but I sucked it up and met 3 other running friends for company. We are all training for something, one of them being the Syracuse Half in 3 weeks. My training partners and I set up for some wind, snow and slippery footing this morning to get 13.5 miles in!

To say I am not tired this wee would be any understatement. I didn't do some of my training because I do have a little of the "winter Blues" going on. I skipped a swim and run just because I felt unmotivated and weak. Coming off the Lake Effect Half Marathon last weekend, I didn't give myself enough rest. While I didn't feel sore, I felt overwhelming fatigue by Thursday of this week. It doesn't help that I started to really focus on a little more strength training coming off the Half too! What was I thinking?!

People have been asking me what my training has been like. Up until now it hasn't been all that bad! Now that the races are starting, I need to learn to refuel quickly before, during and especially AFTER the races. I think this was a little bit of the cause of my fatigue. Proper fueling is key to a quick recovery.

I am very sensitive to Soy and obviously Gluten, so I practice a Paleo Diet as much as possible. I have been playing around with recovery and am still looking for a great Protein drink that will satisfy my needs but not make me bloated or uncomfortable all day long. What do other Paleo athletes use?
I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas, but if anyone has any they want to share, feel free.

This week, I finally purchased my Tri Bike. Fuji Norcom 2.1! Can't wait to start Training on it!

This week in Numbers:
Swim- 4650 yds- 1:23:25
Bike - 97 miles- 5:03:00
Run- 22.3 miles-3:22:00
Strength- 1:15:00

Total time- 11:03:25

Happy Training!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lake Effect Half Marathon 2015. Ending IMLP training week #16

The first Half marry of the season is in the books. I have mixed feelings bout how well I did and how I can improve. The weather leading up to the race was less than Ideal for me. With the negative wind chills and Snow drifts, I was doubtful that the fore casted weather report for race day was anything but accurate.

They days before the race, I did some changes to my Training schedule to give me a rest day/Swim the day before (which never happened due to my cranky 2 year old) I did my long ride on Friday morning as I had the day off from work and vowed I would spend the rest of the day with my Feet up and hydrating well. I'm just going to say that didn't happen either

Race day came and I couldn't contain my excitement that the weather was not in the negative numbers! I was ready to race and It actually felt a little warm! OK, I said a little warm.

I did my usual fueling for the race and tried to hydrate well, but trying to get a 2 year old from beneath your feet as you are scrambling to get ready was wrecking havic on my ability to hydrate well. I chugged a half a 20oz bottle of water and kissed everyone goodbye and headed down to the race site to get a good spot to park and relax a bit before the race.

I got there with about 45 min until the race start. I decided to get a good mile warm up with some pick ups in with a few of the local racers in town. Did some chatting and lined up for the race. I was a bit nervous as I have been training long and easy. I decided to do what I could and forget the rest.

I decided to keep my fueling and hydration under control and leave the rest up to my mind and body.

The first few miles ticked off without a hitch. My goal was to keep every 5K within 24-26 minutes each.  First 5K- 23:57. I was right where I wanted to be. I thought to myself. Great pacing, keep working.

There was about a 2 mile stretch out and back that was snow covered and I knew the second half was not going to be stellar with footing once 500 or so people have trambled all over it, but didn't want to think about it until it came around again.

NExt 5K 25 min. I am still cooking with my time. Right where I wanted to be. My 10K split was about 50 min which I was pleased with.

There was a lot of slush going back again in the same loop. I tried to get footing where ever I could get it.

The next 5K was 26 min. Fuck, I was slowing down. Keep fueling and continue to push. I wasn't feeling horrible at this moment, but I have to admit that the wind did start picking up a pinch in this direction.

Then, I hit the out and back part again. I think I used some profanities under by breath but decided to smile through it all knowing that everyone, except for the people wearing the Yak Traxs (Yeah, the smart people) were having the same problem I was.

I was slow, I was slipping. I tried to keep as light as I could on my feet and just go!

