Friday, August 27, 2010

Week Recap

I don't know why I felt so sluggish this week. Don't know if it was because of the Tri I did on Sunday, but I just was unmotivated this week.

Monday was a 2500 meter swim in the pool in the am. It started out with the pool guy being late..ugh..
Had a good swim though. Finished my set within an hour.

Tuesday morning I got up early and ran my Favorte 4 Mile course. My legs felt like lead although I had under a 9 min mile pace which is great for me. Work was crazy and I don't even think I got 24 oz of fluid in me all day long so I figured my afternoon workout would be tough. I guessed right. About 10 min on the trainer and I was finished. My heart rate was soaring and I was just dead.

Wednesday I got up early and went to Williams Beach to Swim. It was like a whirlpool in the middle of the lake!!! I managed to get a decent 1 mile swim in. Was disappointed in my time but felt that would make any triathlon seem easier!!

Thursday morning I got up early again to do my run. I was scheduled for a 2 hour run but got up too late and dragged my butt out to do at least an hour...Yet again I felt like stone...someone light a fire under my keester please!!

Today I went for a 1.2 mile swim in 40 min. We went out with a dozen people this morning to the lake. It was calm and beautiful. What a way to spend the morning!! I finally felt good after all this week of terribleness!! A lady I was swimming with said she looked up to see where I was and all she saw was my arms. She said I was a quiet swimmer....woo ha for me!! :)

Tomorrow Ill be tackling the Hilly, Challenging Syracuse70.3 course with a dozen or so people and am so excited as Im finally feeling up to training again. 3 weeks until race day and I feel run down...I hope this is a normal feeling and it will pass within the next week or so....


  1. I think we all have days/weeks where we feel sluggish! I think your body is probably just tired from all of your training you've been doing.
    It sounds like you've had some great swimming! I'm so jealous of all of the open water swims you're doing!
    Good luck with the Syracuse course!

  2. It will pass, hopefully in time for you to pop big time @ Syracuse. Have a great course recon! Let us know how difficult it is!