Monday, June 6, 2011

Week In Review 5/30/11- 6/5/11

1 more week of training in the bag! It feels great to be adding up the miles and distances!!

Monday- I was sore from the Fly By Night. I mean the muscles in my lower legs were achy. I really thought I had some shin splints but gradually this went away before the end of the day using Icy hot and Ibuprofen. I was thinking why was I hurting so bad when last year I was perfectly fine after this race.

Tuesday I had a nice Hour Muggy run in 90 degree weather.

Wednesday I did my first open water swim!! It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Not like last year when I almost drown.. I freaked out so bad due to the swells. This year, smooth sailing.

Thursday- It was so freaking windy that I moved my long ride and did some recovery workouts. I love recovery workouts. Although I think its harder to maintain slowness!!

Friday- I had the most enjoyable 3+ hour bike ride full of hills for the first half, Out to Fairhaven and back. Was so nice. I did get chased by a few dogs that scared the crap out of me!!!

Saturday- I biked 1:20 and then ran a great 5K, then with the little one

Sunday- I ran 1:53 min. 13 min past what I was supposed to but felt great doing it!! I estimated my route wrong! Oh well, Got it in! I skipped out on my recovery ride to watch my little one do a mini duathlon for kids. This is where it gets good. She learned how to finally ride her bike without training wheels!!!!! It took us 10-15min of her balancing on the bike, not pedaling, then I had her push on a pedal and coast to balance, then I stood behind her, got her going and Let go!!! She did it! I almost cried! The little things that make me so happy to be a mom!!

Here are the Numbers:
Swim- 7, 119 Yds- 2 hours 45 min
Bike- 108.33 miles- 7 hours
Run- 28.28 miles- 4.35 hours
Strength- 1 hour

Total Time- 15:19:32

Happy training!


  1. Way to put in those miles! congrats to the triathlete in training!

  2. You know what I love about this post??? You seem so happy doing what you are doing! Keep it up!

    Congrats to the little one! So she bikes and runs... a swimmer too??? Following in momma's footsteps!

  3. Thanks Colleen!! Someday I hope my daughter will want to do a full triathlon!! :)

  4. Yay for your daughter! That is awesome!

    You had a great week of training and you are so positive. Definitely a great role model.