Next 5K 27 min. I was down and Out that I was getting slower as the time ticked. I knew mentally I was ok, Physically I felt ok, but I was slowing down and didn't like it one bit!

The last mile, I regained my speed and was happy overall with the race, Until about 1/4 mile from the finish when 2 girls passed me and got me soaked from the slush! I did manage a what the heck and decided to push through and try to reel them in. I almost got them by the end.

Total time: 1:52:23
117th out of 555 finishers
11/51 AG 30-34
39/328 Female finishers

Fueling- 4 Gu's and a whole lot of water- Perfect
After the bad section

In other training- I was down on time this week, but knew I needed to rest up for the Marathon

IMLP Week #16 in numbers

Swim-3450yds- 1hr
Bike- 91.1 miles- 4hr 55 min
Run- 25.3-3hr 42min
Strength 30 min

Total Time- 10:07:00

Happy Training!

Monday, February 16, 2015

IMLP training Week #15- Bitter cold temps continue

This winter is dragging along in NY! I would like to pack my bags and move down south for the winter months! The bitter cold temps have kept me indoors training on the Bike and Treadmill.
The temps have reached -27F with the wind chills! Brrr!

When we are at the top of the 100 snowiest cities, I think its time to move somewhere warmer, especially when I can't country ski to save my ass. The only thing I remotely like to do is Snowshoeing. I guess I don't mind Tubing. Don't get me started on how unbelievably embarrassing my downhill skiiing is!

What is left? Thank god for running. I can layer up and run for hours but then I hate to come home and have the biggest chill to my spine, wanting to quickly dive head first into a hot tub!

Brrr! As you can see I am throwing up my middle finger at mother nature right now. UGH

Training However, still is going great! I cannot believe the motivation that is sticking with me to train and stick to the plan! I have a lot of supporters and friends that keep me motivated and sane throughout this whole journey!

Yesterday I hit the indoor track for 2 hours! I met some fellow runners that helped tick the minutes away! Before I knew it I was done! I would have to say that it was a little less tortuous than the Treadmill.

I am gearing up for the Lake Effect Half Marathon this weekend and am crossing my fingers the bitter cold blast ends fast! It is supposed to be a high of 27F this weekend and looking forward to trying to get my PR.

Training in numbers this week:

Swim- 6,000 yds, 1:46:00
Bike- 100miles, 5:10:00
Run- 28.2miles, 4:03:00
Strength- 50 min

Total time- 11:49:00

Happy Training!

Monday, February 9, 2015

IMLP training week #14

Its been a long week. CNY is getting hit hard by old man winter. Between sub Zero temps, winds and snow, I am so over the winter these days.

I did get a few days out in the snow running. This weekend was amazing. Even though it was only 20 degrees outside, I felt warm and knocked out 12.2 miles on my long run this weekend.

Finding it hard to stay motivated in these temps, when I have to get my ass up even earlier to shovel off the car. But I still focus on the end result. Getting to the Finish line at IMLP!!

I received my new special ops TYR goggles in the mail last week and was so happy to get them. Well, I left them at my local gym last week and ended up losing them. Sad day today in the pool. Thank god I had an extra pair to wear.

I am preparing for my next adventure in the snow. The Lake Effect Half Marathon on Feb 22nd. Looking forward to breaking my goal of going under 1:50 for this race. Hoping the conditions set me up for a great race! We will see.

I fell down my basement stairs a few days ago, right on my back and hit the back of my head! Oouch!
I have been feeling a niggle here and there. I may need to go to a chiropractor. I almost had a meltdown while swimming this morning because every time I rotated my hips, I felt a pull in my back.

I'm hoping I can be adjusted and fixed by race time!

My running playground
How's everyone else's training going??

