Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Saturday Ride Recap

Scene from Jamesville-All local Triathletes

Yesterday I met a bunch of local triathletes in Jamesville to ride the Syracuse 70.3 course. It was a nice 65 degrees outside when we started the ride. This is my second time riding the course and the first time was the day after I pushed hard at the Iron Girl. I have to admit I was looking forward to riding but not at the same time. I was literally almost crying about halfway the last time. My spirits were so torn as I climbed the hills of the course wondering If this was going to make or break me as a triathlete.

We met at 8 oclock but didn't start the ride until about 8:20. I think we lost half the crew we were going to ride with but we had 7 of us going out.

What I like about the ride is that after doing the swim you get on your bike and you have 2 miles of downhill to catch your breath.

Then...the climbing starts. The first hill has a peak grade of 12%. Its steep but short. Easily manageable. Then it is rollers for a good 5-6 miles. You turn a corner onto Sweet road and it has you climbing for a good 45 min. It is rollers but LONG rollers, reaching max grades of 10%.

After Sweet road you get a break and have a Nice downhill where you are going about 40 mph to a Flat course for a few miles.

Turning onto Route 80 There is a few rollers until you hit a 50MPh down hill then up the STEEPEST hill of the whole course at 15% grade. Now Im talking out of your seat get this hill over with type of climbing. This is at about mile 20 or so. I looked down at the time as we crested the hill and noticed we were at 1:20. It is a slow first half. There is no going faster for me. The wind is in your face the whole time you are climbing. Well, at least yesterday it was.

Turning onto East Lake Road, it starts to be rollers again, This is where I sit back and say ok the tough part is over now try and do your best to pick up the pace a bit. My legs were feeling it at this point.

There is a cute little 70.3 pit stop at a general store in Deruyter, NY. Very country feeling. Nice place. We stopped and caught up with everyone. Chit chatted a bit and trucked forward. Getting back on the bike was hell at first trying to get your legs back into it again. We did see the elephant everyone has been talking about and also a wild bore made out of 55gallon drums and propane tanks...pretty cool!!

The next 20 miles or so isnt bad, rolling hills mixed in with a couple steeper climbs. My quads were definately feeling it by mile 40. I so wanted the ride to be over with. Along the way is Labrador Mountain where the mowers put a M dot sign in the grass where the ski slopes are!! Nice!

The next turn has you going downhill for a few miles which is so awesome that it is at the end!!!

All in all I did better than last time. I was prepared for the hills, kept up with my nutrition (Perpetuem, powerbar energy, Accelgel, and water) I think next time I will try Endurolytes as well.

I came off the bike and did a 4 mile run keeping an average 9:20 pace! woo hoo!! Ill take it!!

After a nice bike ride and run, we ended our day at my good friends reception with all my closest buds!! I paid for it when I go home when my inner thighs started cramping up!!! Heres some snap shots!!

Denise and I shaking our booties
Showing some leg!!
Chicken Dance!! LOL!!


  1. wow! hilly ride!! Its gonna be hilly for everyone, so do the best you can!

  2. I learned about that M-dot mowed into the ski slopes this weekend and it is my goal on my next course preview to take a photo of it!

  3. Im going out this Wednesday again Alexa. I think Im going to try my road bike and see if there is a difference!!! Happy Training!!