Sunday, August 4, 2013

Better Late than never kind of report- Gillie Girl Race Report

I haven't been logging all these swimming, biking and running miles for nothing!! July 21st I participated in the 2nd Annual Gillie Girl Sprint triathlon race in Camillus, NY. The race was designed for a first timer race as well as to challenge a seasoned athlete. Right now, Im calling myself the come-back racer. This was my first Triathlon race postpartum, 7 months after the birth of my amazing little man. I came into this race with a few goals, Come in around 1:30, place in my age group, and give it all on the bike (as this is what my honey wanted me to do). After all it was a puke it or nothing kind of race as Sprints are balls to the wall the whole time, right?!! The night before, I settled my transition back, ate healthy at all meals and settled in early. Not only did I deal with a son that didn't want to sleep, but my stomach was upset all night as well. I was not happy that my race may not turn out with the goals I mentioned above. I wanted to get to the race fairly early, but I think everyone had the same Idea. I did however find a nice racking spot closest to the bike out as it was a long bike out without shoes on. I decided I was going to keep my shoes on the bike and hop on after the mount line. More about my ever so graceful mounting in a bit. I met some fellow racers and chatted about future racing, plans for the future, etc. (I even made a pact to maybe race 2015 Lake Placid, which may come true) I did my pre race meal I always do from the time I started training with my former coach, Mary Eggers. Man do I miss being coached. I cannot think for myself, or plan a freaking workout to save my life working full time and taking care of 2 children, a hubby and a house!! Anyways, back to the race.
I decided since the swim was so short and the weather was rather hot leading up to the race that I would go sans wetsuit. Im so glad I did because I was hot right after the turn around! This course was a 2 loop Lake swim in a really tiny lake. The second loop was less than desired as I was weaving in and out of people from different waves trying to make their way through the swim. I felt like I pushed hard and felt good about my swim The transition was about 200-300 yards away from the lake.
When I got to my bike, I Grabbed my helmet, got my bike and ran down about a 100yards out of transition to the mount line. While at the mount line, I had a hard time getting into my shoes and lost a little time on the bike. The first 1/2 mile is all down hill and could've made some serious time here if I wasn't fidgeting with my shoes and my Garmin!! (For future reference, never put transitions into the freaking mode. I totally messed the whole thing up and didnt get my splits right!) I felt like I gave it my all on the bike course, I was well above 20mph. But it didn't reflect it on the bike time due to my need to leave my shoes on the bike and jump off my bike. Maybe a flatter course would've been better to try this on!!

The transition was uneventful. I think I was out in less than a minute

The run was a fairly challenging run with one bigger climb back to the lake. I admit, I had to stop for a second to catch my breath on the hill but it was short lived as my determination to not be defeated took over. Granted I still have about 15 pounds to lose to be at pre baby weight and be faster like I was a few years ago.

I like that a lady at the top of the hill introduced herself and said she was feeling tired. Yep, I coached her into just breathing, relaxing, telling her she is doing great and what did she do right at the end?! Took off on me!! ha ha! At the end she asked me if I was a coach and that I should be because I gave her so much encouragement. Nice to hear!!

At the end, I was 22nd overall, 3rd in AG 30-34!!!! I am so proud of this! All the hard work and determination is paying off!

Next up, Cazenovia Intermediate triathlon August 11th!!!