Monday, May 30, 2011

Fly By Night Duathlon Race report

This weekend turned out to be a great weekend for racing!

We packed the car in at 5pm Friday night and got to watkins Glen State Park around 8pm. It was downpouring and at this point the lightning started and I was deathly scared to put the tent up. I tried to ration with my honey and tell him we can stay in the car for tonight and keep dry. He wasn't buying it. I thought great, Im going to be soaked putting the tent up with him. I was. A few times I got back in the car due to the roaring thunder and bright lightning right above our heads it seemed with 50 foot trees looking ominous from above!!! Im a scardy cat what can I say?!!

We finally got the tent up and called it a night around 9pm as it was pouring out anyways. I even tried to ask my honey if we should pack up and go down to Seneca Lodge which had cabins, Nice warm cabins down the road! He wasn't giving in to that either. My man is a redneck by heart. He was enjoying this. I like camping. Dont get me wrong. But I don't like thunder and lightning!

Saturday was nicer. The breeze through the woods was a little chilly in the morning and there were a few sprinkles. I kept praying the rain would hold off for the day.

We made our lunch, Chicken Kabobs on the Grill, checked out the local shops on the main drag, then made our way to the Watkins Glen Race track. We got there around 3pm. We watched the Porche cars racing for a bit. Man they are loud!!! I think my ears are still ringing!

At 4pm I started my Blender up in the car and took the usual Pre Race shake: 1 scoop Whey Protein, 1 banana, 2 scoops Applesauce, waved to some fellow triathletes and picked up my packet. I ran into COACH gave hugs told her I was ready and was off to get ready. She was race announcing and her hubby was racing. It was so nice to see her! I finally met her son, Luc too!

Thats how you make a Shake!!
My honey had taken the bike around just to make sure the gears were working right and I was off to get dressed into my racing garb. As I said before, I wasn't wearing the my team race outfit, but I ended up wearing it! My honey said, wow, you dont look bad in it. Thanks!

At this point I made my way to transition which was in pit row where the cars come in to get serviced. We had to wait a few minutes while transition opened. I spotted a local triathlete that was also All American Duathete in 2009. She had to take last year off due to a hip stress fracture from running. We chatted a bit and wished each other luck. Saw some of my teamates and wished them good luck as well. 5 of us were there! It was nice to see the same colors out there!

My New K-RUUZ!!

I settled into a spot mid way through transition as it was a Formula 1 duathlon and we would be in and out of transition 4 times. I saw it was 20 min before race time. Took a gel with 8 oz of water, listened to annoncements, and was off to the starting line. This year they changed the course!! They had us going counterclockwise on the track last year, this year we were going clockwise. All I kept thinking about was the gradual hill close to the beginning of the bike. Great! And we had to bike it 6 times!!! The run they changed as well to this off roading type run through grass, gravel and a Tunnel.

The first run I started towards the front but pretty soon everyone was passing me. Thats ok, I let them go. We ended up all stopping for a few minutes where the tunnel was anyways. I tried to hold back on this run. It was hot and humid and I was sweating big time. The run was supposed to be 1.8 but clocked almost 2 miles on the Garmin.

Transition, in and out in 1 min. Not too bad. Tried to keep shoes on the bike but figured Id do it the second time around

Bike- The bike was challenging. I thought it was better the opposite way but hey I had to do it the right way! There was a gradual hill that seemed like it never ended about a half mile in, then a awesome decent, then a not so bad hill, decent, then a flat section, decent again to nasty hill. We had to do this 3 times. I was having a hard time with drinking out of my aero drink as I cut the straw a little too short so I had to lean forward to take a drink. I was also mad that my bike computer crapped the bed. I couldn't see my speed or cadence. Which may have been a good thing as I went on feel instead of pounding it all out. I spun up the hills but should've kicked it in gear faster on the top and decents. I think my time would've been a bit better. It was hot the first time around so I focused on drinking. Ave speed 17.5 MPH

Transition- no issues- 1 min again I think

Run- My stomach started bothering me on the bike but thought nothing of it until I started to run. About 3/4 of a mile in I needed to go to the bathroom badly. I stopped at the rest room that was on the course. I new it would cost me. After this my stomach was still off but I managed to smile, think about putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. I waved to my brother-in-law (who was racing too) and said I am having trouble and kept going.

