Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Completing a 70.3.

"Whatever you do dont give up. Believe in yourself And in the strength that Lies within you. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE"

This quote is an Excerpt from a book that I have been previewing; Ironmann 70.3:Training for the Middle Distance. When I read this quote I got so fired up to do the Half Ironman. I cannot wait to take everything that I have learned, and all the training I have done and put it to good use on race day. There has been alot of talk about the Syracuse 70.3 course since the beginning of its conception. How steep the climbs are, how unsafe the roads are, etc, etc. Frankly Im ready to take on the challenge now...

Do you have dreams of doing this distance?? Then think of it with a 3 step strategy the book says

Second Stage: Realistic goal setting
Third Stage: Execution, finish

70.3 means uncertainty. on how those miles will affect our bodies, how we can adapt to the highs and lows, the doubt, the hope, the moments of strength and weakness that every athlete goes through from the start to finish.

I cannot wait to feel the same way. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Im sure all these thoughts will be going through my mind on race day and how I deal with them all will be the reward when Im at the finish line.


  1. It's an awesome distance. I think you'll love it! :)

  2. The HIM is my favorite Distance. You need to pace yourself, but you can still go hard when needed :)

    And! Its short enough that you can recover within 2 weeks, yet long enough to have the "badass" tag :)

    You are going to do great!