Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trail Running, getting lost and more.

Today I set out with a few friends to run at Green Lakes State Park. Little did I know about a mile in that I would lose everyone and be on my own for the rest of my run. About a mile into our run I stepped in a huge mud puddle on the trail and when I looked up the running group I was in was nowhere to be found. I was ok that I was running alone because I had a mission. To keep my heartrate in my zone and to cover 1 hour and 30 min. I knew the people I was running with were faster than me so it didn't bother me too much. Until, I went around the same little lake about 3 times. I was getting a little panicky as I kept seeing the same people over and over again. I then followed this other girl and asked her if it was alright that I did because I had no clue where I was. Then she pulled out a map. Where'd she get that?!! Of course on line. I proceeded to follow her through STEEP ups and downs until I twisted my right ankle on a rock coming down one of the trails. This is what I get for wearing regular running shoes on a trail! I thought to myself.

We reached a clearing and the girl said she was heading back the other way. She said the path was done and the road was ahead where the Golf Course was. Great!! I knew this area as it is the same road the GreenLakes triathlon ends on! I looked at my Garmin (the one that crapped out yesterday worked today!!) And it said 2.88 miles in 32 min. (Remember, trail running)  Started running down the path, I see a fellow triathlete and congratulate him on his overall win at Du the Lakes. Of course he is super fast on his bike. Said goodbye and proceeded down the path. About 15 min later I look at my watch it still says 32 min 2.88 miles...WTF!! I powered the watch off and started it again. It started working. So I lost about 1.5 miles there!! UGH! And they were a good 1.5 miles too!!

I get back to the Green Lakes trail and By this time I had 45 min left according to my stinky Garmin. So I went around the trail I knew (or at least I thought I knew) The GreenLakes Tri course. I stomped into every mud puddle you could think of because at this point my feet were soaked and muddy anyways and I just didnt care anymore. It felt so liberating to hear the sound of the rain against the leaves above you and stomping in the mud like a little kid again. I made it out in about 28 min. So I decided to run around it again. This time I went around in a circle again, Twice!! It started to downpour and all I could think was I was out here alone, no cell phone, no Road ID(And I DO HAVE ONE!) what if no one finds me!! I start to panic as I go over the same rocks, mud puddles that I did before. Finally I spot a couple that points me in the right direction and I make it safely back to my car. 2 hours later. Yes. Im done.
My Garmin and I have a love hate relationship as it only Captured 1:43 but I know I did 2 hours at least!

The look of being DONE!

I went home and hit up the recovery drink. My fav- Ultragen Cappucino Flavor!! Its my treat for the day!!

Then made so Kale new favorite snack!!

Followed by my awesome Salad...

I am now resting as my right ankle and knee are sore from the trail running. I tweeked the ankle just a bit!! I hope its all better by tomorrow!!

Happy Training! 

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  1. Sounds like I missed a fun run! I would have gotten lost with you for sure!