Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Randomness Tuesday

Man, the thoughts are rolling this week as the Syracuse 70.3 slowly creeps up on me!!

  1.  It would be nice to be a natural born athlete.
  2.  Today I ran in my bathing suit only and felt so free. I would never do this in a race though
  3.  I bought an Adamo Century X seat and Hate it. Switched back to my old saddle for now.
  4.  I think I finally nailed my nutrition needs
  5.  I have been looking at Ironman distance events to do next year!!
  6.  I wish everyone had my schedule so they could train with me..
  7.  I hate training alone unless Im in a bad mood
  8.  I ate way too many Oreos this week.
  9. I need to find a coach
Only 9 things this week....Im sure there is more but my mind is too tired to think of any more.

Happy Training!!

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