Monday, May 30, 2011

Fly By Night Duathlon Race report

This weekend turned out to be a great weekend for racing!

We packed the car in at 5pm Friday night and got to watkins Glen State Park around 8pm. It was downpouring and at this point the lightning started and I was deathly scared to put the tent up. I tried to ration with my honey and tell him we can stay in the car for tonight and keep dry. He wasn't buying it. I thought great, Im going to be soaked putting the tent up with him. I was. A few times I got back in the car due to the roaring thunder and bright lightning right above our heads it seemed with 50 foot trees looking ominous from above!!! Im a scardy cat what can I say?!!

We finally got the tent up and called it a night around 9pm as it was pouring out anyways. I even tried to ask my honey if we should pack up and go down to Seneca Lodge which had cabins, Nice warm cabins down the road! He wasn't giving in to that either. My man is a redneck by heart. He was enjoying this. I like camping. Dont get me wrong. But I don't like thunder and lightning!

Saturday was nicer. The breeze through the woods was a little chilly in the morning and there were a few sprinkles. I kept praying the rain would hold off for the day.

We made our lunch, Chicken Kabobs on the Grill, checked out the local shops on the main drag, then made our way to the Watkins Glen Race track. We got there around 3pm. We watched the Porche cars racing for a bit. Man they are loud!!! I think my ears are still ringing!

At 4pm I started my Blender up in the car and took the usual Pre Race shake: 1 scoop Whey Protein, 1 banana, 2 scoops Applesauce, waved to some fellow triathletes and picked up my packet. I ran into COACH gave hugs told her I was ready and was off to get ready. She was race announcing and her hubby was racing. It was so nice to see her! I finally met her son, Luc too!

Thats how you make a Shake!!
My honey had taken the bike around just to make sure the gears were working right and I was off to get dressed into my racing garb. As I said before, I wasn't wearing the my team race outfit, but I ended up wearing it! My honey said, wow, you dont look bad in it. Thanks!

At this point I made my way to transition which was in pit row where the cars come in to get serviced. We had to wait a few minutes while transition opened. I spotted a local triathlete that was also All American Duathete in 2009. She had to take last year off due to a hip stress fracture from running. We chatted a bit and wished each other luck. Saw some of my teamates and wished them good luck as well. 5 of us were there! It was nice to see the same colors out there!

My New K-RUUZ!!

I settled into a spot mid way through transition as it was a Formula 1 duathlon and we would be in and out of transition 4 times. I saw it was 20 min before race time. Took a gel with 8 oz of water, listened to annoncements, and was off to the starting line. This year they changed the course!! They had us going counterclockwise on the track last year, this year we were going clockwise. All I kept thinking about was the gradual hill close to the beginning of the bike. Great! And we had to bike it 6 times!!! The run they changed as well to this off roading type run through grass, gravel and a Tunnel.

The first run I started towards the front but pretty soon everyone was passing me. Thats ok, I let them go. We ended up all stopping for a few minutes where the tunnel was anyways. I tried to hold back on this run. It was hot and humid and I was sweating big time. The run was supposed to be 1.8 but clocked almost 2 miles on the Garmin.

Transition, in and out in 1 min. Not too bad. Tried to keep shoes on the bike but figured Id do it the second time around

Bike- The bike was challenging. I thought it was better the opposite way but hey I had to do it the right way! There was a gradual hill that seemed like it never ended about a half mile in, then a awesome decent, then a not so bad hill, decent, then a flat section, decent again to nasty hill. We had to do this 3 times. I was having a hard time with drinking out of my aero drink as I cut the straw a little too short so I had to lean forward to take a drink. I was also mad that my bike computer crapped the bed. I couldn't see my speed or cadence. Which may have been a good thing as I went on feel instead of pounding it all out. I spun up the hills but should've kicked it in gear faster on the top and decents. I think my time would've been a bit better. It was hot the first time around so I focused on drinking. Ave speed 17.5 MPH

Transition- no issues- 1 min again I think

Run- My stomach started bothering me on the bike but thought nothing of it until I started to run. About 3/4 of a mile in I needed to go to the bathroom badly. I stopped at the rest room that was on the course. I new it would cost me. After this my stomach was still off but I managed to smile, think about putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. I waved to my brother-in-law (who was racing too) and said I am having trouble and kept going.

Transition- Again no problems.

Bike- The last 3 laps were ok. The first one was the better of the 2. I just felt awful. I focused on hydration and intake at this point. I drank, ate a gel, downed a Scap. By the 3rd loop I was feeling a little better. I tried getting out of my shoes but only could get one out! I stopped at the line and took my shoe off!! Ave speed 17.0mph

Transition- out in 48 sec

Run- I felt a knot in my Left thigh. I shrugged it off and kept running. I thought. I am not cramping up here. It cannot be happening. I kept talking to myself. High cadence, high cadence, deep breaths, deep breaths. I started picking people off in front of me. 2 guys. It felt great. At the end, I rounded the corner and picked the last guy off, almost running into him, and getting to the finish line!! My honey was taking off the timing chips. I let him take it off my leg. At this point I couldn't move my leg for a minute, my stomach was off and I felt like I was going to vomit. Another person asked me if I was ok. I must've looked bad!! I said I was fine and kept moving. I grabbed Ice water from the volunteer table and grabbed my things from my brother in law who got my stuff for me from transition.

Ending time 2:09:00. Enough to make 4th in my AG. 24th Female Overall.

We had a post race BBQ where I couldn't even eat a thing without feeling like I was going to vomit. I spent about 15 min in the bathroom afterwards. I Don't know why this happened. I watched some of my teamates get their awards. Said congrats. Talked to coach about my tummy troubles and she was baffled. I put on a happy face despite feeling like crap and I think this is what got me to the finish line. Otherwise, I think I would've given up. But I also knew my honey was there, my team and coach and I didn't want to let any of them down and told myself Im finishing regardless of what my time is!!!

Happy and Safe Training!!!


  1. GReat report!!!! We will fix that stomach issue! I so wish this was the old course but your files are terrific!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!

  2. Congratulations on a great race!

  3. Fourth!? That's awesome!! And camping rocks my socks! I'm glad you didn't move to the cabins.

  4. Nice job taking 4th! I guess I am too much of a princess. No way I could camp and race! haha!