Monday, January 5, 2015

IMLP Training Week #9.

I cannot believe there is only 202 days left until the Big Day. It seems long but in reality it really isn't! I am so excited to be on this Journey. We finally nailed down our Training weekend in June. We are staying at the Whiteface Lodge and it is going to be an amazing weekend!

This week was pretty tough. It was high volume on the bike but that's what we are trying to build. More mileage and endurance on the bike to set me up for a great run.

I had a few niggles here and there. Had to change my bike seat out for the 50th time. Why is it that I cannot tolerate a seat for more than a few months?!

I received my new GU packets in the mail. YUMMMMM! The Caramel Macchiato is A-Mazing! I need an intervention because now I am getting excited for my Long Bike and Runs. Not to mention the Salted Caramel flavor and now the Root beer one too. Man I am all set with nutrition this year for sure. I have tried multiple Brands but this and HUMA gels are the only ones I can tolerate with my sensitive stomach. I figured If they are going to offer GU on the Ironman course, I should get used to it.

I will not get used to Gatorade, However. That stuff is toxic to me! Bleck!

I should Also mention I got my new wetsuit!! TYR Hurricane 5! Woot! It was like Christmas all over again! It fits like a glove. I love it!

This week was crazy with my daughter being off from school and my little one having some uber meltdowns. But, We got through it like champs. I am always so appreciative of the sacrifices my man makes for our family. He is the best person in the world!

Training Week in review:

Swim: 5800 yds -1:45:00
Bike: 103 miles- 5:41:00
Run: 25.5 miles-3:49:17
Strength 30 min

Total 11:45:17

Happy Training!!

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