Transition- Again no problems.

Bike- The last 3 laps were ok. The first one was the better of the 2. I just felt awful. I focused on hydration and intake at this point. I drank, ate a gel, downed a Scap. By the 3rd loop I was feeling a little better. I tried getting out of my shoes but only could get one out! I stopped at the line and took my shoe off!! Ave speed 17.0mph

Transition- out in 48 sec

Run- I felt a knot in my Left thigh. I shrugged it off and kept running. I thought. I am not cramping up here. It cannot be happening. I kept talking to myself. High cadence, high cadence, deep breaths, deep breaths. I started picking people off in front of me. 2 guys. It felt great. At the end, I rounded the corner and picked the last guy off, almost running into him, and getting to the finish line!! My honey was taking off the timing chips. I let him take it off my leg. At this point I couldn't move my leg for a minute, my stomach was off and I felt like I was going to vomit. Another person asked me if I was ok. I must've looked bad!! I said I was fine and kept moving. I grabbed Ice water from the volunteer table and grabbed my things from my brother in law who got my stuff for me from transition.

Ending time 2:09:00. Enough to make 4th in my AG. 24th Female Overall.

We had a post race BBQ where I couldn't even eat a thing without feeling like I was going to vomit. I spent about 15 min in the bathroom afterwards. I Don't know why this happened. I watched some of my teamates get their awards. Said congrats. Talked to coach about my tummy troubles and she was baffled. I put on a happy face despite feeling like crap and I think this is what got me to the finish line. Otherwise, I think I would've given up. But I also knew my honey was there, my team and coach and I didn't want to let any of them down and told myself Im finishing regardless of what my time is!!!

Happy and Safe Training!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogger troubles, camping, Fly by night

Im sick of trying to comment on someones page and it takes me back to sign in. I am signed in!!! So sorry for not being able to comment on some of your pages! It seems like its happening only with the word identification ones. All others seem to post. Blogger, please fix this glitch! Anyone else having a problem?/

Tomorrow we are going CAMPING!!!! Yes, I get excited when I go camping. I am talking camping too. No electricity, just running water and a tent. We make all our food on a campfire too. My honey brings a fishing pole and tries to fish as well. Its really quite relaxing. Im hoping the weather will cease to say there is rain in the forecast. If there is our tent is waterproofed anyways.

We are camping up in Watkins Glen State Park. The views are fabulous!!!

I love falls, they are so beautiful!! Nature is so beautiful isn't it?!!

This is what Ill be racing on....AT NIGHT!!!
We are camping up at the State park because...drum roll please.....I am doing the Fly By Night Duathlon!!! Im so excited! I loved this race last year. You get to race on a international speedway! How cool is that?!!

This is a Formula 1 duathlon which is a 1.8 mile run, 10.2 mile bike, 1.8 mile run, 10.2 mile bike and a 1.8 mile run. So far there are only 53 individual females registered for the event (12 of which are in my age group). Of course there are 130 men signed up.

Last year I was 4th in my AG. Lets see if I can top that this year!!

Happy and Safe training!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

USAT most commonly violated Rules

Do you know what they are? It doesn't hurt to know and follow these rules even if it isnt a USAT sanctioned race. I have been seeing far too common violated rules out there and nothing gets done about it. So Im shouting them out and hopefully you as readers will acknowledge these and follow them.

