Monday, August 9, 2010

Iron Girl Race Report

Im a little tired from all the excitement of this weekend. My training has been paying off big time this year. Im finally where I want to be in the Triathlon World.

Im very pleased with my time for this years Aflac Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon that was held this past Saturday at Oneida Shores.

The Swim was a running start to the Lake. It was very shallow at first but I dove right in and started swimming. I rounded the last bouy and knew I could push more so I did. Ended up going off course just a bit but did well.

Transition was a little slow, but you had to run a distance to get to transition

Onto the Bike. This is where my comfort lies and I totally executed my bike. I past by a guy that said you must be a slow swimmer!! Little did he know there were waves and I was the 5th wave. I stayed on the orange line, that was my plan, and pushed hard. I passed several girls, cheering them on as I passed. I gave it my all, even bunny hopped the railroad tracks!! :)

T2- I took my feet out of my shoes and got off my bike! Perfect! One thing I did was run out of transition without my race belt!!

Run- felt fast the first half, I took an Accelgel on the run, I really thought it sat well and had a great Strawberry Kiwi taste to it which I love!!! I thought my running was slowing down in the second half but it was so nice to look at the calves in front of me and see they were all 40-50 year old ladies!! That meant my age group hadn't caught up to me yet, until about a half mile to the finish and I saw a woman with my name in my age group pass me...oh well, only one.

All in all I Couldn't be prouder of what I did this year at this race. I was second in my age group and got this beautiful bracelet.

The Bracelet says "Race with Grace"
The bracelet was made by TriClique Jewelry.  When I opened the package there was a little message inside that was very inspiring. It read:
             "Grace, also the name of symbol used within the Iron Girl Logo, is within us all.    
               Its what makes woman heroic, charming and limitless. Grace is with us in difficult  
               times and in happy times, silly times and sad times. Grace is with us
               physically, mentally and emotionally. May you always find Grace in your life and in your 
               next race!"

I think Im going to wear it to all my races.

Heres the final result of my race...

Swim- 8:53/ 1:29 pace  Rank 36/730 
T1- 2:01
Bike- 50:25/ 22.2 mph pace Rank 3/730
Run- 27:22/ Pace 8:49min/mile Rank 147/730

Time: 1:29:27
Place: 11/730 females                                             
Div Place: 2nd in AGE group 30-34

That being said, the next day we took the bikes out for a 56.6 mile Bike on the Syracuse HIM course. I was beat afterward!!

Here is 8/2-8/8 week numbers:

Swim- 3250 meters- 1 hr 4 min 53 sec
Bike- 112.07 miles- 6 hrs 25 min 25 sec
Run- 8 miles- 1 hr 2 min

Time to start running some more this week!!! :)


  1. Good golly you killed the course! Amazing how fast you went on the bike! Nice job!

  2. Thanks Jon!! All this training is finally paying off!!

  3. kritin-

    wow! you have been working HARD. it is very obvious to me!

    major improvement, and you CRUSHED that bike.

    you are ready for Cuse!

  4. I saw your time in the paper, you ROCKED IT!

    Great bracelet too...

    btw, my tat is going to be a Celtic Cross : )

  5. I want to do an Aflac IronGirl- and I love the medal!

  6. Thanks Molly!!! That tat is going to be nice!! :)

  7. Woohoo! Congrats on your race! You did awesome! And how exciting to get 2nd in your AG! Yay! :)

  8. Congratulations! Great bracelet too. I did IronGirl Racine this year, their first year in Wisconsin. I loved the event and hope to do it again. Well done!