Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Completing a 70.3.

"Whatever you do dont give up. Believe in yourself And in the strength that Lies within you. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE"

This quote is an Excerpt from a book that I have been previewing; Ironmann 70.3:Training for the Middle Distance. When I read this quote I got so fired up to do the Half Ironman. I cannot wait to take everything that I have learned, and all the training I have done and put it to good use on race day. There has been alot of talk about the Syracuse 70.3 course since the beginning of its conception. How steep the climbs are, how unsafe the roads are, etc, etc. Frankly Im ready to take on the challenge now...

Do you have dreams of doing this distance?? Then think of it with a 3 step strategy the book says

Second Stage: Realistic goal setting
Third Stage: Execution, finish

70.3 means uncertainty. on how those miles will affect our bodies, how we can adapt to the highs and lows, the doubt, the hope, the moments of strength and weakness that every athlete goes through from the start to finish.

I cannot wait to feel the same way. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Im sure all these thoughts will be going through my mind on race day and how I deal with them all will be the reward when Im at the finish line.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Saturday Ride Recap

Scene from Jamesville-All local Triathletes

Yesterday I met a bunch of local triathletes in Jamesville to ride the Syracuse 70.3 course. It was a nice 65 degrees outside when we started the ride. This is my second time riding the course and the first time was the day after I pushed hard at the Iron Girl. I have to admit I was looking forward to riding but not at the same time. I was literally almost crying about halfway the last time. My spirits were so torn as I climbed the hills of the course wondering If this was going to make or break me as a triathlete.

We met at 8 oclock but didn't start the ride until about 8:20. I think we lost half the crew we were going to ride with but we had 7 of us going out.

What I like about the ride is that after doing the swim you get on your bike and you have 2 miles of downhill to catch your breath.

Then...the climbing starts. The first hill has a peak grade of 12%. Its steep but short. Easily manageable. Then it is rollers for a good 5-6 miles. You turn a corner onto Sweet road and it has you climbing for a good 45 min. It is rollers but LONG rollers, reaching max grades of 10%.

After Sweet road you get a break and have a Nice downhill where you are going about 40 mph to a Flat course for a few miles.

Turning onto Route 80 There is a few rollers until you hit a 50MPh down hill then up the STEEPEST hill of the whole course at 15% grade. Now Im talking out of your seat get this hill over with type of climbing. This is at about mile 20 or so. I looked down at the time as we crested the hill and noticed we were at 1:20. It is a slow first half. There is no going faster for me. The wind is in your face the whole time you are climbing. Well, at least yesterday it was.

Turning onto East Lake Road, it starts to be rollers again, This is where I sit back and say ok the tough part is over now try and do your best to pick up the pace a bit. My legs were feeling it at this point.

There is a cute little 70.3 pit stop at a general store in Deruyter, NY. Very country feeling. Nice place. We stopped and caught up with everyone. Chit chatted a bit and trucked forward. Getting back on the bike was hell at first trying to get your legs back into it again. We did see the elephant everyone has been talking about and also a wild bore made out of 55gallon drums and propane tanks...pretty cool!!

The next 20 miles or so isnt bad, rolling hills mixed in with a couple steeper climbs. My quads were definately feeling it by mile 40. I so wanted the ride to be over with. Along the way is Labrador Mountain where the mowers put a M dot sign in the grass where the ski slopes are!! Nice!

The next turn has you going downhill for a few miles which is so awesome that it is at the end!!!

All in all I did better than last time. I was prepared for the hills, kept up with my nutrition (Perpetuem, powerbar energy, Accelgel, and water) I think next time I will try Endurolytes as well.

I came off the bike and did a 4 mile run keeping an average 9:20 pace! woo hoo!! Ill take it!!

After a nice bike ride and run, we ended our day at my good friends reception with all my closest buds!! I paid for it when I go home when my inner thighs started cramping up!!! Heres some snap shots!!

Denise and I shaking our booties
Showing some leg!!
Chicken Dance!! LOL!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Week Recap

I don't know why I felt so sluggish this week. Don't know if it was because of the Tri I did on Sunday, but I just was unmotivated this week.

Monday was a 2500 meter swim in the pool in the am. It started out with the pool guy being late..ugh..
Had a good swim though. Finished my set within an hour.

Tuesday morning I got up early and ran my Favorte 4 Mile course. My legs felt like lead although I had under a 9 min mile pace which is great for me. Work was crazy and I don't even think I got 24 oz of fluid in me all day long so I figured my afternoon workout would be tough. I guessed right. About 10 min on the trainer and I was finished. My heart rate was soaring and I was just dead.

