Sunday, January 18, 2015

IMLP training Week #11

This week didn't go as planned. Last Sunday I had a long run and just felt like I couldn't snap out of it. My run was great, getting in 10.25 miles in in 90 minutes. But as a spun on the trainer after the workout I felt pretty much dead.

I shook it off and continued onto my Monday workout which consisted of Lifting, Swimming and of course a mini Spin session. Bike Base is huge in IM. Can you tell?! Surprisingly the Workouts went off without a hitch after much concern I wouldn't be able to match my goals for the day.

Tuesday I did have a fairly good Bike ride but My run felt off. Just couldn't get my legs to turnover the way they normally would but chugged out the 45 min that I needed to get done for the day. I thought maybe it was the strength training from the day before as it was a lot of Leg work.

By Wednesday I was feeling achy. I managed a great speed work session on the treadmill. Actually getting a 6:30 pace for the speed work!! I channeled my inner strength and drive and thought about Ironman and all the sacrifices and dedication I have been giving to training throughout the last year.
I made it through a hour session but after felt the deep ache return.

Mind you, I have been working as well, with people coming in left and right with Flu symptoms and a boat load of strep cases.

Thursday my swim was less than stellar. I was mad that I felt so winded after 500 yards. I contemplated getting out of the pool but then thought if this happened on race day, I wouldn't quit. So, I completed 45 min of swimming totalling 2500yds. Phew! I had a run planned for the night- 1:05 on the treadmill. I managed 45 before I called it quits. My whole body ached. I felt like I couldn't continue. I felt like a failure. But remembered that If I continued, I would be stressing my body even more. Some days you just have to give in to the fatigue setting in.

Friday, I woke up with a sore throat- Rest day, Traveling to PA for a Gymnastics meet in snowy weather. I was so glad for the day to recuperate and watch my daughter compete in her first Silver level meet. It was chaotic with a little 2 year old running a muck inside the gymnasium but we managed 4 hours of it! How tiring! That night as soon as we got to the hotel, I was done for the night. I took Ibuprofen and headed to bed. Fatigue kicking my ass at this point

Saturday- Super sore throat and flu like symptoms. Decided to just drive home instead of seeing some family we haven't seen in a while in PA. I kept hydrating thinking I was dehydrated, needed a break, Mentally fatigued from work, children, training. I had a big trainer ride and brick run to do- I decided against it due to me feeling like I was run over by a mac truck.

Today- THE BEST RUN- Heart rate was perfect! Wanted to run forever. Completed 11.50 miles in 1 hr and 40 min! I decided not to rush my feeling perfect at the moment.

I realized today, every month since I went off oral contraceptives, I have been feeling this way. It may be time to restart...Ain't nobody got time for a week of fatigue!!

Training numbers this week:
Swim- 1:50:00- 6,400 yds
Bike- 4:01:41- 80.8 miles
Run- 3:22:00-22.5 miles
Strength - 30 min total body

Total Time:9:43:41

Happy Training!!

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