Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Addition

I have to finally say we have a new addition to our house....

Riley (our new Addition)

Meet Riley our Blue heeler and Fox terrier mix!!! He is a lovely puppy..not full of energy yet and very calm around my 6 year old daughter.

We did rescue a dog last week at an animal shelter. When I walked into the place I thought I was going to vomit. The pungeant smell of urine and cats did not mix with me. We went to meet a 1 year old pup named Sheba. Beautiful dog. As soon as I saw her I knew she was a Pitbull. I was a little skeptical to take her home as she was this breed and didn't know her background. We asked the lady if we could walk her outside and she handed us the leash and said take her home. So, with that being said we took her to Pet Smart, she played with all the other dogs, we spent a fortune and then came home. We werent in the house for more than an hour when Andy tried to go outside. The dog Lunged at the door, growled, snarled and then wimpered. Scary. Andy was not happy with the dogs behavior. He didn't want to keep the dog after this. I wasn't nervous, until the next morning when I went to let her out for a walk. I got up out of the bed and she jumped at me ready to attack. Sad to say, we did give her back after the lady gave us a hard time. I didn't feel this was the dog for our home.

This Is Sheba (The dog we didn't keep)

Needless to say we did find Riley on a farm out in Pheonix, NY. He is everything we wanted in a dog. We did look up temperment of our dog. It stated friendly, energetic, playful, needs to be with active people...PERFECT!! Now We will be traveling with a dog to all our events as well!! :)


  1. we've been going back and forth about getting a dog, I would like to rescue one, but have some reservations. You guys did the right thing.

    Good luck at Iron Girl!