This week in Numbers:
Swim:6060 yds- 1:34:24
Bike:91 miles-4:35:06
RUn:24.7 miles-3:43:49
Strength: 45 min

Total: 10:38:19

Sunday, February 1, 2015

IMLP Training week #13 and a 5K

This week was a little of a down week. I managed again to get all my training in. feeling a little sore after the race today at the end of the training week, but overall it was a good week.

I can tell you the same things as last week because nothing was really exciting in training except for Today.

I did a 5K after a 8.5 mile long run.

To say it didn't hurt like hell was a lie. I had a tough time keeping up on my race but it was a solid effort for sure,

My friend, J and I went for a long run through the cold parkway by our house. The temps were hovering in the High teens, low 20F's. Freakin cold! I started to warm up about 3-4 miles in and started to need some gel to pick me up. I felt good running the 8.5 miles with my friend. We had great conversation and before I knew it 1 hour was gone!

I went back to the registration area after my run, changed clothing and tried to stretch and warm up for the race. I think I ran a little too early because fatigue was setting into my legs pretty quickly. I was a little concerned lining up at the start line. I was a little shivered as I didn't change the sports bra. What was I thinking?!

I warm up pretty quickly as the gun went off. I Started off at a pretty good 6:50 pace. I thought, I could keep this pace, but as the minutes ticked by, my legs were getting heavier. I also had a few girls breathing heavily in my ear which causes me to panic and start thinking I cannot breathe which isn't a good feeling when your running. I didn't know whether I should haul ass and pass the chicks or let them go. I let them go once, but she wasn't keeping pace so I ran faster to get rid of her.

By Mile 2.5 I was ready to get this race over and done with. I tried to kick it up a notch and bring it home.

24:05 was the race time. Not a PR. But not too shabby for the mileage beforehand!

8/39 in AG 30-34, 15th OA Female- All I can say is there are strong runners in my field! WTH!

(Not to mention the overall female winner was 10!!!) Awesome!

Total Times:
Swimming- 6300 yds- 1:50:00
Biking- 102.5 miles-5:15:00
Running- 25.3 miles-3:41:26
Strength- 30 min

Total Time: 11:16:26

Happy Training!

After 8.5 miles of running. Crazy?!

After the 5K!! Ha ha ha! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

IMLP Training Week #12

This week was a good solid week. I was proud to get all my training in despite a nasty Sore throat and a tickle in my throat to start the week.

I started to feel better by Wednesday and my speedwork session was showing how good I was feeling! 9x1 mins in 5-6min miles was fabulous!

The pool is still kicking my ass these past few weeks but I know it is only leading up to bigger and better numbers for me. Its hard to get in that pool more than 2 days a week so I am trying to make do with those 2 days.

My Bike mileage has been pretty solid. Continuing between 80-100 miles per week. Strength on the bike is getting better. I am able to recover quicker and less muscle fatigue coming off the bike into a brick run.

My running is still a vice. I am working on still improving the running without suffering injury along the way. I have had some niggles here and there and trying to work those out has proven to be a challenge. Not sure if I need to Get pronation shoes and suck it up and buy some inserts as my left foot is starting to roll in looking at some running footage of me over the last few days.

Love when I have solid weeks.

When I had some down moments, I reflected on why I wanted to do the Ironman again and again. I do it for my self determination, I do it because I am goal setting, I do it for the pure enjoyment, the anxiety relief, when all else is going crazy in my life, I can fall back onto the bike or run and feel centered and focused to tackle any obstacle in my way. I do it for my family. For them to see quitting is not an option. To fight for something you love, to give it your all.

I will not go down without a fight. I am willing to fight if it comes to that point. The fire is within me. I am ready.

Next week is a little of a down week, then Sunday a 5K race! Can't wait to see what I can accomplish!

Totals this week

Swim: 1:35:00- 5350 yds
Bike: 6:35:15- 137 miles
Run: 4:30:00- 30.6 miles
Strength- 30 min

Total 13:10:15

Happy Training!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

IMLP training Week #11

This week didn't go as planned. Last Sunday I had a long run and just felt like I couldn't snap out of it. My run was great, getting in 10.25 miles in in 90 minutes. But as a spun on the trainer after the workout I felt pretty much dead.