1. HELMETS- Only US CPSC helmets may be used in USAT sanctioned races. Helmets must be worn at all times when on a bike. Penalty: Disqualification

2. Chin Straps- must be buckeled at all time while on your bike. DO not unbuckle this until you are off your bike. Penalty: Disqualification on bike course, time penalty in transition

3. Outside Assistance- NO assistance other than that offered by race and medical officials may be used. Duathlon and triathlon are a test of individual fitness. Penalty: Variable time penalty

4. Transition area- All equipment must be in the assigned bike corral of the individual. The front wheel must be down on the same side as the assigned space. Penalty: Variable time Penalty

5. Drafting- ( So muchly violated!!!) Keep within 3 bike lengths from the bike in front of you. If you pass you must do so within 15 sec
Position- keep to the right FAR RIGHT hand side of the lane unless you are passing. NO hogging the yellow Line!! which leads into
Blocking- riding on the left side of the lane without passing anyone and interfering with other cyclists attempt to pass. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. If you are new to the sport you still need to follow the rules too
Overtaken- once passed you must immediately exit the draft zone from the rear, before attempting to pass again. I've never had this happen. I get passed and cannot pass that person again!! Ha ha!
Penalty- Variable time penalty

6. Course- Cyclist shall not cross the Yellow line for any reason!! No cutting the course either, and obey traffic laws. Penalty- Referrees Discretion

7. Unsportman like conduct- Pretty self explanatory. Penalty: Disqualification

8. Headphones- Another one that makes me mad is when I see a person on the bike or run with Headphones!!! I want to rip them out of their ears! Any headphones, ipods, headsets, walkmans, etc are not to be carried or worn at anytime during the race. Penalty- Variable time penalty

9. Race Numbers- Must be worn at all times and not altered in any way
penalty- variable time penalty, disqualification if race number given to another person for a year from USAT races

10. Abadonment- no article of clothing, garbage, etc shall be thrown on the course. Lets keep the environment clean people. Yes I have been a sticky mess in the past but its all for the love of the sport. Penalty- variable time penalty

11 Wetsuits- Wetsuits may be worn up to 78 degrees water temp. After that it is your discretion but you will be exempt from any award winning. Better start training now without one if you are in the hotter climates!!! :)

Happy and Safe Training!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Week in Review

The temps are finally warmer in Central New York and I was able to ride 3 Long Rides this past week!!! I even have some nice racer back tan lines now and of course the infamous Biker short tan lines!! Im rocking them!!

I am nailing my nutrition and I am feeling good coming off the bike. This never happened before this year. It is good to know I can do well off the bike if my Nutrition is properly maintained on the Bike.

I have been thinking alot about the races I have coming up. Fly By Night duathlon, Tri-Oswego (Which is still in question for me right now), Musselman HIM. I don't know why I've been thinking alot about Iron Girl Sprint race. Mostly because I was 11thOA last year and really want to push it to top 5 depending on who shows up to race. I know I can do it. My running is definately better than last year.

My honey told me today he was proud of me and what I am doing. Its the little things that make a difference. He talks about me and my accomplishments all the time. Im so lucky to have him in my life. He makes me see the birght side of everything. (He also told me my racing kit doesn't flatter my figure....hmmmm, so Im not racing in it this weekend!!! sorry coach!)

Last week was a pretty good week in training. The only day I didn't get to do the full workout was Saturday and that was because my little one had a bigger attitude than me this day. I can win some and lose some I guess.

The core diet is going great! Since last week I am down 1.4 pounds! For the month so far 6.6 pounds!! Woot!

Here are the numbers:

Swim- 8, 311 Yds- 2.75 hours
Bike- 8 hours- 107.18 miles plus some trainer mileage with recovery w/o's
Run- 4 hours- 26.35 miles
Strength- 1 hour

Total Time- 16:12:35

Happy Training and Be safe!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fueling the Ironman

In 5 months I will be embarking on my first Iron-Distance Race. I am so nervous, excited, scared, emotional, anything else you can think of Im that Im sure. What I do know is that I am starting to get the fueling part of every ride, run, triathlon I do.

After 5 years in the sport Im finally feeling not sore after workouts as I am fueling properly before, during and after every long ride and run I do. I can definately say it has taken me the LAST 5 months to work up to this. To listen to coaches advice, to eat or drink every 10-15 min. I don't get those bike riders that can go out for a 2.5 hour ride on just water (Maybe thats why you were cramping up there yesterday buddy, while I was whomping you on the hills) I on the other hand sat patiently back, drinking every 10-15 min, gel every 30 min, 1/2 power bar at 2 hours.

This is what I need and it works for me.