Wednesday I got up early and went to Williams Beach to Swim. It was like a whirlpool in the middle of the lake!!! I managed to get a decent 1 mile swim in. Was disappointed in my time but felt that would make any triathlon seem easier!!

Thursday morning I got up early again to do my run. I was scheduled for a 2 hour run but got up too late and dragged my butt out to do at least an hour...Yet again I felt like stone...someone light a fire under my keester please!!

Today I went for a 1.2 mile swim in 40 min. We went out with a dozen people this morning to the lake. It was calm and beautiful. What a way to spend the morning!! I finally felt good after all this week of terribleness!! A lady I was swimming with said she looked up to see where I was and all she saw was my arms. She said I was a quiet swimmer....woo ha for me!! :)

Tomorrow Ill be tackling the Hilly, Challenging Syracuse70.3 course with a dozen or so people and am so excited as Im finally feeling up to training again. 3 weeks until race day and I feel run down...I hope this is a normal feeling and it will pass within the next week or so....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Im frustrated with my times this year with running...ugh!! I have been thinking about ways I can get myself faster. Maybe its body mechanics? Im not a good leaner as they say you are supposed to do with running. I feel like Im going to fall flat on my face!!

I have also done interval training, hill training, you name it I've done it!!

The thing I notice the most when I run is that my whole upper torso tenses up. I have always done this and am trying to work on it.

I can honestly say I have been working on form alot lately. I have been looking at the Pose Method of running and have considered buying a pair of my first Vibrams!!! I am a forefront striker so I am on the right track. I actually had my boyfriend tape me running so I know where I stand and what I need to work on. I swing my legs, dont pick them up and kick back. I push off and leap!!!

Practice makes perfect!!!

heres the video:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking for a Coach

I have been looking at getting a coach for next season. Why you might ask?? Because I am going to do my FIRST Ironman!!! Yes I said it. Im getting a little crazy over here...but I think Im ready to take it to the next level if Syracuse 70.3 goes well which Im sure it will!!

I have been debating this for a few months now and cannot think of any reason not to!!!

Heres some things I am looking in a coach (and I do have a few Im looking into at the moment!!):

1. They have to be accessable. I do not want to wait 3-4 days for answers or feedback

2. Someone with solid credentials. Someone that is a triathlete themselves and has been coaching for at least a few years.

3. A tailored plan for me,myself and I.

4. Someone that can adjust training if I get sick, or injured, or miss a workout

5. Someone that is going to provide Structure, motivation and success!!!

An effective way to stay motivated and to develop a solid training plan is to hire a coach. All the pros and elite triathletes do!! Why not the age groupers too?!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lake Delta Race Report

Sunday started off with wakin up at 4:30a to be out the Door by 5:30. I had all my things packed so I was hoping the morning would go smoothly, and for the most part it did.

Besides waking up my boyfriend about 8 times, taking the dog out who doesn't like the rain, we made it out the door by 5:35. I feuled up in the car with my ritual Egg and cheese Bagel and a Smoothie.

We were on The thruway about 15 min into the ride when I remember I left my Zoot race tights on the table. Oh I was so upset about that. I thought here we go, Im going to cramp on the run. See I wore these at Iron Girl and had a Phenominal race so now they are my staple item. I crabbed to my boyfriend and kept on driving.

There was light showers all the way there and  I kept thinking to myself I hope the rain stops. Fat chance.

We got to Lake Delta about an hour early. Great to get pre-race jitters out of the way, set up transition and go for a little swim. All of which I did.

The race started on time with the females going out 5 min later than the men. The lake was calm at first but when the rain started coming it started to get a little more choppy. The Swim was an out a back course which we had to do twice. I got hit a couple of times by the Slow men that I caught up to but held my line and kept moving forward. The swim felt long to me, more like a 1.2 mile swim.

Swim time-  33:08. (not going to complain as this is my First Olympic distance)

T1- went off without any problems!! Time: 57 sec.

The Bike leg was a 2 loop out and back course as well. It was a little deceiving on the way out. Supposedly this was a flat course...ha, no there was an incline and when the wind hit I was only pushing 15mph which I wasn't happy about at all!! But on the back side I was doing 25-27 mph, so I cannot complain too much. The rain was pelting me in the face and on my back but I kept on trucking along.