I shook it off and continued onto my Monday workout which consisted of Lifting, Swimming and of course a mini Spin session. Bike Base is huge in IM. Can you tell?! Surprisingly the Workouts went off without a hitch after much concern I wouldn't be able to match my goals for the day.

Tuesday I did have a fairly good Bike ride but My run felt off. Just couldn't get my legs to turnover the way they normally would but chugged out the 45 min that I needed to get done for the day. I thought maybe it was the strength training from the day before as it was a lot of Leg work.

By Wednesday I was feeling achy. I managed a great speed work session on the treadmill. Actually getting a 6:30 pace for the speed work!! I channeled my inner strength and drive and thought about Ironman and all the sacrifices and dedication I have been giving to training throughout the last year.
I made it through a hour session but after felt the deep ache return.

Mind you, I have been working as well, with people coming in left and right with Flu symptoms and a boat load of strep cases.

Thursday my swim was less than stellar. I was mad that I felt so winded after 500 yards. I contemplated getting out of the pool but then thought if this happened on race day, I wouldn't quit. So, I completed 45 min of swimming totalling 2500yds. Phew! I had a run planned for the night- 1:05 on the treadmill. I managed 45 before I called it quits. My whole body ached. I felt like I couldn't continue. I felt like a failure. But remembered that If I continued, I would be stressing my body even more. Some days you just have to give in to the fatigue setting in.

Friday, I woke up with a sore throat- Rest day, Traveling to PA for a Gymnastics meet in snowy weather. I was so glad for the day to recuperate and watch my daughter compete in her first Silver level meet. It was chaotic with a little 2 year old running a muck inside the gymnasium but we managed 4 hours of it! How tiring! That night as soon as we got to the hotel, I was done for the night. I took Ibuprofen and headed to bed. Fatigue kicking my ass at this point

Saturday- Super sore throat and flu like symptoms. Decided to just drive home instead of seeing some family we haven't seen in a while in PA. I kept hydrating thinking I was dehydrated, needed a break, Mentally fatigued from work, children, training. I had a big trainer ride and brick run to do- I decided against it due to me feeling like I was run over by a mac truck.

Today- THE BEST RUN- Heart rate was perfect! Wanted to run forever. Completed 11.50 miles in 1 hr and 40 min! I decided not to rush my feeling perfect at the moment.

I realized today, every month since I went off oral contraceptives, I have been feeling this way. It may be time to restart...Ain't nobody got time for a week of fatigue!!

Training numbers this week:
Swim- 1:50:00- 6,400 yds
Bike- 4:01:41- 80.8 miles
Run- 3:22:00-22.5 miles
Strength - 30 min total body

Total Time:9:43:41

Happy Training!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

IMLP Training Week #10

This week was a down week. I'm glad it was. With work inundating us with people with the flu, it wasn't going to be to long until I started presenting with symptoms. So, right on track After seeing multiple patients during the week, I started coming down with fatigue and body aches by Thursday.

I didn't take a rest day because My symptoms weren't that bad to warrant it. I kept trucking along to meet my goal times this week. By Saturday, my Long bike didn't seem so ominous. I got on feeling that I could bike 1:45 with a sore throat and chills. I am glad I stuck with it and finished the workout. Despite lower cadence and speed, I still finished the workout.

Today I was my perky self again and rocked a 10.25 mile long run in 1:30! I felt strong the whole way and felt I could maintain the 8:45 pace for another 1-2 hours without a problem. Progress!!

This week had its own stresses outside the triathlon world. My Mothers apartment complex caught on fire, We are looking for a new home and my daughter is preparing for her first gymnastics meet. Nothing happened to my mother, just a little smoke damage, thank you Lord. This is all On top of me working full time and taking care of the family at home. Phew! Busy, busy! I wouldn't change it for the world though!