I am going to Quote Joe Friel here again and say there are 7 situations that may lead to poor performance or even failure at the finish line:
-Inadequate training
-Overtraining with and inadequate taper
-An overly of aggressive pacing strategy, especially on the bike
- Heat intolerance
- glycogen Depletion
-Excessive Loss of Sodium

Your pre-race fueling should ensure you have plenty of water, carbs, and sodium throughout the event. If any one of them is slighted, just finishing is a problem. I do the same breakfast every morning I go for a long bike ride or run. 3 hours before 1 scoop Whey protein, 2 cups applesauce (this will turn into 3 with longer distances), 1 banana. 1-2 hours before 1/2 powerbar and Heed, 20 min before 1 gel and 8 oz of water. Again, this works for me.

Plan what drink you are going to use and stick with it. I use Perpetuem. I don't use Heed mainly because I want the Protein component. I drink about 32 oz an hour on the bike. Up to 48 if I need to. Whatever you decide to do practice with it in your longest workouts to make sure you can tolerate it come race day.

You need about 400-700 calories per hour on the bike epending on your weight.  I set my watch to beep every 15 min so that I am taking in something.

Sweating is another thing to think about. If it is a hot day you can sweat up to a liter of body fluids per hour. I am a heavy Sweater and I know it. I use SCaps every 30 min to ensure I have enough sodium. I also take in margarita Shot bloks on the run every 2 miles.  Athletes have died from hyponatremia. Be smart and calculate your sweat rate after every long bike and run.

Race nutrition is so critical to racing that you need to give it considerable attention. I don't know how many times I go for a ride or long run with someone and they have little for nutrition. Im telling you, you will recover faster and BE faster if you fuel your body properly. Same as you plan out your workouts you should be planning out your nutrition as well.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This week so far

This week so far is going great with the core diet. I am a little over on protein intake but we are going to get that tweeked out soon!

I went riding today with gushing winds of 10-15 mph and Rainy Drizzle. I felt like a little girl on a tricycle trying to get up to speed the whole ride. A 2 hr ride turned into almost 3. Thank you Mother Nature

I had Powebar Gel all over me after the ride today. Trying to be friendly to the environment. I was a sticky mess.

I had potholes and creavices in the rode. Thank you for the nasty winter to make my ride a little more bumpy in Central New York

Swimming is going awesome, Felt the Catch. Still Stink at Flip turns as I do them Lopsided.

Why does my foot always have little blisters on the inside of my arch every time I run! I do not wear socks when I run and refuse to. I think I need a better lube job on the feet prior to a run

Im miserable today as a UPS truck almost hit me with the mirror of the truck on a 2 lane road. Move over!

I named my bike and I like it. Now I have Herbie and Pinky. Dont Hate!

I have over 200 visitors a Day to my Blog...If you are out there, Comment!!

Happy Training!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Report

Last week was a great week in training. Got out a few times on the bike and got to push on the run a little bit.

Im now 2 weeks out from my first Duathlon of the season and I am truely so excited right now!!!

The rain is back and it looks like its going to be rainy for pretty much the whole week. Hoping the area doesn't flood again and I really hate riding on my trainer!

Im starting The Core Diet today!! I got my body fat measured and was a little surprised by the readings. Im not that far off from the Ideal body weight and body fat that I should be at. Hoping that extra 15 pounds will be shed by the time my "A" race comes along. Right now I stand at 25% body fat (with the calipers, UGH!!) and I need to get down to 18% as per the recommendation to be healthy and race well.  The only place that Im really carrying this is my abdominal area and I really think this is due to excess skin from having a baby. I never have gotten rid of it since!!!  This is where my frustration lies. Each week I will post where Im at along with training. This will keep me accountable.

Anyways....Here are the weekly totals from last week
Swim-8640 yrds- 2.75 hours
Bike-47.8 miles plus trainer- 7 hours
Run-30.94 miles - 5:19:47
Brick- 3.53 hours(included in above)
Strength- 1 hour

TOTAL TIME 15:40:15

Happy Training!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trail Running, getting lost and more.

