Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Core Diet updates and May Numbers

Its June, SUNNY And HOT!!! Finally!!! My honey thinks its too hot, I think it is just right!! 90 degress, windy and sunny. I am not complaining with the nasty winter we had!!

The Core Diet is still going great. I have been having little tummy issues here and there but working them out gradually. I am down another 1.2 lbs from last week!!! Woot! Slowly Progressing to my goal!! This week Im bloated and irritable so I am staying away from the scale until next Monday. Sometimes I sneak one or 2 weigh ins a week but only for training purposes only this week!

May Zoomed by fast. I did 2 races, Mountain Goat 10 miler and Fly By night Duathlon. June Brings me one Olympic Triathlon then onto Musselman 70.3 in July!! Only 151 Days until Beach to Battle Ship!!! Its coming up FAST!!!

Here are Mays Numbers:

Swim- 48477 yrds- 10.33 hours- 18.85% of training
Bike- 192.34 miles- 18.92 hours- 33% of training
Run- 80 miles- 14.66 hours- 25% of training
Brick- 7.83 hours- 14.28% of Training
Strength- 3.5 hours- 6.38% of training

Total Time- 55.24 hours

Happy Training!!


  1. Great May Numbers! You are just rockin' the training.

  2. You are killing it in the pool! WOW!