I did have a few slip ups in nutrition this week. All I wanted to do was EAT! It was mostly healthy foods with some GF cookies thrown in there here and there but more that I usually Eat. Moving forward on that one!

I am gearing up for some good races next month. Once being the Couch Potato 5K and Lake Effect Half Marathon. My goal is to go 1:45-1:50 for the half and to break 22:00 for the 5K. We will see!!
Excited to have goals!

This weeks totals:

Swim:1:48:09- 6200yds
Bike: 4:25:00- 84.3 miles
Run; 2:55:00- 19.5miles
Strength:30 min
Cross training- Row 800m

Total: 9:43:09

Happy Training!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

IMLP Training Week #9.

I cannot believe there is only 202 days left until the Big Day. It seems long but in reality it really isn't! I am so excited to be on this Journey. We finally nailed down our Training weekend in June. We are staying at the Whiteface Lodge and it is going to be an amazing weekend!

This week was pretty tough. It was high volume on the bike but that's what we are trying to build. More mileage and endurance on the bike to set me up for a great run.

I had a few niggles here and there. Had to change my bike seat out for the 50th time. Why is it that I cannot tolerate a seat for more than a few months?!

I received my new GU packets in the mail. YUMMMMM! The Caramel Macchiato is A-Mazing! I need an intervention because now I am getting excited for my Long Bike and Runs. Not to mention the Salted Caramel flavor and now the Root beer one too. Man I am all set with nutrition this year for sure. I have tried multiple Brands but this and HUMA gels are the only ones I can tolerate with my sensitive stomach. I figured If they are going to offer GU on the Ironman course, I should get used to it.

I will not get used to Gatorade, However. That stuff is toxic to me! Bleck!

I should Also mention I got my new wetsuit!! TYR Hurricane 5! Woot! It was like Christmas all over again! It fits like a glove. I love it!

This week was crazy with my daughter being off from school and my little one having some uber meltdowns. But, We got through it like champs. I am always so appreciative of the sacrifices my man makes for our family. He is the best person in the world!

Training Week in review:

Swim: 5800 yds -1:45:00
Bike: 103 miles- 5:41:00
Run: 25.5 miles-3:49:17
Strength 30 min

Total 11:45:17

Happy Training!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

This is a time to reflect on the last year. I have to say it has been a great year!

I am not much for Resolutions. I think just striving to be better than you were yesterday should be an automatic thing on a daily basis. I go to bed at night without any regrets of the day that transpired before me. I try to treat everyone as I would like to be treated and expect the same in return.
I try to reflect on it and if there are changes that need to be made, tomorrow is a fresh start and I can move forward. I am living with no regrets, no worries. That is my motto!

With that being said, I had a lot of fun this year with great friends. I have maid some huge gains in fitness and managed quite a few PR's.  I Tried a new sport and continue to grow both personally and professionally.

My friend K and I did the Resolution Run today. It is a non timed race of about 5 miles with a Champagne stop mid way. Some nasty hills, and some good 'ol prizes and food at the end. 

We decided on wearing New Years Crowns for the race. We were stopped by the local newspaper AND Local News to do a photo and talk about the race and why we do it. 

The race is fun, it is just a way to get back into the swing of things after the Holidays. It is a time when we all gather around and discuss how the holidays went with each other and what we are looking forward to in the next year. 
Looking into 2015, I do have a few goals in mind, but I do not want to disclose at this time until they are met. They are pretty high, obtainable goals in my mind. Can't wait to crush them!

We did 5 miles pretty fast today! ~ 5 miles in 38 min, including a Champagne toast mid way!! woot! I am happy to say I crushed my goal of less than a 8 min mile multiple times this year and continue to plan on racing goals in the future. 

Hope you all have a Wonderful 2015!
Happy Training!
Me on the Left, K on my Right!