Today I set out with a few friends to run at Green Lakes State Park. Little did I know about a mile in that I would lose everyone and be on my own for the rest of my run. About a mile into our run I stepped in a huge mud puddle on the trail and when I looked up the running group I was in was nowhere to be found. I was ok that I was running alone because I had a mission. To keep my heartrate in my zone and to cover 1 hour and 30 min. I knew the people I was running with were faster than me so it didn't bother me too much. Until, I went around the same little lake about 3 times. I was getting a little panicky as I kept seeing the same people over and over again. I then followed this other girl and asked her if it was alright that I did because I had no clue where I was. Then she pulled out a map. Where'd she get that?!! Of course on line. I proceeded to follow her through STEEP ups and downs until I twisted my right ankle on a rock coming down one of the trails. This is what I get for wearing regular running shoes on a trail! I thought to myself.

We reached a clearing and the girl said she was heading back the other way. She said the path was done and the road was ahead where the Golf Course was. Great!! I knew this area as it is the same road the GreenLakes triathlon ends on! I looked at my Garmin (the one that crapped out yesterday worked today!!) And it said 2.88 miles in 32 min. (Remember, trail running)  Started running down the path, I see a fellow triathlete and congratulate him on his overall win at Du the Lakes. Of course he is super fast on his bike. Said goodbye and proceeded down the path. About 15 min later I look at my watch it still says 32 min 2.88 miles...WTF!! I powered the watch off and started it again. It started working. So I lost about 1.5 miles there!! UGH! And they were a good 1.5 miles too!!

I get back to the Green Lakes trail and By this time I had 45 min left according to my stinky Garmin. So I went around the trail I knew (or at least I thought I knew) The GreenLakes Tri course. I stomped into every mud puddle you could think of because at this point my feet were soaked and muddy anyways and I just didnt care anymore. It felt so liberating to hear the sound of the rain against the leaves above you and stomping in the mud like a little kid again. I made it out in about 28 min. So I decided to run around it again. This time I went around in a circle again, Twice!! It started to downpour and all I could think was I was out here alone, no cell phone, no Road ID(And I DO HAVE ONE!) what if no one finds me!! I start to panic as I go over the same rocks, mud puddles that I did before. Finally I spot a couple that points me in the right direction and I make it safely back to my car. 2 hours later. Yes. Im done.
My Garmin and I have a love hate relationship as it only Captured 1:43 but I know I did 2 hours at least!

The look of being DONE!

I went home and hit up the recovery drink. My fav- Ultragen Cappucino Flavor!! Its my treat for the day!!

Then made so Kale new favorite snack!!

Followed by my awesome Salad...

I am now resting as my right ankle and knee are sore from the trail running. I tweeked the ankle just a bit!! I hope its all better by tomorrow!!

Happy Training! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Ramblings

These weeks are flying by!! I wish I could press the pause button and just stay right in these moments forever.

In 2 weeks from TODAY I will be doing my first Duathlon of the Season!! I am excited and a bit nervous at the same time. I am heading down to Watkins Glenn, NY for the Fly by Night Duathlon. My honey and I decided to pitch a tent at Watkins Glenn State Park for the night. Way cheaper than a hotel! Anyways, we are going down to watch the cars race and then we are on the track racing in the opposite direction!! I was amazed last year at how steep one of the hills are on the back side of the track! I would've never guessed it had I not biked it myself! Last year I was 4th in my age group. This year Im hoping to do a little better than that.

My Garmin 305 just crapped the bed this morning before my hour and 30min bike ride! I stole the Garmin from my honey as I had the 405 and absolutely hated it! I would get it all screwed up becase it was touch bevel. So I ended up sweating all over his and now it went to Garmin Heaven. I cannot get the darn thing to power up. We've only had it for 3 years!

I went by feel on my bike this morning. I think I averaged a little slower than I would if I had my Garmin with me. I was supposed to be in Zone 2 which is hovering around 16-18mph for me. Overall I think I did pretty well Covering 24.1 miles in the timeframe. Boy did I want to hammer it something fierce!! We went out to where the Syracuse Iron Girl course is and this course always makes me think of race day and passing a billion people on my bike! It was so fun and liberating last year!! (I ave a 22.2 mph speed on the bike leg last year!!)

