Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly Report

Last week was a great week in training. Got out a few times on the bike and got to push on the run a little bit.

Im now 2 weeks out from my first Duathlon of the season and I am truely so excited right now!!!

The rain is back and it looks like its going to be rainy for pretty much the whole week. Hoping the area doesn't flood again and I really hate riding on my trainer!

Im starting The Core Diet today!! I got my body fat measured and was a little surprised by the readings. Im not that far off from the Ideal body weight and body fat that I should be at. Hoping that extra 15 pounds will be shed by the time my "A" race comes along. Right now I stand at 25% body fat (with the calipers, UGH!!) and I need to get down to 18% as per the recommendation to be healthy and race well.  The only place that Im really carrying this is my abdominal area and I really think this is due to excess skin from having a baby. I never have gotten rid of it since!!!  This is where my frustration lies. Each week I will post where Im at along with training. This will keep me accountable.

Anyways....Here are the weekly totals from last week
Swim-8640 yrds- 2.75 hours
Bike-47.8 miles plus trainer- 7 hours
Run-30.94 miles - 5:19:47
Brick- 3.53 hours(included in above)
Strength- 1 hour

TOTAL TIME 15:40:15

Happy Training!


  1. Looks like you had a great week! Haven't heard of the Core diet, gonna look it up.

  2. Good luck with the diet! I don't think I'll ever be able to shed what's left of my baby belly!