Bike time- 1:10:11             ( I was 4th out of 48 women)

T2- when I came into transition, I took my feet out of my shoes on the bike, but I was scared to hop off my bike. I had a fear I would slip in front of everyone. So I got off the normal way. Ok, Im getting there SLOWLY!!!   Time- 39 Sec.

Run-I put on the most soggy shoes ever. Now I thought I was going way faster than my time shows. I guess it goes to show you Im not a very fast runner. I have really focused on this part since Iron Girl as I know it is my weakest link. But Im still not making the strides I want in running. I saw Mary Eggers when I was running. She was on her third loop when I was on my second. She looked amazing! Not to mention the big smile she had on her face. Go Mary!! I did end up with a few blisters on my feet from the wetness. No more Sauconys for running in the rain. Should've worn my Zoots!!

Run time 56:47

Total time 2:41:41

2nd Place in AG                                   
10/48 Females
67/157 Participants

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lake Delta Olympic

I am so excited and proud of myself again today!!! I finished my first Olympic Distance Triathlon today!!

Despite the crappy weather conditions and a few blisters on my feet from Soggy wet shoes, I had a great race!!

I am happy to say I placed 2nd in my Age group!!! Woooootttt!!!! This is such an accomplishment for me as last year I was at the bottom, not seeing the results I wanted to. Now Im where I want to be!!!

I am taking down the 1st place age group winner in my age group!!! Ugh!! She beat me at Iron Girl Too!! By a minute!! Shes a Phenominal runner, and passed me on the second loop around. I need to step up my game!!

Pics and Race report to Come....

Friday, August 20, 2010

What makes a great race?

I often think to myself, what makes a great race? Coming up on my first Olympic this weekend has got my wheels a turning trying to execute a great race in my head.

I have a few preparations that I need to do beforehand. For one, Fix my darn seat!! I have been having a hard time getting used to any seat in aero position. You think by now, that it is the end of the season, my whoo ha would feel good on a seat by now! I even got my bike fitted and it made no big difference!!

Thoughts of what a great race means to me:

1. Having everything packed and ready to go the night before, including my nutrition needs. This weekend I will be drinking Strawberry HEED on the bike...YUM.

2. Getting a nice wholesome breakfast in of Boost and Bagel with Peanut butter...always a pre race Fav..

3. Being out the door with minutes to spare, not rushing

4. Getting to the venue nice and early to help pre-race jitters, scope out the course and get either a swim or small bike ride in..

5. Having a great spot in transition, everything lined up perfectly

6. Being able to smile and laugh throughout the whole race (I have yet to get here all the way)

7. Nailing my nutrition needs

8. Executing my Swim, Transitions, Bike and Run. Im a little slower on the run than I'd like to be, so if I can keep my run as well as Iron Girl I will do well this weekend.

9. Having Great race support and post workout grub..

10. Not being sick at the finish line.

11. And knowing no matter how I place, that I did this for me, I did this for enjoyment, health and self gratification and thats all that matters.

What makes a great race for you???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Randomness Tuesday

Man, the thoughts are rolling this week as the Syracuse 70.3 slowly creeps up on me!!

  1.  It would be nice to be a natural born athlete.
  2.  Today I ran in my bathing suit only and felt so free. I would never do this in a race though
  3.  I bought an Adamo Century X seat and Hate it. Switched back to my old saddle for now.
  4.  I think I finally nailed my nutrition needs
  5.  I have been looking at Ironman distance events to do next year!!
  6.  I wish everyone had my schedule so they could train with me..
  7.  I hate training alone unless Im in a bad mood
  8.  I ate way too many Oreos this week.
  9. I need to find a coach
Only 9 things this week....Im sure there is more but my mind is too tired to think of any more.

Happy Training!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Caz tri and my next adventure!!

Yesterday I had the chance to be a Volunteer at the Cazenovia Triathlon Held every year in good 'ole Cazenovia, NY. It is our Triathlon Club's big event!

The night before I had a chance to help set up the transition area and holding corral for the swimmers. What a time-consuming duty!! Good thing we had a dozen people helping. Not to mention the best food from Bella Domanis to help quiet our hunger!!

Fast forward to race day. Up at 4:30, out the door by 5AM and to Caz by 5:30a. I felt like I was racing here! But no need for pre race meal, etc. etc. I was the run Coordinator which was a big job for 1 person to do so of course I had a few of the guys help me out! We set up all the tables, water, cups , strawberry HEED, Cones up on the 3mile run and the 6 mile run as this was both a sprint and olympic distance race. We had a half dozen kids from Chittenango Run club helping us out. Nice group of kids.

