Monday, September 13, 2010

OMG! 6 Days!!

 6 Days until My FIRST 70.3!!! Im so excited! Today I looked online and my bib# was there!! Bib #772 and I will be going off in Wave 10 at 7:36AM!! I have been having mixed feelings about this race but as it is approaching I am getting more excited. I have my Rocky face on and have been singing Eye of the Tiger!

I ran a PR again yesterday for my 4 mile run...Im really starting to enjoy running again.

The weather is supposed to be perfect for Sunday. So far weather forcasts 66 and sunny unless that changes as the weatherman never really knows. I was thinking about getting some toe warmers for the bike as my tootsies were cold on my last 60 degree bike ride.

I am going to try to venture out to my swimming spot this week to get acclimated to the cool water temps....brrr!! Ill let you know how that goes!!


  1. So glad to have found your blog. Racing Sunday too & it'll be my first 70.3 as well. I'm terrified of the bike course!! :)

  2. FYI. A local weatherman reads your blog. And I do know what the weather will most likely be. But after that comment you'll have to wait until 5pm tonight. Best of luck with your, mine and the poster aboves first 70.3. Here's hoping for no high winds and rain!

  3. LOL!!! Im sorry local weatherman but it has changed 3 times now...but I love that you are calling for sunshine and 70 degree weather! Wish you the best of luck this weekend!!