I didn't do so hot on my run today. It was sticking, muggy outside and I just couldn't keep my heart rate down!!! Im getting very frustrated with this! I might as well just speed walk for Pete's freaking sake!! I slow down, feel like Im getting lower on the heartrate, feel good running and Im 157...need to be 145-155 today. Im going MAD!

I've been looking at getting the Garmin 310xt as my honey can get me a discount! Cross the fingers on that one!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

I can't believe it is already Wednesday! The week so far of training has been going well. Im loving swimming this week. I have a love hate relationship with the pool But the pool knows its not going to win this week!!! :)

I had a tempo bike and Mile repeats yesterday. It is hard to keep your heart rate in the Zones when you are outside cycling!! I wanted to just fly and see where my bike would take me. But I knew Coach would be upset with me if I did this. I got an email from her just the other day that said "Stay true to your Zones...UGH!!" Yeah, Im trying very hard now!!

When the Mile repeats came up yesterday afternoon, My belly was feeling all sloshy and I didn't know why! I waited 2 hours after I ate to go run. The first 15 min of warm up I could hear my stomach and the achiness I felt on my Left side because of it. I sucked it up. My first repeat was good, felt great. I did have to stop due to traffic on the parkway for a second. (There is this bus that transports people around the parkway....its only 5 miles...drives me nuts!!) The second repeat I felt my lungs were going to explode..3rd same thing, 4th I finally gave in and took my inhaler and did better the last mile. I emailed coach and told her I basically sucked. Emailed her the data and she said I did fine!!! Made my Day! Next time I will push a little harder. And remember my inhaler.

It seems like when the weather changes is when my breathing starts getting out of control. I don't like it but I deal with it. It doesn't stop me from doing what I love.

I had a Webinar on the "Core Diet" Yesterday. Im pretty psyched. But first I need to do a Body fat composition test and am not looking forward to doing this. I don't like anyone seeing my body but me. So, I got some calipers off of ebay. My honey used to be a fitness instructer at the Local YMCA and knows how to do the composition testing so I am having him do it!! Another PLUS!!

I really think it is important for people to know where they are in regards to body fat and how much they need to lose in order to gain a performance edge. I want to be successful at triathlon and also want to fuel my body appropriately. Im eating to train, not training to EAT!!

Tonight is our Local triathlon clubs Duathlon series until June when we start our triathlon series. My honey and I head the Oneida Shores series Every Wednesday night. Its so much fun. I get to know new people entering the sport and catch up with the people I already know!! Its going to be a great season!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Week in Review

Last week was the first full week of just training, cleaning the house, taking care of my little one. I could get used to this!! But as we all know, the bills wouldn't get paid, I wouldn't have any extra cash to spend on my nasty Triathlon habit (hey its better than cigarettes!! BLECK!) and spoil my loved ones. So I will enjoy it while it lasts!

The beginning of the week was great, mid week was tough, the weekend was awesome. Its like a bad musical, starts out great, gets boring and the end you are out of your seat praising it is done. ha ha! No, it really was a good week.

I was asked to start giving some articles about anything triathlon, biking related to a local bike shop that my honey works at. Did I mention I get stuff pretty cheap?!! It pays to have a bike shop worker in the family!!! YES!! I win! But anyways, I don't know where to begin on this one, so if you have any Ideas for posting, let me know!

Yesterday was a gorgeous run!! Its been sunny here for the past couple of days. You know when it is sunny when all sorts of people come out of the woodwork. You know what I mean! LOL! Anyways, I heard the most beautiful sounds of the lake swirling around, the birds singing, the footsteps of other runners, the laughing of little children. I took it all in. I even heard some geese arguing with each other. Well at least thats what it sounded like to me. It was actually quite amusing.

