Friday, August 6, 2010

Reflections on 2009 Iron girl Race; In preparation for Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be racing the Iron Girl again at Oneida Shores. It consists of this year a 600 m swim, 18.8 mile bike, 3 mile run.

With thoughts of feeling better prepared this year to race I thought I would look back at my numbers from last year-

800 m- 16:09 (wow, I was slow!!!)  Hoping this year with a 600m swim I will come out close to 11 min
 T1-1:20. Ok I probably cannot do much better than this since the race doubled in size since last year, but Ill try!!

Bike- 18.8 miles- 54:48 ave 20.4 mph. I think I can pick up the speed here as I am a bit faster on my bike this year.

T2- 1:44, Ok I have to admit that I putted and drank water in transition. NOPE not this year. I am going to execute getting off my bike with my shoes still clipped to the bike. Hopefully it will be under 1:00

Run- 32:33 Oh god, what happened?!!! I got cramps galore. This year Im pushing a 26-27 min finish, hopefully better as I have been training on this course since June Every wed and do a 24-25 min run.

All in all I want to shave 10 min off my time and think I might just make my goal...Stay tuned!!!! :)

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