I was very fortunate to see alot of fellow CNY tri people come my way, yelling at them to push!! They just grunted at me of course!! But it was nice to be on the other end of the Triathlon world and see what goes on behind the scenes to make a race run smoothly. I was a bit jealous I wasn't out there racing but felt good giving words of encouragement!

This weekend I will be Competing in my FIRST Olympic triathlon!! I am so excited, nervous, jittery about the whole experience!! I am competing in the Lake Delta Olympic Tri which is an inagural race out in Rome, NY. The description stated it was a calm lake, flat and fast bike and a flat run in the park. Sounds like a great race to me as I said before I am a better athlete on flat races!!! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Im in a Funk

I don't know why Im in a funk this week. Its really starting to annoy me. I can pretty much say I have done all my workouts except a few. I don't know if it is because I did alot over the last weekend or my body needs a mental health day.

Random Thoughts that have been creeping in my head:

1. What was I thinking signing up for a hilly first 70.3??

2. Will I need to change to a compact now??

3. Im really a better athlete on flat pancake rides.

4. My hip has been acting up again on long runs. But not to the point I have to stop running

5. I did my whole run yesterday without music. I kept singing in my head "Im not afraid"
    By Eminem...good song.

6. Why on every run do I get beeped at and waved to?? Do you know me?? Because I
     cannot see you to know who you are.

7. I am very pleased at how relaxing swimming has come to me. 2500 meters in 57 min is great for me!!!

8. I hate being the only provider sometimes in my office. Makes me stressed out. I wish I
     could call a Substitute NP in. But then that wouldn't be good for business...

9. My boyfriend is in a bigger funk than me and I think he might not do the 70.3 with me...

10. I keep trying to think of the positives. That Im strong and able to complete anything I set
       my mind to. I have only given up once when my chain almost broke. So I will stick to
      this and come out on top.

Happy Training!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Iron Girl Race Report

Im a little tired from all the excitement of this weekend. My training has been paying off big time this year. Im finally where I want to be in the Triathlon World.

Im very pleased with my time for this years Aflac Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon that was held this past Saturday at Oneida Shores.

The Swim was a running start to the Lake. It was very shallow at first but I dove right in and started swimming. I rounded the last bouy and knew I could push more so I did. Ended up going off course just a bit but did well.

Transition was a little slow, but you had to run a distance to get to transition

Onto the Bike. This is where my comfort lies and I totally executed my bike. I past by a guy that said you must be a slow swimmer!! Little did he know there were waves and I was the 5th wave. I stayed on the orange line, that was my plan, and pushed hard. I passed several girls, cheering them on as I passed. I gave it my all, even bunny hopped the railroad tracks!! :)

T2- I took my feet out of my shoes and got off my bike! Perfect! One thing I did was run out of transition without my race belt!!

Run- felt fast the first half, I took an Accelgel on the run, I really thought it sat well and had a great Strawberry Kiwi taste to it which I love!!! I thought my running was slowing down in the second half but it was so nice to look at the calves in front of me and see they were all 40-50 year old ladies!! That meant my age group hadn't caught up to me yet, until about a half mile to the finish and I saw a woman with my name in my age group pass me...oh well, only one.

All in all I Couldn't be prouder of what I did this year at this race. I was second in my age group and got this beautiful bracelet.

The Bracelet says "Race with Grace"
The bracelet was made by TriClique Jewelry.  When I opened the package there was a little message inside that was very inspiring. It read:
             "Grace, also the name of symbol used within the Iron Girl Logo, is within us all.    
               Its what makes woman heroic, charming and limitless. Grace is with us in difficult  
               times and in happy times, silly times and sad times. Grace is with us
               physically, mentally and emotionally. May you always find Grace in your life and in your 
               next race!"

I think Im going to wear it to all my races.

Heres the final result of my race...

Swim- 8:53/ 1:29 pace  Rank 36/730 
T1- 2:01
Bike- 50:25/ 22.2 mph pace Rank 3/730
Run- 27:22/ Pace 8:49min/mile Rank 147/730

Time: 1:29:27
Place: 11/730 females                                             
Div Place: 2nd in AGE group 30-34

That being said, the next day we took the bikes out for a 56.6 mile Bike on the Syracuse HIM course. I was beat afterward!!

Here is 8/2-8/8 week numbers:

Swim- 3250 meters- 1 hr 4 min 53 sec
Bike- 112.07 miles- 6 hrs 25 min 25 sec
Run- 8 miles- 1 hr 2 min

Time to start running some more this week!!! :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Im Proud Today

Im proud today because I finished the IronGirl Triathlon 20 min better this year than last year.