I took a run to 370 which is a road going out to Baldwinsville. I needed some hills. I needed some redemption. Hills have been kicking my *ss lately and I am not liking it at all. So, I ran through Onondaga lake parkway, to 370 and back. Now I was going about 9:30 out, when I turned around I was keeping low 8's for about 15 min. while still keeping in the HR zone. Now you see some of the nice inclines 370 has. I love this road, although it definately has took a beating from the plows this winter. I trained on this road alot when I did Lake Placid Marathon. It has wide shoulders and rolling hills. Nice combo.

My mom, daughter and I went and watched PROM. I predicted the movie from start to finish within the 5 min of the movie beginning. This is why the movie wasn't great to me, but of course my 7 year old loved it. I personally wanted to watch RIO but no, instead we watched how teenagers act getting ready for their senior prom. GAG!
Well all that counts is my mom and daughter enjoyed it I guess.

We went to some awesome Mexican restaurant for dinner. Fresh Mex in Baldwinsville. I got Nachos and only ate about a 1/4 of them as they pile your plate to the ceiling! Geesh! I looked at the honey and told him we shouldve shared as he got the same thing!

All in all it was a great week!!

Here are the Numbers-
Swim- 26247 yrds- 3.08 hours
Bike- 4.5 hours
Run-15.9 miles- 2.68 hours
brick- 3.3 hours
Strength- 1 hour

Total time- 14 hours 34 min


Friday, May 6, 2011

First week Training like a Triathlete

This was my first week Training like the obligations but training and my daughter. This is fun! I am going to enjoy this while it lasts!

Yesterday was one of my hardest Training efforts to date. Not that I couldn't do the workout but mentally it was challenging. I am definately working on this portion a lot this past week. I had a 3:15 brick buster yesterday. 60min zone 2 on bike, 30 min z2 run, 45 min (30 min Zone 2/15min Zone 3) bike, 15 min Z3 run, 30 min Z3 bike, 15 min Z3 run. The hardest part was getting on for that last brick. I knew it was going to be tough. I knew I could challenge myself. But a little piece inside me was debating. I thought eh, Ill tell coach I just didn't have it in me...Ill make up something if I have to. Then it hit me!!! No more excuses! I have 3 months to just take it easy and train! People would kill for this right now! SUCK it up!

So...I did and finished relieved and happy that I didn't give up on myself and all through those moments I was thinking of executing my B2B race and not giving up on myself. I nailed my nutrition drinking EFS drink 24 oz (48g CHO) every hour along with powerbar gels every 30min. I don't know if I should have probably took in a little more fluid but Im going to keep trying to see what my body can handle. I finished off with Cappucino Ultragen which I am in LOVE with! I swear I think about having seconds!!

Today, same thing, I was in the pool and I felt awesome! I told myself I am a good triathlete and I am going to take this swim session to the max today! BAM 3000 meters done in 1:10. Hey, I may not be the fastest but I felt like I could maintain this pace forever!! Even with the hard efforts I had in there.

Attitude and Commitment is everything....I am getting there little by little.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Racing and April Numbers

As I was cleaning up the Computer room today, I stumbled upon a Triathlon Training book my guy picked up when he first started doing Tri's. The Triathlete's Training Bible, By Joe Friel. I flipped through the pages and noted some interesting Parts to this book. One I would like to share and that is Racing and Recovery.

We are masters at balancing our families, our careers, home upkeep, relationships, community responsibilities all while swimming, biking, running and Strength Training. This is all done for the pure purpose of producing peak performance. Most of us do not get paid for all the time and effort we put into all of the aspects mentioned.

The real reward we all seek is the perfect race- the one in which we feel strong and in control through each of the legs of the race. For this reward we endure workouts most normal people wouldn't dream of doing. Unfortunately for some of us, I included occasionally get caught up in doing more than is needed and allow the real reward to escape. This is most common in the week of a race and at times when we are so driven to succeed that recovery isn't a option.

The most common error for serious multisport athletes is to continue training at a high workload in the mistaken belief that fitness is only gained by how hard you work to get there. Not so. Fitness improves during REST.

Someplace between your normal training workload and being a couch potato is appropriate amount of training for race week.

6 days before a race should be a recovery swim or bike. Get the bike tuned up for race day. Eat well!

3-5 days before a race should have brief bursts of race simulation intensity with long recoveries (Hey this sounds just like what my coach plans for me!! ha ha!)

