Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mental Toughness

Only 18 days until Syracuse 70.3!! 18 days!!! Im starting to get that OMG feeling!!! Im starting to look back at all those workouts I have done for the last 18 weeks and what can I tweek at this point.

One thing in Particular is ........MENTAL TOUGHNESS!!! Yes, I need it a little more!!

Jones et al. (2002) Came up with Key Psychological characteristics of mentally tough athletes.

  1. Self Belief- Having an unshakable belief in your ability to acheive competition goals. Having Unique qualities that make you better than your opponents.
  2. Motivation- Having an insatiable desire and internalized motivation to succeed. The Ability to bounce back from performance setbacks with increased determination to succeed.
  3. Focus- Remaining fully focused on the task at hand in the face of competition distractions. The Ability to switch focus on and off when needed. Not being adversely affected by others performance or your own internal distractions (negative talk, worry)
  4. Composure/Handling Pressure- Abilty to regain control following unexpected events or distractions. Thriving on pressure of competition. Accepting anxiety is inevitable in competition and coping with it.
The Key component of Mental Toughness is learning how to condition your mind to think confidently
 and be able to overcome frustration/self critical negativity. You can program yourself to be positive. Being positive helps build confidence and self esteem.

I have worked on this greatly in both my professional life as well as in being a traithlete. I can always step it up a notch!!

One place I know that needs improvement is when Im on the run. When people start passing me after I just Whomped them on the bike. It gets my spirits down. Im working on smiling during the race, feeling confident. Its starting to come. In time and training it will be there completely.


  1. So excited for you!!! It will be super duper awesome! And when people pass me on a run (which happens A LOT), I always think "well, i am many MANY steps ahead of everyone who didn't even sign up to do this race." While trivial, it makes me remember that even if I am not on the podium, my performance has helped inspire others who never thought a "normal girl" could do somthing like this. And you, lady, have definitely inspired lots of people with your stories and encouragement. None of us are "normal" when we do these crazy races, you know??? Keep going!

  2. I think this is the hardest part of any race for me... it's like someone pops my happy balloon and I can't fill it back up. You are doing the right things - smiling during races, feeling confident, etc. You have it in you... just believe in yourself!

  3. You have done the work and its not going to disappear in 18 days. You got this!

  4. Oh, and it may be silly, but I am gifting you with an awesome bloggy award because you rock :-)