Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Ramblings

These weeks are flying by!! I wish I could press the pause button and just stay right in these moments forever.

In 2 weeks from TODAY I will be doing my first Duathlon of the Season!! I am excited and a bit nervous at the same time. I am heading down to Watkins Glenn, NY for the Fly by Night Duathlon. My honey and I decided to pitch a tent at Watkins Glenn State Park for the night. Way cheaper than a hotel! Anyways, we are going down to watch the cars race and then we are on the track racing in the opposite direction!! I was amazed last year at how steep one of the hills are on the back side of the track! I would've never guessed it had I not biked it myself! Last year I was 4th in my age group. This year Im hoping to do a little better than that.

My Garmin 305 just crapped the bed this morning before my hour and 30min bike ride! I stole the Garmin from my honey as I had the 405 and absolutely hated it! I would get it all screwed up becase it was touch bevel. So I ended up sweating all over his and now it went to Garmin Heaven. I cannot get the darn thing to power up. We've only had it for 3 years!

I went by feel on my bike this morning. I think I averaged a little slower than I would if I had my Garmin with me. I was supposed to be in Zone 2 which is hovering around 16-18mph for me. Overall I think I did pretty well Covering 24.1 miles in the timeframe. Boy did I want to hammer it something fierce!! We went out to where the Syracuse Iron Girl course is and this course always makes me think of race day and passing a billion people on my bike! It was so fun and liberating last year!! (I ave a 22.2 mph speed on the bike leg last year!!)

I didn't do so hot on my run today. It was sticking, muggy outside and I just couldn't keep my heart rate down!!! Im getting very frustrated with this! I might as well just speed walk for Pete's freaking sake!! I slow down, feel like Im getting lower on the heartrate, feel good running and Im 157...need to be 145-155 today. Im going MAD!

I've been looking at getting the Garmin 310xt as my honey can get me a discount! Cross the fingers on that one!!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow and my fingers are crossed for the Garmin!