2 days before a race, rest or recovery swim. Pack your bike if you are traveling, Eat food you are used to, drink water and go to bed on time

Day before the race keep the workout short with brief bursts of high intensity.  30 min bike 15 min run. Drive the bike course and check it out. Check out hills, mile markers, pavement surfaces, turn around points, corners, etc. Stay off your legs and out of the sun. Go to a movie, take a bus tour, read. Get your mind off the race.

Race Day- Keep with the rituals. There is something to be said about following a detailed procedure on race day.  Start from the moment you wake, Smile and think positive thoughts about the race and how you feel. Learn to trust your training and racing experience. Mentally separate yourself from thoughts of winning and losing. Dont race against others. You are in this for you and you have no control over whether you are better than them or not. Act as if you were calm, act as if it was another workout with friends.

Remind yourself that no matter what happens, only good will come from the race. If its a PR great! If not, you learned something from experience and know what you can do to make you better the next time.

GO Get them!!

And in closing April was full of soggy, grey days. Had some ups and downs. Here are the numbers

Swim- 29,278 yds- 9.25 hours
Bike- 100.85 miles plus trainer rides- 20.20 hours
Run- 81.46 miles- 14.13 hours
strength- 3.5 hours

TOTAL 47.08 Hours

Happy training!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week In Review And Mountain goat too!

As I sit down and type this I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind about this week. Some things I did really well and others not so much. I had some ups and downs this week as well but am getting past all that and seeing the brighter side of things!

Here are some things I did well.
1. Ate well
2. kept in my heart rate Zones
3. Was kind to my honey (this counts you know!! :P )
4. Had some really nice rides and runs

What I didn't do so well
1. ran 30 min in Vibrams on Wednesday...My legs are still feeling it
2. I didn't listen to my coach to take a rest day yesterday and went to the local bike shop for a power test.
3. Hydrate myself.

eh, not too bad I guess!

I only had 4 hours of training as it was rest week. I had 2 serious rest days on the schedule and blew one of them. Coach was not happy. I think if she could've reach through the phone and slap me she would have!

Today was the 10 mile Mountain Goat Run. I was excited yet nervous at the same time as my calves were tight for 4 DAYS! I did well with rolling them, stretching, Icing, Motrin, Whatever I needed to do to pull through for today.

I ate my planned pre race Nutrition Coach gave me:
2 hours before race- 1 scoop Whey protein, 1 banana, 2 c unsweetened applesauce blended together (was very thick!!) and 24 oz EFS fluid
1 hour befor race- 1/2 Powerbar
20 min before race- 1 Powerbar Gel + 8 oz water (which I think I had about 12!)

I was jittery at the starting line and I knew I didn't want to get caught up in the hype so I seated myself in the middle of the pack to hold myself back the first Mile. 9 min mile first mile- CHECK!

After this I proceeded to get up the hills and was enjoying the run for the first time. Got to mile 5 and just lost it. The temps got higher, Then Colvin came and after Colvin Street I just didn't have it in me to push any longer. My calves were tight. I could feel them cramping up. Did I take in enough on the run? Every stop I took a gulp of PowerBar Perform, mile 4 I took gel. I was wondering if they mixed the Powerbar Perform right as it tasted watered down and not salty like it usually tastes.

I held onto my hopes of coming in 1:30:00 or better until mile 9 came and I looked and I was at 1:26:00. I knew I couldn't make up that time in 1 mile so I aimed to finish strong...

1:34:16 was my ending time!!!

I was disappointed at first as I had been doing the training runs in less time. But I knew I messed it up with what I did the days before the race. I look it as a lesson learned.

I went back to look at Past times and this is what I found:
2010- 1:49:11
2009- 1:44:07
2008- 1:36:19
2007= 1:36:48
2006- 1:43:05

Still a PR baby!!
I suffered some sunburned lips and a bloody toe today as well. The funny thing Is I didn't feel it until I got home!

Me and M! My best running partner!

A very salty Sweater! Pass the Salt!

Showing my shirt off AfTER the race!! :)