Im proud that I witnessed 800 females, some who have never done a tri, cross the finish line

Im proud of all the people I have met over the last couple months that had smiles on their faces and came running to me to tell me how they did! Im glad they felt good letting me know!! So heartwarming!!

I am proud to say I finished 2nd in my Age group!!! 1 min slower than first :(

Im beat but good beat now...Resting for a 56 mile ride on the Syracuse 70.3 course in the morning...Ahhh!!!

More of race results to follow....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Reflections on 2009 Iron girl Race; In preparation for Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be racing the Iron Girl again at Oneida Shores. It consists of this year a 600 m swim, 18.8 mile bike, 3 mile run.

With thoughts of feeling better prepared this year to race I thought I would look back at my numbers from last year-

800 m- 16:09 (wow, I was slow!!!)  Hoping this year with a 600m swim I will come out close to 11 min
 T1-1:20. Ok I probably cannot do much better than this since the race doubled in size since last year, but Ill try!!

Bike- 18.8 miles- 54:48 ave 20.4 mph. I think I can pick up the speed here as I am a bit faster on my bike this year.

T2- 1:44, Ok I have to admit that I putted and drank water in transition. NOPE not this year. I am going to execute getting off my bike with my shoes still clipped to the bike. Hopefully it will be under 1:00

Run- 32:33 Oh god, what happened?!!! I got cramps galore. This year Im pushing a 26-27 min finish, hopefully better as I have been training on this course since June Every wed and do a 24-25 min run.

All in all I want to shave 10 min off my time and think I might just make my goal...Stay tuned!!!! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Addition

I have to finally say we have a new addition to our house....

Riley (our new Addition)

Meet Riley our Blue heeler and Fox terrier mix!!! He is a lovely puppy..not full of energy yet and very calm around my 6 year old daughter.

We did rescue a dog last week at an animal shelter. When I walked into the place I thought I was going to vomit. The pungeant smell of urine and cats did not mix with me. We went to meet a 1 year old pup named Sheba. Beautiful dog. As soon as I saw her I knew she was a Pitbull. I was a little skeptical to take her home as she was this breed and didn't know her background. We asked the lady if we could walk her outside and she handed us the leash and said take her home. So, with that being said we took her to Pet Smart, she played with all the other dogs, we spent a fortune and then came home. We werent in the house for more than an hour when Andy tried to go outside. The dog Lunged at the door, growled, snarled and then wimpered. Scary. Andy was not happy with the dogs behavior. He didn't want to keep the dog after this. I wasn't nervous, until the next morning when I went to let her out for a walk. I got up out of the bed and she jumped at me ready to attack. Sad to say, we did give her back after the lady gave us a hard time. I didn't feel this was the dog for our home.

This Is Sheba (The dog we didn't keep)

Needless to say we did find Riley on a farm out in Pheonix, NY. He is everything we wanted in a dog. We did look up temperment of our dog. It stated friendly, energetic, playful, needs to be with active people...PERFECT!! Now We will be traveling with a dog to all our events as well!! :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Training notes and hours

I cannot believe it is already August!!! 6 weeks until the BIG day!!! Im getting nervous, anxious, butterflies and all the other stuff that comes with doing a new thing for the first time. NEW meaning an New distance to add to the mix!!

I have been doing very well with my swimming lately and it has been paying off. Im more relaxed in the water and really dont care if someone wants to elbow me or kick me. Im staying my line and that is it.

I have been really pushing on the bike. Trying to keep my cadence up without pounding the pedals. That has paid off with my unbelievable fast 20-22 mph Ave speeds on training days. Hopefully I can keep this up this Upcoming weekend with The Aflac Irongirl Race coming up.

I am also trying to maintain focus on cadence and good run form after coming of a hard bike.

I've also been Trying different sports drinks out to see which one will settle on race day. I have got my plan almost to a "T". Itll be time for execution before I know it.

I am proud to say I PRd Sat on my 6.2 mile run in 54 min!!! woot!! I tried to just focus on proper form and my breathing the whole time and did better!!!

Month of JULY numbers:

Swim- 22,400 meters= 14mi     10hrs 29 min
Bike- 266.5 miles  14hrs 8 min 35 sec
Run- 51.44 miles  7hrs 55min 27 sec

PHEW!!! That was a lot of calculating!!! :) Now I will start next week with weekly reports up to race week!!!