Sunday, June 12, 2011

Green Lakes Triathlon Race Report

This was a spur of the moment race on my calendar as I won an Entry through Syracuse Bicycle. For that I was so Grateful! This is a LiveStrong Event beginning a whole racing weekend. Three different events were held. The Triathlon, 7.7 Mile run through the park (Trail run) and a 5K.

The YMCA of Greater Syracuse is one of the 10 YMCAs across America Selected to offer the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA physical activity and well being program that addresses the special wants, needs and interests of cancer survivors. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is a result of a multi-year partnership between YMCA of the USA and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. All the proceeds of this triathlon went to this program. They had some great sponsors as well which was great to see people coming together for such a great cause.

Back to the Triathlon. I wasn't prepared so I started getting my things in order around 5 or 6pm the night before. Ate a great dinner and settled in bed with Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone to calm me down around 9pm. My daughter was reading it one day and brought it to gymnastics and I got interested in it as she was practicing!!

Woke up around 5:30AM. IT WaS RAINING!! All I kept thinking is I cannot back out now as I won a entry. So I packed my things up, looked at the weather channel which showed just clouds from 8-11am. Great! I ate my usual Race Day breakfast and was on my way to Green Lakes around 6:30am.

Got there and the guy at the booth had told me the course has changed. Now I've ben to 2 races spectating and 2 races racing and its always been the same!! I was thinking great!! Found a parking spot, thanked all the peeps at the Syracuse Bicycle tent for the entry and went to pick my packet up. I was body marked, given my race number and had my chip timer on in no time!

This year they actually put you in transition according to your number. In previous years its been first come first serve. I was right in the middle. I was ok with the spot. I was around some really great people. Some I knew, Some I got to know in that few minutes! It was nice telling our war stories about triathlons!

Got the wesuit on and headed about a tenth of a mile to the beach. I headed to the water and got in. It was about 70 degrees!! I was a little worried with the rainfall overnight that it would be cooler! I met up with my friend L, who was in my age group and won it last year. Said good luck and muttered 1,2 to each other as she entered the water. That meant 1st and 2nd place in AG!

Here we are!!
I was in the 3rd wave. The waves were about 3 min apart so I was about 6 min after the start. I got right in front and to the right as we were going to swim counter  clockwise and I didn't want to get caught up on the turn with everyone else. The gun went off, little did I know this wave was full of first timers and I definately knew it going to the first turn. I got slapped in the head by the same person about 10 times. Ok after about 2 its time to find your own space in the water buddy. Well by the 10th time, I got water in my Left goggle and needed to stop and get it out. I'd say only 10 sec was lost and I was back in the game. I started catching people from the last wave which is always a confidence booster.

Swim- 14:10 (2 years ago, same race this was 25 min!!)

We exited the water and went about a quarter mile or less to transition

T1- 1:08.

Now I kept my shoes on the bike and was going to do a Chrissie Wellington transition. The one foot got in smooth, took off and bam my other shoe got caught and I almost fell. I yelled I GOT THIS to a friend standing at the sideline who saw me do the exact same thing at a race last year!! ha ha! I finally got it and was off!

The bike was great. I knew where I could push the limit, but it usually is the back side of the course and we had a stronger than normal headwind. The last part is a steep hill then a fast descent which I love! Struggle a little then FLY!! I got out of my shoes on the bike a little too soon put kept pushing to that bike end.

Bike- 36:43 - 20K bike, ave pace 20.3 mph.

Again, I wanted a little higher speed, but am ok with this! I got bunched up right before the turn to the hill which I think cost me some time.

Jumped off the bike and into transition


Now I knew I needed to keep a good pace. I looked down at my watch and it said 54 min. I was right on target with my ideal race time. I felt great so I started to push the pace. I held onto a 7-8 min pace as long as I could. I knew a faster runner friend was going to catch me soon. Sure enough around mile 2 she yells keep that good pace and whizzed by me. I started slowing down and I cold feel it. Not that my legs couldn't take it but I felt like I couldn't get enough air in. I tried to keep a solid pace as long as I could. Only a few girls passed me and I passed about 3 or 4 myself.

I came out of the woods, saw the finish line and booked to the end.

Run- 26:50, 8:38min/mi pace.

Least Im still Smiling!!

I saw my friend L. She came in about 2 min before me. She had a solid race! She managed to squeak 2nd in our AG. Little did I know I would not be counted in AG as I was a corporate entry. oh well, I had a free entry, I am not complaining!!

Overall time 1:19:38
17/158 females
109/383 participants
6th in AG
4th Corporate (only female corporate!!)

I am so pleased! My nutrition was spot on. Looking back, I wish my run was faster and this is something I need to work on. My honey says I don't leave it all on the table in sprint races. I dont toe that red line. And he may be right.....

Happy Training


  1. Congrats Kristin!! What a great race : )

  2. Way to go!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!

  3. Kristin, what a great race report! You totally rock!!

  4. Wooo, smokin' swim time. Awesome job on the whole race!

  5. You looked great as you went flying past me screaming "Woooo Hoooo" into that headwind on the bike!
    Great race!

  6. You go girl. Great effort and great swim time.

  7. CONGRATS on the race!!!