Monday, August 16, 2010

Caz tri and my next adventure!!

Yesterday I had the chance to be a Volunteer at the Cazenovia Triathlon Held every year in good 'ole Cazenovia, NY. It is our Triathlon Club's big event!

The night before I had a chance to help set up the transition area and holding corral for the swimmers. What a time-consuming duty!! Good thing we had a dozen people helping. Not to mention the best food from Bella Domanis to help quiet our hunger!!

Fast forward to race day. Up at 4:30, out the door by 5AM and to Caz by 5:30a. I felt like I was racing here! But no need for pre race meal, etc. etc. I was the run Coordinator which was a big job for 1 person to do so of course I had a few of the guys help me out! We set up all the tables, water, cups , strawberry HEED, Cones up on the 3mile run and the 6 mile run as this was both a sprint and olympic distance race. We had a half dozen kids from Chittenango Run club helping us out. Nice group of kids.

I was very fortunate to see alot of fellow CNY tri people come my way, yelling at them to push!! They just grunted at me of course!! But it was nice to be on the other end of the Triathlon world and see what goes on behind the scenes to make a race run smoothly. I was a bit jealous I wasn't out there racing but felt good giving words of encouragement!

This weekend I will be Competing in my FIRST Olympic triathlon!! I am so excited, nervous, jittery about the whole experience!! I am competing in the Lake Delta Olympic Tri which is an inagural race out in Rome, NY. The description stated it was a calm lake, flat and fast bike and a flat run in the park. Sounds like a great race to me as I said before I am a better athlete on flat races!!! :)


  1. Good luck this weekend! You are going to kill that bike course!

  2. thanks for volunteering at Caz! first of all I can't believe you found my blog (or were you already a follower? - I lose track) but I also can't believe you saw me! I didn't know that was Kristen White wayyyy ahead of me but I knew it was a crazy fast chick :)

  3. I will see you at DELTA! You will do great!

  4. That's awesome that you volunteered! Good for you!

    Good luck in your race this weekend! You are going to do great! :)

  5. Alexa- Yes I was a follower as I got your blog from Kelly Coverts Blog list. I commented on your Awesome Ironman finish!!!